Pepper Spray for Sale

Pepper spray, as the name sounds, is a sprat that is used to spray pepper or capsicum. You do not spray it in the air, but you spray it directly in the face of your enemy. You can imagine the discomfort it might cause when directly sprayed onto the face.

With increasing crime rates, it is important for you to keep yourself equipped with a self defense weapon, and the pepper spray gun is one of the many weapons that is the best when it comes to your safety. This guide will give you comprehensive knowledge of the Pepper Spray, its uses, and types.

Types of the Best Pepper

The best pepper spray is something that everyone looks for. The following is a list of the types of weapons that fall under this category.

  • Pepper Spray Keychain

The keychain spray is a dual feature product that operates as a self defense weapon in hard times, and it has a key ring along which can keep your keys safe along with you. Having a two in one product is the best thing to buy, especially if you are an office going person.

  • Lipstick Pepper Spray

This spray is basically a women's pepper spray as it is designed like a lipstick. The spray has a great performance and is the best to disguise you. No one will guess if you have a weapon on you. Along with looking cool, you can stay protected.

The weapons under this category come with sheaths and casings to keep them safe and away from the reach of children. Along with the dual features mentioned above, some of the sprays also come with protective knuckles that keep your fingers and hand safe if you are allergic to them.

What Can You Do With The Spray?

As the weapon is used to spray capsicum and pepper, you can spray it directly onto the face of the attacker, which will cause them discomfort in the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can then easily hit them, can make an escape, or can get them caught. The weapon is ideal for people who are afraid of carrying real weapons that can kill or can cause serious injury.

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Can Pepper Spray Kill You?

The pepper spray is a harmless weapon. The effect it leaves is temporary, and it is meant to protect you from all sorts of troubles.

What Does Pepper Spray Do To You?

Once sprayed directly onto the face, the spray causes discomfort to the eyes, nose, and mouth. The spray causes a burning and itching sensation and causes temporary blindness for a little while.

Pepper Spray for Sale

Variety of Pepper Spray for Sale

There is a variety of pepper spray for sale that you can find easily in the markets. Each product has its own features, and all of them are exceptional in quality and make. The listed products below will give you a better understanding of each of them.

  • Guard Dog Spray

The guard dog spray as the name sounds protects you like a loyal dog. It is easy to carry because of its small size and is amazing in performance. The spray comes with a leather casing that is available in two colors, black and pink. The spray also comes with a keychain so that you can keep your keys safe, along with keeping yourself safe.

  • Lipstick Spray

The lipstick spray is one of the best self defense weapons for females. The lipstick look of the product makes it look only like a lipstick. No one will be able to guess if you have a weapon with you. The lipstick spray comes in three different colors that are black, blue, and silver. The small size of the weapon also makes it easier for females to carry it anywhere in their hands or purses easily.

  • Hard Case Spray

The hard case self defense pepper spray is amazing for some great reasons. It has a hard casing, which is not easily breakable. The casing is available in lilac, pink, black, red, and purple colors. As compared to the other sprays, this spray is capable of spraying at a long-range and has more shots than others. The spray also has a keychain to ring your keys. All these qualities make it one of the best products.

  • His and Her Spray

The, his, and her spray is a pack of two sprays that suit couples as one is for the male, and one is for the female. The sprays are capable of shooting on a long-distance and have many rounds. The spray comes with a pouch and a keyring as well.

  • Olympian Spray

Without any doubt, the Olympian spray tops the list of all weapons under this category. The spray tops the list because it is a complete package. The weapon has a stun gun that is capable of delivering high voltage current to enemies. The weapon has a bright LED flashlight, which can enlighten the darkest of areas. And finally, the weapon has a good quality pepper spray to blind your enemies easily. The good part about the weapon is that it can be recharged and can be used again and again. The gun is available in pink and purple colors.

  • InstaFire Spray

Another great product that belongs to the family of the sprays is the instalfire spray. The spray has the best quality ingredients similar to the one the military and police use. The spray comes with handwear that makes it ideal for joggers and runners. The gun also leaves a dye, which makes it easier for the authorities to get hold of the criminal. The spray has a long-range shooting capability and has multiple rounds. The spray is available in red, black, blue, and pink colors.

  • Knuckle Spray

The knuckle spray is a spray that comes with a hand protector. The knuckles get wrapped around your hand and fingers and keep them safe from harm if you are allergic to sprays.

  • Tear Gas

The military tear gas is the spray that you may have seen in many movies and even in real-life protests. The spray causes discomfort to the eyes, and that is what makes it a good product to buy.

All products are available with cool casings and colors so that no one gets left out in making a choice.

Who Needs To Buy Pepper Spray?

The spray is ideal for all sorts of people, as it comes in a variety of types and colors. Joggers, old people, females, and late-night workers are the people that the weapon suits the most.

Stay Protected By Buying the Pepper Spray

Now that you have a good amount of knowledge on the sprays, their uses, and types, it is now time for you to get the knowledge about the prices they are being offered at. This may come to you as a surprise, but all weapons are offered at extremely low prices so that everyone gets to buy them. You can either buy one or can buy them in bulk if you are looking to make money out of them. Buying in bulk is amazing as it also gets you even more low prices. Check out the pepper spray available and add them to your self defense weapons and stay protected on the go.

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