Brass Knuckles for Sale

Brass Knuckles for Sale are among one of the top searches worldwide. Brass knuckles are a self defense weapon that is worn around the fist and acts as your knuckles. These brass made knuckles are effective in delivering hard punches to your opponents and knocking them out instantly. With an increased rate of crimes, it is important to keep yourself, well equipped along with staying vigilant at all times. And that is why the real brass knuckles are the best and most lethal weapon you can have.

The knuckles also have a variety of cool names. They are known as knucks, knuckle duster, busters, etc. Along with cool names, the cool brass knuckles also have a cool history. The trench knife had a knuckle duster handle that made the knife very effective in close combats. There are a couple of other cool uses of these weapons, let us find out.

Uses of the Knuckle Duster for Sale

The knuckle duster for sale that you will find in the markets has a couple of amazing uses. The uses are listed below.

  • Self Defense

Without any doubt, the weapon is amazing for self defense. A knock of it to your enemies will leave them on the ground for hours. As the weapon is very easy to carry due to its lightweight, it is preferred by people who travel at night or for people who work late-night shifts.

  • Collectible

As the weapon has an amazing history to its name, it tends to be a great item to collect. Having one in your collection or having it displayed in a cool stand will leave your guests stunned.

  • Movie Props

The weapon also tends to be a great movie prop as it provides a realistic feel. The other great about these real brass knuckles for sale is that they are cheaper in price so you won’t have to be spending a lot on getting expensive knuckles. The cool knuckles can also be worn to your cosplay parties as they look cool while you wear them.

  • Gifting Purpose

The weapon is amazing to gift to loved ones who work late-night shifts. Apart from that, you can customize them by having your names engraved on them. These features make the knuckles a very lovable and precious gift.

  • Paper Weight

Along with being a great collectible, the knuckles can also be used as decoration pieces for your office desk. You can also use them as a paperweight by placing them on your papers.

All of those were great uses of the brass knuckle. The lightweight, easy to carry feature and the solid material these weapons are made of, make it the ideal weapon to have. The knuckles have four ring holes which make them easier to wear however some products have two holes only. The weapon comes in a variety of cool designs, with amazing handles so that everyone gets to pick their favorite based on their interests.

Real Brass Knuckles for Sale

Can You Still Buy Knuckles?

Yes, you still can buy knuckles however, you should only use them as self defense weapons or you should use them for any of the above-mentioned reasons.

Where Can You Buy Knuckles From?

Many states have allowed the knuckles to be used and they can be easily brought from any weapon shops.

Different Types of Brass Knuckle

There is a wide variety of brass knuckle that you will see while searching through the markets, let us get you acquainted with a few.

  • Bullet Weapon

The bullet knuckle is a weapon that has four finger holes so that it easily fits everybody and it has a bullet design on the other end which gives it a cool look. The knuckle is made up of solid material and will never let you down.

  • Leather Support Knuckle

The leather support knuckle also has four finger holes and is the best as it has leather support that keeps your palm safe from injuries while punching someone. The leather support feature makes this weapon one of the best brass knuckles to have.

  • Rainbow Knuckle

Along with having so many products that suit men, you also will come across weapons that suit females. The rainbow knuckle has a rainbow color which gives a spectacular feel when in the daylight. People will be attracted to what you have.

  • Zombie Tactical Knuckle

The zombie tactical knuckle is a knuckle that is being offered by Z-hunter, which is a brand that is famous for creating weapons based on fantasies. A lot of people watch movies, and the weapon that is used often in zombie movies is the tactical knuckle. It comes in amazing printed designs, you can pick one based on your interests.

  • Life or Death Titanium Knuckle

This titanium knuckle is amazing in many ways. It is made up of titanium and has a rainbow color. It has three skulls made into the knuckle and is made up of titanium which gives you an upper hand in fistfights.

  • Flames Gold Knuckle

The flame gold knuckle is a knuckle that is golden in color which gives you a royal look. It has four finger holes that fit all sizes. The knuckle also has a flame design which gives it a really cool look.

  • Dragon Inferno Knuckle

The dragon inferno knuckle is a special knuckle that is golden in color and has a dragon design. It has four finger holes, and at the tip of each hole, it has a pointed blade which makes the knuckle very lethal in close combat situations.

  • AK 47 Knuckle

Another cool knuckle that you will come across is the AK 47 knuckle that has an AK 47 gun on top of the knuckle. Apart from being a good weapon for self-defense. It also proves to be a good item to add to your collection.

  • Dual Function Knuckle

The dual function knuckle is a knuckle that performs more duties. Apart from acting as a knuckle for fighting and paperweight for your office, this knuckle is also good to open your soft drinks as it has a bottle opener at one side.

  • Five Skull Knuckle

Many people fantasize about demons and skulls and just so you will come across this five skull weapon that is aluminum made and has skull designs. It tends to be a great item to collect along with acting as a self defense weapon.

  • I Do Two Knuckle

I do two knuckles is a complete self-defense package that suits joggers the best. It has a two-fingered holed knuckle which is rubber made to keep your fingers protected while you run. It has a high voltage stun gun and a LED flashlight in it. All of these things make it the complete package for your self defense needs.

These were some of the best brass knuckles that you will come across while browsing through the internet. With a huge variety, it is easier for you to decide on your preferred weapon.

Buy Brass Knuckles at Cheap Rates

Now you know all about the various uses you can have from the knuckles and you also know about. With the various types that are being offered, the time has come for you to buy brass knuckles. You may be wondering that with such high quality the prices may be sky-high. 

But the fact of the matter is that all knuckles are offered at very cheap rates. You can buy the cheap brass knuckles for yourself or can buy them in bulk, either case, you will benefit from these weapons. Check out the collection of brass knuckles for sale and place your order today.

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