Brass Knuckles vs Other Weapons: A Comparison Guide

Brass Knuckles are very popular self defense weapons, and they have many reasons for being famous. The weapon is also known as knucks, knuckle duster, and knuckle buster. It is a rock-solid knuckle made up of different kinds of material that you wear on top of your knuckles to deliver a hard punch to your enemies.

The weapon has historical importance as it has been in use since the 18th century. Militaries around the world used the weapon for close combat fights, and it always gave the users an upper hand in their fights.

The weapon is ideal for self defense as it is easy to carry and is light in weight. It has many other uses about which we will be talking about later in this guide. Just like the so many uses, you get to find the brass knuckle for sale in different styles and colors so that everyone gets to make a choice.

Comparison with Other Weapons

The brass knuckles are ideal for many reasons. Reading this section will tell you why you should consider buying these over other weapons. Other weapons that suit your self defense needs might include swords, knives, and guns; however, all of these weapons are lethal and may end up killing someone, which could be bad for you.

The other main issue of life-threatening weapons is their legality. Not many states allow the use of different weapons. You can get into legal complications upon using the weapon. Whereas, you can use the real brass knuckles with ease as they are allowed in a couple of states. The other issue that lies with lethal weapons is that they are not easy to carry because of their heavyweight and bigger sizes. On the other hand, the knuckles have lightweight and fit comfortably in your pockets, which makes them easier to carry.

The other main benefit of the knuckles is that you can quickly escape danger by knocking your enemies out. This is an ideal thing for people who do not want to get in prolonged fights.

Uses of the Brass Knuckle

The use of the brass knuckle is not limited to self defense; instead, it can be used for several other reasons as well. Let us find out.

  • Self Defense

Without any doubt, self defense is one of the primary uses of the weapon. With increasing rates of crime, you must keep yourself safe with a weapon in your hand. The knuckles are good for this as they have less weight and are easy to carry. The rock-solid material they are made up of can bring anyone down with a single punch.

  • Collection Purpose and Paper Weight

The other great use of weapons is that of collection and paperweight. Weapon collectors love adding weapons to their collection, and if you are one of them, you should be adding this to your collection. The knuckles can also be used as a paperweight because of the weight they have. You can place them on your papers in your office or at home. Along with protecting you, they will protect your belongings too!

  • Gifting Purpose

You may have seen John Cena wearing fancy engraved knuckles. You can gift the knuckles to your loved ones by getting their names engraved on top. The other cool knuckles available that cool feature designs also turn out to be great for gifting and self defense.

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Types of Real Brass Knuckles for Sale

Now that you know about the uses of the weapon let us get you acquainted with the types of real brass knuckles for sale that you will find while looking for one. The knuckles differ in terms of weight, size, finger holes, and designs.

If you love fancy knuckles that have something designed on top, you should be going for the bullet knuckle, which has a bullet design, or the AK 47 knuckle, which has an AK 47 gun on top. The grenade knuckle and the skull knuckle are other cool types that feature designs.

Brass Knuckles vs Other Weapons: A Comparison Guide

If you are looking for branded knuckles, the knuckles from Z-hunter will suit you. Not only are they branded, but they also capture the imaginations of people, such as their zombie collection. The knuckles have cool zombie type designs that you often see in movies.

If you are sophisticated and want to keep things formal, the plain knuckles will suit you best. There is a variety of knuckles that are plain such as the black, golden, and silver knuckles. They give a formal look and show that you mean serious business.

The rainbow knuckles are cool knuckles that feature a rainbow color. The weapon suits all females as they can get a weapon that keeps them safe, and they can show it off in their friend circle.

One of the best brass knuckles that you will find are the I do two knuckles. This product is the best because it is a complete package of various other self defense weapons. It has a bright LED light that can help you spot danger; it has a stun gun that can deliver high voltage current, and it has knuckles that can knock anyone out. The good part about these knuckles is that you can easily jog while wearing them.

The knuckles also differ in terms of finger holes as you will find products that have two finger holes and products with four finger holes. The two-fingered hole knuckles suit females and joggers, whereas the four-fingered hole knuckles suit people who mean serious business. All knuckles that you will come across are made up of good quality and last longer. They will never let you down if you ever get into a problematic situation.

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal?

Although the weapon is not life-threatening, it still can cause serious injuries. The weapon is not allowed in some states and is allowed in some as each state has its law. However, if the weapon is used for self defense only, there won’t be much of a problem.

Where to Buy Brass Knuckles From?

The knuckles can be easily bought from online stores, and they will be delivered to your home, or you can buy them from weapon stores around you.

Buy Brass Knuckles Today and Keep Yourself Safe

Now that you know all about the knucks, their types, uses, and what sets them apart from other weapons, let us walk you through the prices of these incredible weapons. As mentioned above, you can buy brass knuckles easily online and from weapon stores. With the right knowledge as provided above, you can get the best knuckles for yourself.

The knuckles are available at very low prices so that everyone can stay protected by buying them. Along with pocket easy prices, the knuckles are available in a variety of designs and colors, which makes it easier for choosing one from Paknives.

You can buy the knuckles for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk to make a profit out of them. Buying in bulk leads you to discounted prices, which are useful if you want to sell them ahead at a higher price. Check out the collection of brass knuckles available and place an order for your favorite ones today.

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