Whenever you are handling any new device, you should familiarize yourself with its use. There are often some inventions that require a little getting used to in the start. Taser guns are such devices that are primarily weapons of self-defense. You need to be well-versed in their mechanics to avoid hurting yourself. For someone who hasn’t used them, it’s natural to question can a taser gun kill you. Thankfully, even with a massive shock, they can’t kill you. There have been very few cases reported over the years of someone dying for a taser shock. Unlike an unprotected wire shock, tasers are pretty powerful but not fatal. If someone keeps electrocuting you without breaks and intensely, it might lead to permanent muscle and nerve damage.

The issue of the harmful impact of tasers can be dealt with if you know their mechanism. Tasers are electroshock weapons that are meant to electrocute anyone enough to back off. They create mild to intense shocks in small doses that can startle and stupefy the attacker. The main purpose is to deter someone from harming you physically. It is also a precedent to use a taser gun on someone who physically overpowers you or is extremely violent. It’s safe to assume that even the most aggressive people are neutralized by them and not killed.

Difference Between Stun Guns And Tasers

For those of you who are well-aware of these weapons, there is a distinct difference between the two. For people who have never used them, they are much more subtle and hard to distinguish. There are some basic differences between the two devices that are important to know.

  • Stun guns are shocking weapons that generate an electric current through small tongs. These tongs are attached to the front of the device and produce a hard-hitting voltage.
  • Tasers are usually referred to as weapons that have wires in their front that shoot out. They are technically projectile weapons that shoot out wires that stick into the attackers skin.
  • For a closeup confrontation, stun guns are more suited as they need to touch the body to work. They come in contact with the skin directly and then shock the person you are defending against.
  • Tasers are usually more helpful in cases where you are at a distance from your attacker. You can shoot out the wires that will stick to them and shock them without coming close. It is also more useful if you are pursuing someone and want to deter them from getting away.
  • Naturally, both kinds of weapons deliver the same results when it comes to shocking. The difference lies more than just in distance as well. Stun guns are often the generic term for electroshock weapons of all kinds. Tasers are derived from the most famous brand of electroshock weapons, Taser International. They are to this day a household name and often used to identify all such devices.

Invention And Evolution Of Tasers

The word taser was derived from a favorite book character Tom Swift who was a fictional inventor. He was a beloved character of the inventor of Jack Cover, who made the first taser. That design began to be manufactured under the brand Taser International that continues to this day. Since the basic function of the taser was to stupefy and stun people, they came to be known as stun guns.

Initially, when stun guns were invented in the 1970s, they were only mandated to army and police officials. Since they were tricky to use and control, only professional fighters were given the go-ahead to use them. But soon after, more user-friendly versions were invented to be used by the general public. Judging by their effectiveness as weapons, they were quickly adopted for public use. Following that decision, there were many more versions being manufactured for the masses. As more and more people began to use them, their effectiveness was further proven and appreciated. Cut to the present day, electroshock weapons of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular in the public. There is a whole new population of people who like the swift-action protection taser stun guns can offer.

Types Of Stun Guns You Get Now

It is very safe to say that stun guns are one of the most efficient weapons nowadays. Since they are widely used and proven effective, they are also legal for self defense in the United States. Unsurprisingly there is a surge in the production of a stun gun for women than men. Women face all sorts of dangers in their daily lives everywhere they go. Stun guns require less technical proficiency and provide more protection with too much effort. They are also compact and can be snuck into workplaces as well as social situations without issue. No wonder, there have been multiple forms of self defense stun guns made for women in mind.

The keychain taser is a mini stun gun that is becoming very popular among women. It looks like a car clicker and can easily be fastened to any personal keychain. It produces a powerful current that can stun anyone and provides immediate protection to a woman in danger.

Another clever invention in this category is the lipstick stun gun. As the name suggests, this weapon is disguised as ordinary lipstick. It is easy to mix up with your regular makeup and carry it in your pocket or purse. No matter where you are, this nifty little device will give you the instant protection you need.

Perhaps the most powerful stun gun you can get is the flashlight stun gun. It is a regular-looking flashlight that has an intense voltage stun gun on the edge. It also comes with an actual LED so you can use it at night as well. This kind of stun gun should be used with caution and works on humans as well as wild animals.

Where To Buy Cheap Stun Guns In The United States

No matter where you are in the country, you should be able to access proper self defense weapons. If you are by any chance in a place that doesn’t sell them, stun guns are readily available online. You should check out PA Knives, which is an excellent online store for self defense weapons. They have a stun guns wholesale collection that is cheap as well as high-quality. You will ensure your safety with a manageable weapon that is also within your budget and ability to use.

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