Each and every tool that we use has a specific purpose and a proper use assigned to it. Luckily, in terms of the belt buckles, they are already convenient enough to hold and wear wherever you go. For people who are familiar with hand-held weapons, it is not hard to figure out how they are used. Belt buckle knives are pretty much the same, especially when you consider how long they have been around. Belt buckle knives are a nifty weapon that provides you with safety as well as convenience. For someone who has not used it before, it is right to assume, do you need a specific belt for a belt buckle? People who have used them will tell you, you either get a buckle with the belt or you can use any. The main focus in the knife and can be placed in a variety of different ways on your person.

The basic structure of a hidden knife belt buckle is a stealthily placed knife in a seemingly normal buckle. That buckle allows you to actually wear the weapon on you as opposed to having to carry it everywhere. You can always find belt buckle knives that come with their buckles, but smaller knives work well too. The idea is that you should be able to carry your weapon without drawing too much attention to yourself. Hidden knives are constructed in a way that happens automatically without additional arrangements.

History Of Hidden Self Defense Knives

Contrary to what you might hear, hidden knives are not a myth and actually do exist. They have actually existed throughout history as badass weapons used by nobles, warriors, and agents. One of the earliest accounts of these weapons are in all royal guards where they were used by special security of the royal families. Armed guards appointed to protect royals in Rome and England used hidden knives. They were part of belt buckles, arm gauntlets, and bootstraps. Later on, the most fascinating history of hidden knives was formed in Ancient Japan and China. Ninja warriors who were guerilla warfighters and mercenaries used hidden knives for assassinations. Their secret mission compelled them to have weapons that were nondescript and easy to hide. Hidden knives became a proper ninja weapon, which can still be found as a collectible today. These knives are very sharp and small in size so they can be carried around without issue.

The Features Of A Self Defense Knife

There is no secret about the fact that knives have always been incredibly weapons of self-defense. They are extremely sharp as well as handy when you need a weapon to protect you. In that case, any kind of knife would do the job, the special thing about self-defense hidden knives is discretion. You won't always find yourself in an ideal situation where you can use a proper big knife. A small self defense knife is not only easy to manage but also easy to sneak into public spaces. You never know when you might need to protect yourself, so might as well have something on you. The first thing is size; when you look at a small knife, you can basically use any blade that’s less than 3.5 inches in size. These blades are legal for self-defense and can be carried publicly as well.

The other considerable aspect is sharpness and pointiness. Any good knife for the self-defense needs to be as sharp as possible. You need to make sure that the point of the knife is either very thin so it can stab or very sharp so it can slash. Both these movements are dependent on the shape and accuracy of the crafted knife. If you are going for a hidden knife, there are actually some pretty nifty inventions in that area you can check out.

Best Self Defense Knives To Carry For Daily Use

Even someone who has never used a hidden knife can agree that it is an impressive weapon. If you need something for self-defense, what better than a hidden blade to ensure your safety at all times? With that being said we don’t move around in armor or ninja clothes now to conceal these weapons. Luckily, modern technology and innovation have come up with modern versions of hidden knives.

As more innovative designs come into the market, the most effective one is a hidden pen knife. It is always a good idea to have a weapon small enough to use everywhere without too much hassle. A pen knife is a seemingly ordinary pen that has a knife blade instead of a nib inside. This can be carried everywhere in a social or formal setting without drawing any suspicion to yourself.

While that is one of the self-defense knives for women that would be fruitful, there is another one as well. Women often have to face violence, harassment, and abuse at the hands of the society they move into. A new invention, the lipstick knife is also a hidden weapon that is very useful to women. It again looks like an ordinary lipstick that has a blade instead of rouge inside. You can carry this lipstick knife into any club or social or work setting and rest assured you have a weapon on you. The best defense knife is the one that is untellable from a normal piece of belonging. The cool daggers are classic weapons that have been modified for self-defense now. It is disguised as a necklace or ring, which has a small, flat but very sharp dagger inside it. You can wear it on your and use it when the time calls for it without drawing suspicion.

Buying Self Defense Knives Online

Safety should be affordable and easy to access and that’s why you can find hidden knives online. Wherever you might be in the United States, log on to PA Knives, the online knife store, and browse hidden knives. Their amazing collection of cleverly hidden weapons will surely make you want to get on yourself so start browsing for your safety today.

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