Ninja Weapons

Martial Arts Weapons are used for martial arts. Some famous types of martial arts practiced and played around the world include karate, jujitsu, taekwondo, and kung fu. The game of skill as you may call originates from modern-day China and Japan. In Japan, the samurais and military officials practiced the art of the skill whereas in China it was the ninjas who were the masters of this skill. The skill is pretty hard to learn and it requires a lot of patience, passion, and energy, both of which were in abundance in the above mentioned warriors.

The samurais or the Japanese used various weapons along the way to master this skill. The quality of their weapons was top notch as they had plenty of resources to get the best for themselves. On the other hand, ninjas who belonged to villages did not have enough resources to get top quality weapons. However, they mastered the art and outclassed their opponents with what they had.

Let us look into the types and uses of these famous Ninja Weapons.

Various Types and Uses of the Ninja Weapons

Now that you know about the history of this amazing skill, let us get you acquainted with the amazing weapons they carried along the way.

  • Bo Staff

The bo staff is a staff or a stick that is made up of different types of wood. The bo staff was used by the ninjas to swing and hit many opponents at a single time. It required great control and flexibility of the arms and fingers. Today, in the markets you will come across various staff that even have metal finishes. Whatever, the type you pick they make up great self defense weapons.

Ninja Star

  • Ninja Star

The ninja star is heavy metal stars that one can use to throw at enemies from a safe distance. A hit from the stars is enough to knock anyone down and that is what the ninjas used them from. One very famous weapon that is similar to the ninja star is the throwing knives. The only difference between both is the weapon you are throwing. In both cases, the results will be amazing. Hunters can carry the ninja stars with them as they are easy to carry and can be thrown from a safe distance. You can also set them up in your living rooms as decoration pieces. These pieces of history will never let you down.

  • Ninja Sword

The ninja sword is a special type of sword that is very different from the everyday swords you see on tv or markets. The ninja sword is shorter in size and had its blades uniquely cut from the edge. Being short in size made the swords easier to carry and that is why the ninjas carried two instead of one. You can imagine the result of using two swords rather than one. You can use the swords for self defense or can add them to your collection.

Nunchucks for Sale

  • Nunchucks

Nunchucks also is known as the nunchaku, is a famous weapon that was widely used by the ninjas. It comprises of two sticks connected with a thick chain. It was used to strangle enemies with the chain or to hit enemies with one stick while holding the other. You can do the same and there is a couple of foam nunchucks out there that your kids can play with too.

  • Sai Weapon

The sai is an enlarged version of a fork but smaller than a trident. The sai had a short handle and three very sharply pointed sticks at the top. The sai was used to stab enemies and it barely left them with a chance. You can use the sai for the same purpose or can just add it to your collection.

Wooden Nunchaku

  • Training Swords

There is a saying that goes “practice makes a man perfect”, and just so we have the wooden swords for you to practice with. The wooden sword was also used by the ninjas back then to master the art of using the ninja sword. If you want to learn the art of using a sword, you should be going for the ninja sword. Children can also play with the wooden swords as they are completely harmless.

  • Martial Arts Uniform

Every profession is known because of the uniform they wear. Uniforms are an important means of identity and just so you will find many martial arts uniforms out there. They are available in different colors and different sizes so that everyone can pick one. The ninja gear is slightly different than the karate wear as it comes with gloves, socks, and a headgear.

Uses of the Weapons Modern Culture

There are many uses of these amazing weapons today. Listed below are a few:-

  • Self Defense

One popular use of the weapons you will find is that they are good at self-defense. At all times, you can keep the weapons close and can defend yourself from all sorts of attacks and dangers.

  • Movie Props and Cosplay Items

The weapons also tend to be great cosplay weapons and can be carried to cosplay parties where you surely will stand out. The weapons have been used in many movies and cartoons. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have all weapons displayed with each of their characters. The weapons can be used for shooting scenes and they surely will enlighten everything.

  • Decoration and Collectibles

Out there, are many enthusiasts and item collectors who love collecting ancient items. If you are the same type the weapons are something that you should not miss on. Apart from collecting, you can use the items as decoration pieces and people will be amazed by the collection you have to display.

  • Playing Purpose

With the wooden swords and the ninja stars, you can play around with your friends in your backyard. They tend to be a great means of recreation. All of your guests will love what you have to entertain them with.

These were some amazing uses and types of the most wanted martial arts weapons. Ideally, you can do more by exploring what each type is good at. Let us look into the price tags these awesome weapons come with.

Top Quality Martial Art Equipment at Low Rates

Now that you have all the knowledge on the types and uses of these magnificent pieces of history, let us get you acquainted with the amazing prices these weapons are being offered at. This may come to you as a surprise, but the fact of the matter is that all martial arts equipment are available at breaking prices. It does not matter if you are buying just one piece or are buying in bulk to make a profit, the martial arts equipment will always be easy on your pockets. If you buy in bulk you also get entitled to even more discounted prices and that is why these weapons will always be the best buy. Check out the wide collection of weapons available and place your order for martial arts weapons today.

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