6 Self Defense Weapons

Self defense is a right that everyone has. A right to protect themselves with whatever force is sensibly essential against any real or threatened violence. So, it is an individual’s responsibility to be well prepared before they are attacked. Moreover, the police can’t defend everyone all the time, so you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to have the best self-defense weapon available.

Well, what sort of products could be used for self-protection is the next big question. It is better to have the one that you can use without fear or concern for your attackers’ safety. You should prefer self defense weapons to be concealable, and have them stored at your home, or even carry them in your pocket or purse while going outside. Last but not least, you should prefer the one that is safe to use and don’t be a cause of any legal issue for you.

Thus, within this special article, we are going to review the different types of weapons that you can use for security purposes, and the implications of laws if you use them.

6 Best Self Defense Weapons for Sale

If you are planning to ensure your protection, you should be very much clear that making use of any product should only for your defense. It does not mean that you should harm your opponent seriously so as to escape from that situation. Thus, be smart enough while using a defensive weapon that you have. Below are the 6 best self-defense weapons that you can use to ensure your protection:

1. Pepper Spray

It is considered the most effective yet non-lethal weapon because when you use it against your attacker, you can make him temporarily disabled and get an opportunity to run away from the spot. A one-second burst of spray on the face of a person who is attacking can cause severe pain to his body parts like throat, eyes, nose, and skin. He will start coughing as it makes very difficult to breathe. As now he would take a good amount of time to recover from that pain, so you can easily make your exit to safety. Further, it is legal to purchase and carry a pepper spray in all 50 US states.

2. Stun Gun

It is the best self defense weapon anyone can own whether it be a man or woman. You can surprise your mugger with it as you can make him temporarily disorientated and have a good chance to escape. Though you can fire high voltage to immobilize him quickly, the low current electrical discharge is enough to overwhelm the body’s voluntary muscle movement. It will trigger the attacker to lose balance and become puzzled. So, you can get away or get some help to protect yourself from this critical situation. Also, remember stun gun is a non-lethal weapon that means it will not cause any serious injury. Hence, it is not legal in all the US states, look at your local laws before using.

3. Self Defense Knives

Knives are also one of the traditional yet operational tools, commonly used for defensive purposes. A lot of variety of self-defense knives are now available in the market, such as a pocket knife and penknife. Try to choose a small folding knife that can be easily kept in a pocket. This could provide you much confidence to tackle any critical situation when you go outside. However, it is also recommended to check out the legal issues of your state regarding the usage of knives.

4. Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are the best choice among all self-defense tools that offer you total safeguards. Most of the people prefer them because they look cool when you wear them into your finger as a fashion accessory. As well, they make the users able to give a solid punch to the attacker in case of any mishap. A powerful punch with knuckle duster will surely make the attacker disabled by giving him a serious bone or tissue disruption. Therefore, if you are willing to own this defensive weapon, make sure your state laws allow to carry and use it.

5. Self Defense Keychain

You can also choose this modern defensive tool to ensure your protection. It is helpful for dual purpose, you can use it to ring your keys and also use its sharp blades for self-defense. It is perfect to use for street fighting when you are alone on the road. Cat self-defense keychain is the most demanding product people love to have. In addition, a wide assortment of defensive keychains available in the market. So, you can easily find one that suits your preferences. Before buying it, make sure it is legal in your state.

6. Baton

It is one of the effective self-defense products that can help you to reach out to the attacker from a distance before he reaches you with his hands. An expandable baton is longer than the mugger’s arms and very frequently he will turn back and walk away once you test fire the baton. He will see the sparks and hear the electrical crackle and think it might not be a good idea to fight with you.

How to Choose the Best Self Defense Weapon?

No doubt, self-defense weapons are useful and very reliable to bring security for all of us. Without them, you could become terrified and more scared to leave your home and do your activities of daily living. So, if you are choosing a defensive tool, you should only consider a few things. One important consideration is to think if it is convenient for you to carry all day. There are so many types, designs, and styles that you can select from and it is up to you which one is convenient and comfortable for you. All the above weapons might be the best option for you. The price is another thing you need to consider. All the above six tools differ from prices. Batons and stun guns are considered expensive and you should have a precise budget when it comes to buying them. For cheap ones, you can opt for self-defense keychain and brass knuckles.

Where to Buy High-Quality Self Defense Weapons?

All the above-mentioned non-lethal self-defense weapons are unique, best, and have shown their effectiveness and brilliant performance. They will definitely serve as your bodyguard and your life partner. They are your reliable friend in times of life-threatening conditions and your only means to escape from the cruelties created by different assailants. So now, it is up to you as to which type of defensive weapon you wish to have after knowing that they all are the best and very convenient.

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