Fixed Blade Knives

We all know the bountiful utility of using a great knife. But if you have the right knife for the right task, it makes all the difference. When you use knives, there are individual blades that work better for indoor jobs against outdoors.

The blade sizes and their properties judge all these specifications. For the slightly less tricky food preparation or DIY projects, smaller knives work better. For the messier, challenging jobs in the outdoors, traveling, and hunting, Fixed Blade Knives are the best options.

What Is A Fixed Blade Knife And Why Is It Essential

You might think to yourself, what does a fixed blade knife mean? You needn't think hard; basically, any knife with an immovable blade set in its handle qualifies as a fixed blade knife. The range of knives under that definition would include anything from daggers to swords to large machetes.

As long as the knife's blade is set in place and it is more robust than ordinary knives, it has fixed blade strength. There are various types of blades you can get that are designed for specific functions. Even within fixed blade knives, you can find varieties that suit one task more than the other.

Ideally, you would use heftier and more durable blades for messy work and continued use. They last longer than your ordinary kitchen knives and are multi-functional in more than one regard. If you are an outdoorsy person, interested in traveling or hunting, fixed blade knives are your friends.

The Types Of Blades You Can Get For Your Varied Tasks

  • EDC Fixed Blade

Stands for everyday carry, the EDC knife is an essential tool in your daily life. These knives are slightly smaller in comparison to other great fixed blades, but they are convenient.

They have strong blades useful for cutting, sawing, slicing, chopping, even digging and burrowing. You can carry them in your car or your purse when you're out, and you can use them in your kitchen every day.

  • Hunting Knives

One of the activities that require tough tools, and getting down in the dirt is hunting. With such little resources and various animals to hunt, skin, prep, and butcher, you need a hefty blade. A hunting knife is usually a longer, wider blade designed to cut through tough hide and meat.

You'll often find additional features in hunting knives like saw serrations, hooked ends, and thinner blades for better gutting and skinning. Properly preparing meat is not an easy job, and you need a sturdy knife to make the process easier for you.

  • Survival Knives

In their structure and functionality, survival knives are similar to hunting knives. Compared to other blades, survival knives are more elongate, sleeker, and built to withstand heat and unforgiving conditions.

A machete is a kind of survival knife that's good for cutting through brambles and thick forests. You can also find some life-saving hacks in your survival knives like fire-starters, matches, saw blades. If you have a good quality knife with these features, they will help you sustain yourself in the wild.

  • Military Knives

As the name suggests, these tactical fixed blade knives are designed for and carried by the army forces. They are designed to be compact and handy, be useful in face-to-face combat, and be convenient when traveling light.

One knife popularly used for self-defense is the trench knife, which is a brass knuckle fixed with a blade. Another form would be a small boot knife that can be worn on your person and carried everywhere.

  • Bowie Knives

Another excellent example of a fighting knife; this blade gets its name from the famous ranger Jim Bowie. The bowie knife features a thin pointed edge and a flat-steel blade with a sturdy handle. It is a combat knife that is useful in hunting nowadays as well.

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Where To Get Durable Fixed Blade Knives For Sale

One of the greatest attractions about getting fantastic fixed blade knives is that they will serve you for a long time. The blade's quality is directly proportional to how well it will work for challenging tasks like butchering and chopping.

If you're looking for the best fixed blade knife, you should survey within your local stores to find trusted retailers. You might end up with a few excellent choices of knives that will last you a lifetime.

If you don't find anything in your area or are not happy with the variety in your local stores, look online. The benefit of shopping for knives for sale online is more options, but also transparency.

You can conveniently browse through various pages and find blades you won't get in stores. The other great advantage is finding affordable options. Investing in a good quality knife is essential, but you also need to find something that fits your budget.

Fixed Blade Knives for Sale

Cheap Fixed Blade Knives To Save Your Dollars And Your Efforts

What's good is spending so much money on quality knives if they won't hold up their blades' quality? You can find many fancy tools in big stores that promise durability and workability, but they’re bells and whistles. Here are some sure shot ideal knives for all your tasks at unbelievable prices:

  • 6 Inch Length Black Neck Knife With Tanto Blade

If, by any chance, you find yourself stranded in the wild or going on an adventurous camping trip, take this blade. The black tanto knife is wearable around your neck, so it's perfect for carrying around. The blade itself is flat and thin, so it's useful for making kindling, foraging herbs, and prepping food.

It also comes with a whistle-blower, which helps locate your friends or find your way back if you get lost. This knife could be your travel buddy, and you can buy it for $2.79 only.

  • Scorpion Necklace With Hidden Knife

Now, this may not be your everyday knife, but it is a beneficial one. This ornamental neck knife is, in fact, a helpful tool for people who commute alone or socialize late at night. It looks like an ordinary fashion necklace, but it carries a concealed blade explicitly built for self-defense.

The concealed blade is one tool every woman should think about carrying. There are many variations and designs available in this one, and it costs only $4.59.

  • Elk Ridge 3 Blade Interchangeable Knife

There is nothing better than this fantastic set of 3 blades interchangeable hunting kit if you are a hunting fiend. This knife set is perfect for any hunting trip; it has a saw-serrated edge, gutting hook, and a dip point blade. No matter what you are catching, these knives will make you the pro in hunting and prepping.

The best part about these knives is their structure. The blades are interchangeable as well as foldable, which means they are safe to carry. Additionally, you don't need to take multiple tools and save room with this 3-in-one wonder set available for just $13.33.

  • 8.5-inch Stainless Steel Survival Knife – Silver

People who have completed survival training know the significance of a right blade. This survival knife is a top choice for most adventurists thanks to its design and durability. The stainless silver blade is easy to clean and rust-free so that it can withstand overuse and overexposure.

You will also get an additional survival kit with this one blade, such as matches, fish lines, and hooks, and a compass. You can travel without being weighed down and have a safe experience in the wilderness with this dynamic blade. All these amenities included, this knife costs a mere $6.69.

  • King Solomon Dagger Short Sword

When you think of fixed blade knives as good for varied tasks and tastes, it is. Apart from people who use them every day, there are knife enthusiasts who like to collect them.

As mentioned before, fixed blade knives also include swords and daggers, and they are huge collectibles. It is incredibly cool if you can get something as cool as the King Solomon Dagger replica.

This beautiful sword comes with an intricately designed gold handle and matching black leather scabbard. The blade is stainless steel complete with pommel and guard, and it is available for the shocking price of $18.39.

Shop At PA Knives For Wholesale Fixed Blade Knives

Whether you are into buying collectible swords or actual everyday use blades, the price will not factor into your choice. That is if you purchase from the vast collection available at the PA Knives online store. The list of knives you see above are some of the best blades featured on their website.

The reason that they are priced so well and so low is that they offer wholesale prices for your favorite knives. You might find one or some of these designs in stores, but you won't get these rates.

Browsing online at PA Knives allows you to get the knives that suit you at half the market price. No matter which knife you want to buy, you’ll get the highest-quality products that serve your purpose and budget.

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