When handling any kind of tool, you have to be sure to do it right. There are some rules and precautions you have to take to avoid any mishap. That is a special case with weapons; they are much more complicated and need attention. When you are using any weapon, you need to take care to use the proper technique. Even with something as seemingly simple as brass knuckles, the right kind of punch can hurt your fingers. It’s all about practice and repetition so that you don’t get injured and misuse it.

There are very simple ways that will keep you from hurting yourself when you’re using brass knuckles. They are fairly uncomplicated and with a little bit of training, they can be pretty useful to you. The general issue with it hurting your hands is that it’s usually quite heavy. Even if they’re not legit brass knuckles, they are made from some sort of heavy metal. That would present a challenge if you’re using them in a cold or if you don’t have enough energy.

How To Use Brass Knuckles Properly

One upside to using any kind of brass knuckles is that they are easy to master. They don’t have any technicalities and no safety issues lying around. They are just heavy gloves for your knuckles that are harmless when not in use. Unless you chuck them at someone’s head, they pose no threat to anyone sitting around. Compared to other weapons that you might use like guns or tasers, they are far less risky. When you get a brass knuckle you can practice some basic steps to use them to the best of your abilities.

  • You can start by wearing the brass knuckles regularly to get used to the weight. For weak-wristed people carrying a knuckle can also cause minor cramps and stress. It’s better if you are accustomed to the weight first and then figure out the technique.
  • When you start training, you have to first learn how to throw a punch. The way that brass knuckles hurt your fingers is if you punch from the wrong position. You have to practice curving your arm and throwing your weight behind your punch.
  • Use less force in the hand and let your body exert more pressure. You should also start by punching a sandbag first to avoid any injuries.
  • If you are a newbie, you should avoid practicing around your friends. A wrong punch from a knuckle can cause serious bruising and blunt force trauma.
  • Once you have mastered the punching technique, if you use it for self-defense, go for weaker points. If you are attacked, punch on the jaw, cheekbone, temple, or elbow which are all more accessible. If you are tackled and are in a lock, go for the ankle, knee, or shins. These are the bonier regions that will hurt the most and allow you to escape.
  • When sensing danger or travelling alone, always wear your brass knuckle in your dominant hand. You should also train your dominant hand to punch with so you have more control when you fight.
  • You have to keep in mind that brass knuckles themselves aren’t very efficient weapons. You need to have good reflexes and some level of upper body strength to use them.

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal In The United States?

It would be hard to determine a country-wide rule for or against brass knuckles. They have been around for ages and have been used frequently. But there are definitely some kinds of regulations against where and when they can be used. At a federal level, there is no restriction on either the sale or purchase of brass knuckles. They can be found easily and have no real age limit to being purchased as well. Considering that knuckle weapons have been used for gang violence, some states aren’t so soft on them. You can always check your state laws to see if they're regarded as a weapon in your area.

An argument can be made that brass knuckles are very effective self defense weapons. That would absolve them of their previous reputation and rebrand them as handy tools. They have certainly been quite useful when it comes to tackling assault, robbery, and a break-in. All kinds of tools can be used in a bad or good way, so it really is the use that determines the repute. There are also some lesser-known ways that brass knuckles are utilized that would make them good.

The Alternate Uses of The Knuckle Buster

  • In firefighting and rescue, there are a number of ways that a knuckle duster can come in handy. They have to go through burning buildings saving lives and putting theirs at risk. A knuckle weapon can break down windows and open jammed doors to rescue fire victims. They can also be used to get someone out who is trapped in a claustrophobic space.
  • Another lesser-known use of the brass knuckle is when you need to break something down. You can use it to unbox a tightly wrapped package. It is also useful for pounding meat at a barbeque and in the kitchen. If you are in a colder region and need water, you can break the ice to melt it down as well.
  • Other than the slightly far-fetched reasons for using knuckles, there are some fun ones too. Did you know that brass knuckles can be quirky paperweights for your study or office? Naturally, they are mostly heavier than usual tools and hence make good paperweights. You can now get them in different designs so they suit your aesthetics.
  • Speaking of tastes, knuckle dusters are quite famous as fashion accessories as well. They can be worn as belt buckles, badges, and rings. They can be attached to your boots, bags or phones for a little bling. They are widely popular among fashionistas and musicians, especially rappers. Many people would also like to adorn their bikes and cars with them as hood ornaments.

Some Real Knuckle Dusters For Sale You’ll Like

Thanks to their interesting shape and design knuckle dusters are also collected by weapon lovers. They are as useful as you make them but lying around they can be worth having too. If you are a collector, you probably know that knuckles come in many variations. Here are some grade-A knuckles available in the market that will suit all kinds of utilities and tastes.

If you are getting a knuckle duster as a self defense weapon, you better believe they will be worth it. You need something hefty that can provide a real fighting chance without being too complicated. That’s where the Reloaded Magnum Bullet Knife Knuckle is the best choice. It has a double protection feature with a hidden knife as well so you can fend off unwanted advances. It has easy-to-wear finger holes and a small blade on top, so you can punch and slash at once.

There is no surprise about the fact that tough guys are fans of brass knuckles. If you want one to wear and look badass, the Bone Four Finger Defense Brass Knuckle is perfect. You can choose to wear it, attach it to your belt, use it as an ornament or paperweight. In all those different situations it will look great and fulfill that specific purpose.

For daily utility, there is nothing as uniquely helpful as a 100 % Real Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener. It’s a fun collectible that can be turned into a fridge magnet as well as a kitchen tool. Other than that this little nifty knuckle will be a hoot at outdoor parties and long trips.

There is one thing you can rest assured knowing that a brass knuckle is an ever-present weapon. But compared to others it’s easily disguisable and often negligible so it stays safe. If you ever witness a break-in or crimes at home, your trusty paperweight knuckle will become a weapon instantly. The Rainbow Self Defense Large Knuckle is quite the weapon-decoration piece combination in that regard. It will transition from an aesthetic piece to a lifesaver in a jiffy.

If you train with a brass knuckle for boxing or fighting, you need the right goods. You can get the Grenade Style Self Defense Black Handle Knuckle for improved grip and punch. Even though it works like any other knuckle the additional grenade design provides extra volume to hold onto.

Buying Affordable Brass Knuckles Online

There are plenty of options of brass knuckles in the market when you go look for them. But in the case that you don’t find what you’re looking for, the best place is online stores. In your local market, you will have to spend more time and energy looking for the right knuckle. But you will get a far better variety as well as quality if you look checkout a brass knuckles website.

The hub of the most amazing brass knuckles in one place is PA Knives online store. It hosts the best weapons for collection and utility that you will find anywhere. You will also get all the items at a lower price than the market and a wider selection as well. If you want to collect a series of knuckles, such as the ones listed above, PA Knives is the place to look.

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