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Stun guns are some of the most portable, handy, and easy to use self-defense mechanisms ever invented and the need of every individual regardless of what kind of neighborhood or city you live in. Conflict and danger can present itself at any moment. And there is nothing like a decently powered dosage of electricity to give you the edge over an approaching attacker whether you have to walk alone at night time or have to ride the public transportation systems during the late hours. Just wish to feel safe at all times without having to carry a particularly lethal firearm, these contraptions can prove to be useful in all such situations and many more. The shock from a stun gun while not harmful in most cases gives you ample time to escape a dangerous situation or gain the upper hand in it. At the same time, your attacker struggles to increase focus and, in several cases, even consciousness.

A stun gun can also serve as a collectible for the enthusiasts of items of self-defense. These fantastic pieces of self-defense machinery manufactured in different types such as the pistol stun gun form, the keychain stun gun, the stun gun flashlight, and many more and most of them are available at at excellent rates. To hit up some of the best deals on a stun gun of various types, take a look at some of the items available at Pa knives as follows and find out what sets each of them apart from the other to make an informed choice regarding which type of stun gun is best suited to your needs and wants.

The Various Types of The Stun Gun and The Benefits They Offer. All Available for Sale at Pa Knives

The various types of stun guns for sale available at the store not only serve the purpose of collector’s items but all offer multiple functionalities that make for a wide range of choices for a customer and fun and exciting shopping experience. So, if you are looking for the best one to suit your needs and wants and satisfy you as a customer, what should you pick? We will help you make the best choice of the best stun gun, cell phone stun gun for you and your loved ones by going over some of the options that we have in store for you and showing you what each offers.

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Basic Design Stun Gun

First up, we have the commonly known and highly practical design of a stun gun that comes in a rectangular casing with two metal conductors pointing out. These are often also referred to as Tasers. These made for easy carrying and concealability and to provide the most comfortable usage and maximum effect. One drawback can be that unlike some of the designs we will mention moving forward, the Taser requires you to be close to being an adversary; close enough to have one of your hands reach them to stun them. These cause a disadvantage to people who are looking to stay as far away from intense situations possible.

However, these are available on the store in various prints that make for excellent collector’s items. These are available in the snow camo, army camo, forest camo, and fall camo prints. And for the more stylish among us that have no problem flaunting their weaponry, they are also available in pink zebra stripes and the all patriotic American flag print. Self-defense weapons and a fashion statement, what could beat these two in one offer? These fashion-friendly prints make these weapons a must-have for enthusiasts and regular folk alike.

The Gun Formula Stun Gun

Next up, we have the stun gun that lives up to the “gun” in its name. This gun, while still only provides the firepower of a decently charged dosage of electricity, actually appears in the form of a pistol, which is to held like an actual firearm. This design not only gives it a very authentic and cool weapon look but also makes it more practical self-defense hardware as it possesses a charge that shoots out much like ammunition that shoots out of an actual pistol. These allow you the advantage of not having to get to close to a dangerous encounter and fend it off from a distance and spare yourself unnecessary injuries and stress. 

Another advantage of this design is that after you’ve used one charge that shoots out, you can either opt for another portable cost or if you don’t have one left, you can continue to use the gun as a regular Taser. Putting all these advantages together, you get a piece of tech that is a must-have if you’re trying to possess a cool and highly useful and practical weapon without weighting carrying a lethal firearm.

The Keychain Design Stun Gun

This next one is one of the most popular forms of weapons involving electrical dosage for the common folk, the keychain stun gun. The keychain stun gun is a popular item for those among us that may not be enthusiasts per se but still believe in carrying some form of protection on them. And what is the reason behind its popularity? This single item will always be with you as it will dangle with any keys that you deem essential, whether it be house keys or your car keys, the keychain stun gun can be used in coordination with any of these and be an excellent multipurpose tool. However, being embedded in an item of daily use has similar limitations to that of the original design stun gun or Taser, i.e., having to be close to an attacker.

Multipurpose Tools Continued: Stun Gun Flashlight

Speaking of multipurpose tools, another popular item among the people is the stun gun flashlight. The stun gun flashlight, just like its name insinuates, provides the dual functionality of both a stun gun and a flashlight encased in one packaging. Stun gun providing the benefit of self-defense equipment and the flashlight there to help you out in any situations involving the dark. This contraption is the perfect night time travel partner for every citizen worried about their safety when perhaps coming home from work or having to travel in an emergency at night.

Stun Gun Wholesale at PA Knives for All Your Favorite Types of The Stun Gun

Yes, you read that right, at Pa knives, we are offering the best wholesale rates on the best stun gun, police stun gun that you can find all around. Whether you wish to purchase these weapons for practical purposes in a single order for yourself or bulk for the whole family, or you are an enthusiast looking to expand your collection, we have the ideal deals for everyone with some of the best prices in the market.

The stun gun stock available at PA knives includes equipment from some of the best and most renowned brands in the industry, such as Mtech, DZS, and even Femme Fatale for the women interested in protecting themselves against any dangers. These are some of the most renowned brands for such equipment in the industry and are known for their high-quality products and customer satisfaction. So, even if you are a first-time purchaser of such material, with the knowledge mentioned above in your mind and these brands on the offer, you can make a good purchase on your first stun gun.

These easy to use, easy to style, and easy to carry weapons will make you feel safe. Cool and contended at all times, making them a good investment for you and your loved ones, especially when you purchase them at the rates we are offering, providing you the most bang for your buck. So if you are looking for the best stun gun deals and best varieties on stun guns, this is your place.

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