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knives are one of the oldest and most beneficial tools that make our lives easier. They are used for different purposes including cutting, picking, carving, pruning, and many more. Every day, thousands of people search on the internet for purchasing cool knives. Everyone tries to find them according to their specific needs. The fact is that the cutlery industry is growing day by day and because of advancement, manufacturing companies are now able to design several kinds of cool cheap knives that are used for different purposes. Thus, it has become quite easier for people to get their needed ones.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss seven common types of knives, their uses and benefits as well, so that you can easily pick up the right one for you. They are really popular this year and people are looking for them across the world. Let’s start to know about them!

7 Types of Cool Knives for Sale

Below are some popular types of knives for sale available at PA Knives. At our top-class online store, you can find a large collection of each type. All products are made of pure quality materials and also meet the quality and safety standards. As well, they are backed by the manufacturer’s premium warranty. So, take a look at them!

1. Pocket Knives

Pocket knife

They are at the top of our cool knives’ list because they are the most searched blades in the online knives market. As the name indicates, a pocket knife is one that fits in your pocket. It is basically a folding knife and its blade gets folded into its handle. Therefore, these small blades are convenient to carry and conceal too. You can use them for a variety of things from cutting fruits & vegetables to opening a box, carving wood, hunting, and even for self-defense. In a nutshell, having this useful tool is a necessity for almost everyone.

These days, a lot of variety is available in pocket knives in terms of design, shape, and size as well. So, to search for your required one, check out the cheap knives deals here!

2. Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade Knives

They are the best knives recommended for hunters and other outdoorsmen! They feature a fixed blade that is fitted into the handle and it can’t be folded. They are larger and thicker blades that come in different sizes and shapes such as straight, curved, or serrated blades, single edge or double edge knife. Because of their sharpness and durability, fixed blade knives can be used for numerous survival and tactical purposes.

Consequently, whether you want to choose a tool for yourself and your adventure trips or you are looking for a gift, a fixed blade knife has a great deal to offer. Nevertheless, opting for the right one is easiest if you know why you need it.

3. Daggers


They represent an interesting history as they were used for various reasons in the past. For instance, they were used in wars as weapons before introducing the swords. As well, these heavy-duty knives were also worn by people as ceremonial accessories to perform their rituals in many cultures. Hence, now, the daggers have been evolved and not used for stabbing and thrusting people. They are widely used for hunting and survival purposes today. Furthermore, these best knives are perfect for collectors who are looking at some unique historical blades for their collections. So, don’t miss out on these cool knives!

4. Butterfly Knives

Butterfly knife

A butterfly knife is another popular type of cool knives! It is specially designed for those who are interested in performing balisong tricks for entertaining others. The word butterfly is derived from the shape of the blade which is similar to a wing, smooth on one edge and wide and curved on the other. The blade is designed with balance, weight, and ease of use in mind, whereas the handles are large in size and provide a powerful grip to perform awesome butterfly knife tricks safely.

However, keep in mind that using cool butterfly knives without training might be dangerous. Therefore, it is better to look for a butterfly knife trainer if you are a beginner.

5. Machetes


These big knives are extremely effective survival tools because they combine the chopping power of hatchet with the cutting function of the knife. In the past, machetes were used for agricultural purposes and hand-to-hand combats as well. Nevertheless, at the present time, they are commonly used for hunting, camping, hiking, and other survival needs. There are many different styles of machetes for sale available in the market, which are designed for distinctive tasks. One of the most popular models is the kukri knife.

Don’t forget to go through cool knives for sale to pick up the right machete for you!

6. Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives

It is true that so many people intend to participate in knife throwing competitions to show their amazing throwing knives’ tricks. It is an art of knife fighting that demands perfection, therefore, you must get professionally trained. For all those who are planning for training or performing professionally, a wide assortment of throwing knives are available in the market.

So, if you are also fond of this game, you should not be late to buy throwing knives set. Start browsing cool cheap knives and grab yours! Moreover, to master the knife-throwing tricks, you can simply watch videos on YouTube or even can join any reputable institute for training.

7. Hidden Blade Knives

Pen knife

Last but not least, the most demanded types of cool knives and expect them, we can’t complete our list. As the name suggests, hidden blade is designed an intended purpose and that is, of course, owing to a knife that can be concealed easily. Typically, such blades are fitted with day-to-day items and in that way, no one can guess that you have any weapon or tool. They can be found in numerous types such as pen knife, lipstick knife, comb knife or boot knife, etc. All these are not only perfect to use for self-defense but can be used for various other routine tasks.

Bottom Line

Thus, they are the most popular cool knives for sale in 2019. People are purchasing them around the world. As they are the hottest products in the market, prices are also getting raised for them. But don’t worry, we have a most-favorable option for you. At PA Knives, we are offering wholesale knives at very cheap prices. You can make a purchase in bulk and save a huge amount, and then you can sell them at higher rates and earn a handsome profit in return. So, don’t think anymore and start checking out our exclusive collection of cool knives! We are confident to say that you will love it and once you make your first purchase, you will surely come here to again and again.

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