Biggest Collection of Cool Pocket Knives in One Place

One of the most fascinating and exciting designs you can find in weapons is in the various shapes, shades, and blades of Pocket Knives. They are easy to carry and can fit in the smallest places; pockets, bags, car glove compartments, and even your shoes. It’s convenient to carry pocket knives on your person; they come with pocket clips and pins so they can be hoisted to belts and jeans easily.

Convenience and affordability are perhaps the most significant factors that make pocket knives are so popular. It is an added advantage that their size allows for experimentation. They are often used as statement pieces as well – given that the hundreds of designs available in pocket knives enable people to showcase their personality.

Collecting weapons is an age-old hobby, and knives are especially revered by collectors, given their diversity. They are historic, stylish, sleek, and quite handy; pocket knives are no exception to that rule. If you are looking to have an impressive weapon collection, you can find the best pocket knives that will complete your showcase.

Which are the Best Pocket Knives for Sale on the Market?

Even if your intention to buy a pocket knife is not to start a collection, you still need quality. Knives aren’t a monthly expense that you can re-buy; they have to be perfect. While there are multiple weapon shops all over the country and many in your state area – buying online is your best bet. The reason for buying online is simple;

  • You get a bucket load of choices of knives to choose from
  • You can compare prices between the items you like and buy according to the budget.

You can try local weapon shops, but you will have to search long and hard to find unique pocket knives. Your choices will be limited.

The best way to find pocket knives that have fantastic designs and various features is to search for them online. Luckily there are a few quality knife manufacturers out there who make excellent pocket knives that are the epitome of form and function. Here are some of the best retailers and the top-selling knives they have on the market.

Super Functioning and Sleek - MTech Knives

  • MTech Five Hole Pocket Knife Gold Satin Spring Assisted Knife

This knife is the perfect combination of functional and beautiful. It has a two-tone lade, gold accents, and a wide sharp blade that can cut just about everything. As mentioned, the five holes in the knife also mean they can be added to a keychain or belt to carry anywhere you go.

  • MTech Stiletto Style Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife Timascus Pattern

The highlight feature of stiletto knives is their ultra-sharp and sleek blade. Although it is a thrusting knife and was originally made to kill people, the blade is ideal for cutting through ice or light metal. The handle has a psychedelic timascus handle design, and a spring assisted mechanism, so it’s safe to carry as an accessory as well.

  • MTech USA Ballistic Skull Handle Spring Assisted Knife Black

If you want a professional knife that has tactical features, then MTech is the brand you should seek out. While the knives do have incredibly intricate details, they are made to last long and balance visually as well as functionally. Much like this one, black is the old sexy; it doesn’t get better than a skull bolsters on the handle surrounded by a deep black blade and handle.

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Radical and Feisty - TAC Force Knives

  • Tac Force Fantasy Spring Assisted Opening Folder Knife - Rainbow Mermaid

This is one of the most crazily designed knives you will find anywhere on the market. It is truly worthy of being in a knife collection for sure. Not only does it have a quirky mermaid shaped handle which is a treat in itself. It is one of the spring assisted knives which makes it safe to carry.

  • Tac Force Karambit Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Grey

Since this brand promises radical designs, it only fits that it produces excellent Karambit knives. This particular knife has a curved blade and an easy to hold finger hole at the bottom. But what truly makes this piece eye-catching is the detail on the rounded handle. It has geometric triangles running through the entire handle in bold grey and blade colors. It looks fantastic; closed and opened - a real treat for knife collectors.

  • 4.5" Fire Department Tactical Rescue Assisted Opening Knife

What’s a good weapon if not a homage to brave heroes? This knife is fashioned as a tactical rescue knife with the emblem of the fire department on it. The blade on this knife is wide-bottomed and sharp-edged. It is useful in emergencies for cutting ropes, belts, and leashes in the cases of accidents. This is an excellent looking, lifesaver weapon.

Biggest Collection of Cool Pocket Knives in One Place

Sophisticated and Elegant - Elk Ridge Knives

  • Elk Ridge Dagger Style Spring Assisted Knife Satin Bolsters

Areal knife collection is truly incomplete without a little class. And that is where Elk Ridge knives shine. Take a look at this gorgeous blade, with a solid black handle made for firm gripping. Along with that, the blade is sharp and pointed at the end, so this knife is ideal for hunting.

  • Elk Ridge 4.5 Inch Spring Assisted Opening Knife - Pink Camo Handle

Classy can always be colorful and fun as well. This knife has both; it has a quirky pink camouflage handle with aluminium inlay running through it. The real zinger is the mirror blade with the elk ridge logo engraved in the middle of the blade for extra effect. It is a special collector knife for sure.

  • Elk Ridge Professional 4 Inch Folding Knife - Satin Blade Orange G10 Handle

Understandably, elegance is synonymous with elk ridge, but so it quality. This knife comes with a cord for easy carriage. It also has a rounded handle with a bright orange finish and a thick mirror blade. Whether you are heading out for a camping trip or adding more interesting knives to your collection, you have to have this knife.

Collectible and Cheap Pocket Knives

Looking for artifacts that can bring a little extra class and depth into a collection is understandable. It is also completely doable, even with a limited budget. When you are thinking about collecting knives, the first thought that occurs is probably about the cost. Where to find the best pocket knives at a reasonable price? How much to spend on a single knife and where to begin?

All these questions have been satisfyingly answered by the collection presented by the brands mentioned above. If you go online and search their stores for wholesale knives, you will come across a plethora of options to choose from.

Knives can be affordable and still be amazing in design and making. That is the goal that is set by the best knife manufacturers and retailers in the country. If you are a serious knife lover and collector, then you can quickly get cheap knives that are anything but cheap in design and material. Even if you bought each and every knife listed above, you could get them all in under $80. Isn’t that amazing? Usually, you will have to spend triple the amount in weapon stores and recce for the best knives. But buying online will save you money as well as resources.

What are Pocket Knives Good For?

The collection is just one factor of many reasons that one might want to buy a knife. Cool pocket knives are also perfect for an array of small tasks that are otherwise a bother that you don’t anticipate. There are some obvious uses of pocket knives, and then there are some hidden uses you might not have thought about:

  • They were initially made for the military, so they have various little trinkets – nail filers, bottle openers, corkscrews, and razor blades. This all in one tool helped soldiers in multi-tasking.
  • Household tasks – simple things like opening bottles, parcels, food packages, and jammed doors can be made easy with a sharp pocket knife. Their handle and small blade keep them from breaking or harming the user.
  • Personal defense – like any other knife, a pocket knife will provide safety and a fighting chance if you are in danger. You can train yourself to use pocket knives to use as self-defense weapons properly. They’re also easy to conceal due to their size.
  • Camping life hack – if you are a regular outdoorsman, then you know that unforeseen things can happen on the road and in the wild. A pocket knife can cut wood, rope, grass, plastic, and even thin metal. It is ideal for preparing food, making firewood, and hunting animals.
  • Accident first aid – as mentioned before, knives are a godsend in accidental situations. You can’t carry a full fixed blade knife everywhere. But in emergencies like stuck car victims, pet leashes caught in elevators and traps, a trusty pocket knife will set them free.
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