Blank Guns – The new wave Towards Gun Safety

We all know how thrilling and fast-acting guns can be, but we also know that toting guns is not everyone's cup of tea. There have been many dialogues regarding gun safety and how the harmful aspects of gun ownership can be reduced. Most people that get into gun-related accidents can avoid them with simple measures. One of the measures is switching to Blank Guns.

What Is A Front Firing Blank Gun?

  • Modeled to look like real firearms, blank firing guns are guns that shoot blanks. They don't use loaded metal bullets.
  • The bullets are replaced by shell casings made out of plastic and paper.
  • The gunpowder in these casings gets released through a propelling chamber.
  • The chamber is usually filled with C02 gas, which produces the smoke and the sound.
  • Unlike a real bullet, there is an obstruction within the blank gun barrels that keep the bullets from firing out.
  • They are indistinguishable from real guns save for an orange cap that's usually fixed on the barrel for identification. These caps can be removed easily if you want to retain their look.

What Are Blank Firing Guns Used For?

Despite what people might think, there are multiple ways that blank guns can replace real firearms. Since the most important aspect of gun-usage is safety, using blank guns in various ways cuts down the risk of fatalities. Here are just some ways to utilize a blank gun for safety:

  • In Shooting Sports

There are two basic uses of guns in sports. The first is airsoft gun-shooting sports. There are hundreds of people who are fond of shooting guns for leisure, but they're unable to handle real guns. Blank guns provide a safe outlet for recreational gun-shooting.

  • Starting Races

The second and more common use is to shoot guns to start races. This practice has continued for various sports and even used in the Olympics to start horse-races or swimming tournaments. These shots are often openly fired in the stadiums, and the bullets can go astray and hurt someone. Using a blank pistol instead of a real one ensures safety and retains the bang that's needed to start the races.

  • In Film and Theater Productions

Any sequence that requires suspense or action in films and plays usually feature prop guns. These guns are typically real firearms without bullets. But there have been multiple accidental deaths from mistakenly loaded prop guns. Blank guns can be fired safely from short distances as well, and they retain the authenticity of the scenes.

  • Cutting Down Production Costs

Using replica blank guns instead of real firearms are also cost-effective for film production. They help cut down on CGI and animation costs to recreate real gun action. Similarly, blank guns suit the limited budget of theater plays.

  • Military Gunning Training

Out of all the sectors that use guns, the military is the most important one. Blank guns can replace real guns in target-shooting and battle-field simulations for safety. Training soldiers can master the proper gun-using technique before using real firearms.

  • Police Officers Training

There are two ways that police academies can utilize blank guns. First, to train their officers in proper gun usage and target practice. The second is to train police dogs to stay calm in active shooting situations. Dogs tend to get nervous around loud bangs, training them through shooting blanks helps them stay attentive. They can also learn to disarm an active-shooting shooter with someone carrying a blank gun.

  • Practicing Self Defense

One of the highest sales of guns in the U.S. is made by homeowners who want to keep themselves safe. They buy guns for self-defense, but almost 80% of them are untrained in using guns properly. Buying a blank gun will allow amateurs to learn proper gun-handling techniques.

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Is It Illegal To Carry A Blank Gun?

  • There is a fine line that needs to be maintained when using a blank gun.
  • They aren't regular BB guns, so you need to be careful when using them.
  • Since they don't shoot projectiles, they are technically legal for film productions and other uses.
  • You can be charged for carrying a gun and 'brandishing a weapon' if you use your blank gun in public.
  • So you need to be careful not to use blank guns casually in public spaces; it is illegal to intimidate or threaten someone with blank guns.
  • If you are a gun collector or a recreational shooter, you can find legal blank guns for sale at your local stores.

Blank Guns – The new wave Towards Gun Safety

Can You Buy Blank Guns Online?

Not only can you buy a plethora of blank guns online, but you can also get awesome replica guns at very reasonable prices as well. Multiple blank gun manufacturers feature their products in online weapon retail stores. You can simply search for blank guns near me; you will find online stores that ship to your doorstep directly.

Watching The Budget – Where to Get Cheap Blank Guns

There is quite a difference in cost when you opt for buying a gun. Real guns can cost as much as $800 and above for each piece. Considering that bullets are a big part of real gun-shooting, blank guns, and their ammunition is relatively cheaper.

Unless you are not planning to kill someone or hunt animals, you can make do it with blank guns. That means that for any other reason, you can buy cheap blank firing guns that can replace the real expensive ones. You should look up online stores, as mentioned before, to get affordable rates on quality blank guns. PA Knives is one such online retailer that deals in accessible and high-quality replica blank guns. You can find indistinguishable model blank guns that will cost you no more than $100.

What to Buy – Blank Guns under $100

This may seem like a ruse, but it's quite possible to get a high-quality replica blank gun for or less than $100. If you know where to get, you can find a suitable gun that fits your budget quite well. Here are some top-selling blank guns that you can get your hands on today:

  • Sava Magnum Blank Front Firing Pistol Black Finish

Costing only $79.95, this is one of the top-selling front firing blank guns available online. The price is an attractive feature, but more than that, it's the perfect pistol for air sports and races. It vents smoke and fumes out of the end of the barrel and emulates sound without the harmful bullets.

  • Zoraki M2914 Silver with Wood Grips 9mm Front Firing Blank Gun

This awesome 9mm blank gun is the perfect replica gun for theater props and action sequences. It looks fantastic and quite authentic due to the high-quality finish and additional wood grip detail. It costs $89.95 per piece and fits the bill for prop guns quite nicely.

  • Cougar 8000 Fume with Gold Fittings - Dicle Front Firing Blank Gun

Depending on how you want to use this polished and fancy gun, it can be quite handy. It costs $89.95; it only looks much more expensive thanks to the gold fittings. Its outlook makes this gun ideal for collecting as well as prop use.

  • Zoraki R1 6" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black Finish

If you want to convert it up and go for a classier look than a fancier one, this gun is your ticket. The smooth black finish enhances the thrill of the gun, and the front-firing barrel provides all the theatrics of a smoking gun. It costs $92.50 but delivers on the look and swift mechanism that matches the price.

  • Zoraki R1 Silver 6" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Wood Grips

When looking for affordable and qualitative blank guns, Zoraki is a reliable brand. That is why you will find multiple awesome blanks produced by them. One is also a collection-worthy piece costing only $95.95. It puts together the sleekness of the black R1 6' barrel with the detailing of the M2914 9mm handle to create this handsome blank gun. You can get the qualities of these two guns melded into one at one-third the price.

Best Blank Guns at Amazing Rates

If you now feel excited about getting a blank gun for sport or to replace your real firearms, the list of guns above is a good start. But you might be wondering how these awesome replicas can cost less than $100? The answer is springing for wholesale blanks guns available with most online retailers.

This is ideal for gun-collectors and even amateurs who want to learn self-defense. The more affordable blank guns get, the greater the chance that people will be encouraged to use them for multiple purposes. This, in turn, increases the rate of safe gun-usage within the country, and a lower chance of random gun-related accidents occurring. It's hard to put a price on safety, but when there are blank guns available at affordable rates, $100 is nothing to retain the fun of shooting guns with added protection for all.

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