Brass Knuckles are a Man’s Best Companions

You may have heard that a man’s best friend is a dog, but we don’t believe it. We believe that the Brass Knuckles for Sale at PA Knives are a man’s best companion and there are many reasons for it. Brass knuckles are also known as knuckle dusters, punch rings, and even knuckle busters. We all have knuckles as our body parts but some of us are weak, some of us have a lot of stuff to carry, and so on. 

Well, in any case, if you are equipped with brass knuckles there is no way your enemy stands a chance. If you are a late-night commuter, hunter, traveler, a female, or physically weak, having the brass knuckles will only be the way out of fear. At PA Knives, we stock a variety of real brass knuckles. Each of the knuckles we have different designs, colors, and features. Let us have a look.

History and Usage of Self Defense Knuckles

The knuckles were first used in the 18th century as handles of military knives such as the trench knife. The knives of the militants could then be used in two ways, as a knife, and as a knuckle. They began getting attention because of their dual functionality and the amazing results in one on one combats. Sinking more into history and its usage, the brass knuckles were used by ancient Romans as gloves or hand protecting things. 

The punch of the brass knuckles back then would be enough for knocking your opponent out. With time, the brass knuckles took different forms such as turning into knuckle knives, and today with a touch of modernity you can see an even more amazing version of brass knuckles.

Variety of Cool Brass Knuckles at PA Knives

When we say cool we mean it. All brass knuckles for sale that you will come across come in different designs and colors and that is what makes these brass knuckles cool. Some of our cool brass knuckles are:-

Cheap Brass Knuckles

Bullet Real Brass Knuckles

These real brass knuckles are not made up of iron or steel which are usually used to make knuckles. These knuckles are made up of solid brass which gives them a shiny and tough look. The bullet at the base makes these brass knuckles look cool. You can use it as a belt knuckle, a fist knuckle, or can even keep it for decorating your workstation. Features include fully brass made, large finger holes, and bullet design.

Heavy Duty Champaign Buckle & Paper Weight

This brass knuckle is a fully metal made brass knuckle that can be used as a paperweight, belt buckle, and a knuckle. It fits all adult sizes and comes in copper and black color. Features include: looks like a knuckle duster, cast metal made, and multi-uses.

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Rainbow Four Finger Hole Knuckle

The rainbow brass knuckles are just as incredible as their name sounds. The rainbow shine they give can get anyone thinking about these knuckles all day long. Additionally, they have a palm grip that provides improved control. Features include:- Rainbow color, palm grip and have four finger holes.

I Do Two LED Stun Gun Knuckle

Well, this brass knuckle is one of the most talked-about brass knuckles in town and there are many reasons for it. To begin with, as the name suggests this knuckle has a LED light in it making it one of the best brass knuckles to have for walking down dark streets and for all late-night commuters. With the light, you can easily spot any danger coming your way. The second feature of these two-fingered brass knuckles is that they have two holes making them easy to be worn by females and physically weak people.

Once you spot your target with the help of the LED light, knock them out with a punch of these knuckles. The third feature of these knuckles is that they have a stun gun that generates a high voltage current capable enough to freeze your enemy to the ground. Now isn’t it one of the coolest brass knuckles? The drill is simple SPOT, SMACK, and STUN. Features include a high voltage stun gun, flashlight, knuckles, safety lock, rechargeable battery, and lightweight.

Zombie Hunter Red Tactical Brass Knuckle

Another one from our cool brass knuckles is the zombie hunter red tactical brass knuckle. This knuckle is amazing for item collectors due to its unique design and it is also good for adventurers who need to have tactical equipment with them. It has a skull design and is fully constructed with metal and is quite thick. Features include: tactical zombie knuckle, thick, skull design, metal construction and has four finger holes.

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Brass Knuckle Trench Knife

Trench knives have been used commonly by the military. If you are a military enthusiast, item collector, or someone who likes dual-functional products then this is exactly the thing you should have. The brass knuckle trench knife, along with serving you as a knife can be used as a brass knuckle just like the soldiers did in one on one combats. The dual functionality of these brass knuckles is what sets them apart. Features include brass knuckles, trench knife, four finger holes, dual-purpose self defense weapon.

Fantasy Skull & Cross Design Knuckle

Well, this brass knuckle is truly meant for people who live in fantasies. With its unique make and silver color it can not only be used as a knuckle rather you can use it as a paperweight and a decoration piece. Additionally, it is a two-fingered knuckle that makes it lighter in weight and an ideal weapon for the physically weak. Features include zinc alloy construction, shiny silver color, and two-finger holes.

Well, that is not it, these were some of the cool brass knuckles for sale that we stock for you. Along with the above-mentioned knuckles we also have the skull wing self-defense knuckle in black and golden color, the grenade style knuckle, the AK 47 brass knuckle, and many more amazing knuckle dusters for you to choose from.

Knuckle Dusters for Sale at Discounted Rates

The main use of the brass knuckles is self-defense and you even can have them fixed to your belt. Along with the self-defense feature, the brass knuckles can be used as decoration pieces at your homes or workstations and can even be used as a paperweight. All of these features may be generating a high price in your mind. But the fact of the matter is, at PA Knives we are accustomed to providing quality products at groundbreaking prices.

You could be a person who works late-night shifts or travels at night or you just could be physically or you might need them just to show off to your friend. No matter what your age or gender is and no matter what purpose you want out these knuckle dusters, they will always be easy on the pocket. Buying the knuckle dusters in bulk will also get you entitled to a discount. Don’t wait; check out our brass knuckles for sale and the amazing prices they come at.

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