Going outside is a common activity of so many people and no matter whatever the reason for getting involved in outdoor activities, you need the proper tools. Most importantly, you need quality, comfortable outdoor knives. A sturdy, sharp, properly balanced and comfortable knife makes the whole outside experience more relaxing, fun and safe as well. There is no greater frustration than cutting a piece of wood with a dull blade. On the other hand, you can’t describe the pleasure of effortlessly cutting a wood block with a razor-sharp durable blade. So, it can make a difference in the outdoor venture, therefore, it is recommended to choose cheap knives carefully.

Types of Knives

Not all knives are manufactured at an equal level. There are numerous styles, shapes, and specific uses for outdoor blades. However, there are two basic formats of knives, folding and fixed blade knives. Though fixed blades are the best because they are sturdy enough and hold up to lots of use, there is currently a wide variety of folding blades available that can benefit any outdoor person. Further, knives are also categorized according to their utilization. Below are three common types of knives that are commonly used by outdoorsmen.

1. Pocket Knives

They are the most popular type of cool knives for sale! A pocket knife is what its name describes. It is a knife that can be fitted in your pocket. It is a folding knife that can be folded in its handle. Because it is handy, you will not have any trouble carrying it all throughout the journey. Plus, due to the blade locking feature, it is safe and you will not be pricked or have cuts when you put it in your pocket.

Cut along or fix things with the help of one of your cool knives. This multi-purpose tool can help you do anything on your trips ahead. Modern-day folding pocket knives are preferred by hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts due to their versatility, flexibility, and easiness. Here is a list of tasks that you can do with the help of a pocket knife:

  • Cutting rope or wood
  • Slicing fruit and vegetables
  • Skinning your catch
  • Opening cans
  • Removing staples
  • Making fire
  • Gutting fish
  • Preparing meal
  • To defend yourself and many more.

Depending on personal preference, there are pocket knives made with varying blade compositions and different grips with a number of extra features. Thus, they can serve everyone without fail.

2. Hunting Knives

When you are packing up for your next hunting trip, be sure to include your hunting knife in your toolbox. It will be one of your most valuable and most used tool that makes you able to do all sorts of tasks during a hunting venture. Its uses and benefits are not limited to hunting. Many people also use it for fishing, camping or hiking. No matter whether you want to clean or skin a hunted game, or cut tree limbs, or even kill, clean or cut a fish, it is good to use for all chores.

Hunting knives also come with folding and fixed blades and each type has its own place and works best in certain conditions. A fixed blade is all one-piece knife, usually comes with a protective sheath. This is more rugged than other types and is very easy to clean. Hence, fixed blade knives are typically heavier and a bit bulkier and durable than the folding ones but are one of the most popular.

Folding hunting knives are smaller than the fixed ones but they offer quick deployment because of the spring assist mechanism. Most of them also have a locking blade and are safe and easy to carry. They are good all-purpose blades that will get a lot of use.

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3. Tactical Knives

Another important type of outdoor blades is tactical knives which are recommended for those who have safety concerns. Basically, they refer to combat or fighting knives that are used in the military, police, and other law enforcement agencies. But, the general public is also using them for many other purposes, such as self-defense, cutting branches and leaves, clearing paths and even placing a tent during an adventure trip.

There are broad varieties of tactical knives for sale available in today’s market. They are large, compact and are also in various forms like folding and fixed blades. As well, they come in lots of distinctive blade styles including clip point and drop point. Using a clip point blade, you will be provided a lot more accuracy in relation to cutting, offering you a more professional and clean-cut. Moreover, the curved blade enhances the possibility to cut things with precision. Thus, choosing the best tactical knife can save you a lot of problems while you are on an outdoor expedition.

Where to Buy Cheap Knives?

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Final Words

If you are an outdoorsman, having a knife is essential. A sturdy and portable blade is good for preparing food, making campfires, building shelters, and doing innumerable other tasks that might come your way. So, you can choose any of the above-described types of cheap knives.

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