Get to Know all About the Cheap Blank Guns

Guns are a weapon that is widely searched worldwide, and the same is the case for searching Cheap Blank Guns. Blank guns are a safe gun that only shoots blanks and that is where they take their name from. As the guns only shoot smoke and produce a loud sound they are completely safe for your children to play with. The guns are mainly used to kick start events such as races. They are also ideal for your kids to play with as they are completely safe. Let us look into the types of these amazing guns.

Variety of Blank Guns for Sale

There is a variety of blank guns for sale that you will come across. Let us get you acquainted with some.

  • 8mm and 9mm blank gun

The 8mm and 9mm blank gun is a pistol sized gun that is suitable for people who do not like carrying much weight on them. The smaller size of the blank pistol is what makes them ideal to be carried around easily.

  • Blank Firing Revolver

The blank firing revolver is a gun that is similar in size to the pistols. The difference that lies in both of these blank firing guns is that of the barrel. In a pistol, you will notice the barrel to be inside the gun while in a revolver, the barrel is outside. This makes the revolver a very cool gun.

  • Front Firing Blank Guns

There are guns of two main types. One of them is the ones that leave fire and smoke from the back and the others are the front firing blank guns that leave smoke and fire from the front and that is where they take their name from. This gives a cool and realistic view of whoever sees you fire.

  • Full Auto Blank Guns

The full auto blank guns are guns that shoot blank automatically. That is, these guns operate automatically and you will not have to load and fire each time. These blank guns are great when you feel there is danger around you.

  • Blank Ammo

It is important to remain fully and well equipped for whatever challenges you tend to take up. Be it self defense or a hunting outing, having extra blank ammo will always be the best thing to have along so that you never run out of ammunition in hard times.

  • Blank Gun Magazines

Just like extra ammo, it appears to be a good idea of having a fully loaded extra blank gun magazine. It saves you from the hassle of spending extra time while filling up a new magazine. In the wilds, it is always good for you to have extra equipment with you.

What Guns Shoot Blanks?

All of the above-mentioned guns are capable of shooting blanks. It depends on you as to what gun you pick because some are small and some are large.

Can Blank Guns Shoot Bullets?

This is the most asked question and the answer is, no. These guns are called blank because they cannot shoot real bullets and they only produce smoke and a loud sound. They are safe guns and are used for different purposes.

Cheap Blank Guns

Uses of the Point Blank Gun

The point blank gun has various uses that are different from that of real guns. Let us find out.

  • Self Defense

This may be surprising but the best use of these guns is that of self defense. If you see trouble or get into trouble, you just need to fire a shot to alert the authorities and the people around. As the guns do not fire real bullets, no one will be harmed and the smoke and loud sound will help the law enforcement reach you soon. You can also keep the guns at home for this purpose.

  • Collection Purpose

As most of the guns under this category are the replica of real-life guns, they tend to be great items to collect. Having one in your living rooms will look real and will leave your guests amazed.

  • Movie Props and Cosplay

As the guns are harmless and give a realistic feel, they are great to have as movie props. No one on the set will be harmed along with giving your viewers the real feel. Similarly, you can carry the guns to your cosplay events. As the guns look real and are harmless, they will surely add colors to your game.

  • Kids

Kids love playing with the things they see in cartoons and movies. One such weapon is the guns that children love to play with. It will be a bad idea to hand over real guns to your kid and that is why these blank guns are the best option to go for while buying them for your kids.

  • Starting Event

There are different ways to start events and one such way that is seen in many sporting events is that of gunfire. The events do not use real guns instead they use the blank gun to start races. You can do the same for your parties and events.

These were some amazing uses of the guns, let us get you acquainted with the top-selling items that you should look for.

Best Cheap Blank Guns to Look for

Although all guns come with a promising quality, we have compiled a shortlist of some guns to look for.

  • Jackal Fume Finish Gun

As the name must have given you an idea that this is a replica of a real gun and that makes it worth collecting. The gun has a fumed finish. It is a 9mm gun that is capable of 16 shots. The gun can be operated in three modes. The gun also comes with a hardshell case.

  • Zoraki Revolver

The Zoraki revolver is a revolver that we have on the list. Just like the Jackal gun, this also is a replica which makes it a great item to collect. The gun has a black finish and is capable of firing 6 shots. The gun comes with a cleaning brush and also a casing to keep things safe.


The ASI UZI is meant for all military enthusiasts as it is the gun that military personals use. The gun comes in black color and a camo design as well to give you the feel of a real army person. The gun includes two magazines, 15 and 25. The gun is capable of firing 16 shots and can be operated in three modes.

Apart from the guns, you can also buy extra ammo and magazines so that you remain well equipped at all times. The guns are capable of firing in three modes that are safety mode in which you have full control, the semi-auto mode, and the auto mode in which the gun has total control.

Blank Gun for Sale at Cheap Rates

Now that you know all about the blank guns for sale, let us look into the prices these guns are being offered at Paknives. This may be surprising but all guns are being offered at extremely cheap prices so that everyone gets to benefit from them. You can buy them for yourself or if you want to make a profit out of them, you can buy them in bulk. Check out the collection of cheap blank guns available around you and buy them today.

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