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If you are an absolute knife lover and a weapon fan, then you are aware of the versatility of knives and how inspiring their designs and functionality are. Knives have been around since the Bronze Age when man first began to make tools to ease their lives, including other utensils. But Spring Assisted Knives became quite popular as weapons as well, and they were soon being used in different sizes for hunting and cooking. From there, they also became part of battlefields, as they eventually became a prevalent part of the war as swords and daggers were invented.

These weapons were also developed over time to become more lethal and dangerous to fight the enemy, and as they say, the rest is history! But the fact remains that the quintessential functionality and utility of the knife are unwavering and going strong to this day because nothing replaces the strength and swiftness of a cool, sharp blade.

But for those of you who don’t recognize knives as versatile tools, you should know that there are more than 10 types of regular knives and about 10 more of specialty knives that are made for particular tasks. The most common out of these are pocket knives, which are present everywhere in different forms all over the world and are quite popular in the United States. They have been around for decades; they were made for soldiers during the World War and were used in the military before that as well. The most famous kind of pocket knife is the Swiss army knife, which has been recreated hundreds of times to make various versions.

Most Common Type of Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

The great thing is that these knives have small tools attached to them like filers, screwdrivers, and corkscrews and can be quite handy to have in harsh conditions like the battlefield. Their utility was so lauded that more pocket knives started being made for the public as well, and two of the most common types of pocket knives you will find are spring assisted pocket knives and the usual manual folding pocket knives.

Now out of these two, the first one is the favored option for many people, because as it is clear from the name, the spring assisted knives are more comfortable to use, as they have a blade loaded with a spring which can be clicked open. It saves time and energy and is also really convenient and safe to keep with you, as the blade stays hidden within the handle.

So now that you know why these knives are so unique, you can get one as well, and there is no doubt that your life will become quite more comfortable having one of these bad boys in your house and in your survival pack. And if you are already one of these knife enthusiasts who appreciate the diverse nature of knives and you like the various shapes and designs of blades available in the market, then this list has the most sought after knives for sale for you that you can buy with a click of a button;

  • Tactical Pocket Knife Mtech Spring Assisted Knife Stonewash

This is one of the most common spring loaded knife designs you will find anywhere, and they are quite readily available online as well as in weapon shops all over the country. This piece has a tanto handle that has a small ridged section as well for cutting rope and wood, and it has a dependable 8-inch blade that just about takes care of all peeling, chopping, cutting, and slicing jobs inside and outside the house.

The spring in the blade also enables the knife to be stored anywhere easily and keep it concealed until needed. If you are looking for the kind of assisted opening knives that can be your camping friends and your household chore partners, then this one is probably the first you should turn to.

  • Mtech Blue Flaming Handle Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife

Now since the real knife users also make sure that they have a well-manufactured knife, the brand is also important. In that regard, MTech knives are one of the most famous brands of tactical knives that especially create tools that are handy and dependable as well as user-friendly, like this blue flaming handle pocket knife. It gets full points on the cool and suave design as well as on the 7.35 inch, multi-purpose polished blade.

  • 4 Inch Stiletto Style Assisted Opening Knife - Black G-10 Handle

If there is one thing that knife enthusiasts enjoy more than a great blade, it is a polished and sophisticated design. The neater a blade looks, the more they are increased in aesthetics and function. That is where assisted opening knives like this stiletto style knife with a black G-10 handle are such a steal to buy. They are incredibly affordable, and they look incredibly sleek. If you are looking for a good deal, then tac force knives are a good idea, as they are made with high quality materials and are available in so many different somber designs that define form and function.

  • Elk Ridge, 7 Inch Mirror, Finished Fixed Blade Hunting Knife - Burlwood Overlay Handle

Now let’s amp up the game and introduce you to the most elaborately designed knives that are becoming increasingly popular, and that is hunting knives. These kinds of knives are not your every day happy go lucky knives; in fact, they are quite the opposite as they are mainly meant to kill and hunt game and small animals.

Like this beautiful number here, you should check out the assorted blades that are produced by elk ridge knives, which are made particularly lethal to assist in hunting expeditions. They have ridged, hooked, and pointed blades that help in catching and skinning animals and usually have bigger blades than the common knife.

Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

  • Blue Dragon Eye Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Blue Handle

If you aren’t the hunting or the survivalist type, but you still adore knives for their various design aspects, then there is a wide variety of novelty, collectible knives available for you to choose from to add to your weapon collection. And there is no better place to find cool knives than the amazing collection at dark side blades.

They host one of the most diverse and imaginative collections of novelty knives that are definitely all functional, but they are mainly used for the show. While this fantasy folding knife has a beautiful dragon eye designed on the handle, there are so many designs you can find in this collection that will strike your fancy for sure.

  • Dark side blades ballistic spring assisted folding knife - Brushed glow in the dark.

This is probably the most extravagant piece you will find in the list of pocket knives for sale that has been made here. It is a functional and handy spring-loaded knife with a sharp blade and a beautiful glow in the dark handle that definitely bags points in the style and novelty section of collectible knives. If you are looking for a flashy number to amp up your collection, this one is definitely for you.

  • Pocket Knife Original Whiskey Bottle Design Spring Assisted Knife

One of the best things about collectible cool pocket knives is that there will never be enough of them, and there will always be more than will continue to fascinate you. This particular collectible whiskey bottle design knife is one of the top selling items online due to its themes design and moderate size. It has a small blade that will work fine for cutting and peeling if you need it, which makes it a useful accessory that is also a good fashion statement to carry around.

Where Can I Get Good Quality But Cheap Knives for Sale?

Although it might seem quite impossible, all the knives that are listed above and the abundance of designs that you will find online for house use, outdoor functionality, and collection, they are all cheap knives that are easily available for quite less than you would imagine. All of these are wholesale knives near me that start from $4 and go up to $15 and are available at the most market compatible rates you will find anywhere. There is plenty of fish in the knife sea when you dive in; you will find the most sophisticated designs to the most outrageous colors and decorations that completely cover the spectrum of interesting, cool knives, no matter what your choice is.

These knives are easily available online, and they can be ordered directly to your doorstep, but the best part is that whether you decide to order them online from these awesome manufacturers or you source them yourself, there will be no discrepancy in quality as each knife counted on this list and many more, is made from the most high quality, durable materials to ensure that even if you buy one, you won’t have to compromise on price or the making of your favorite knife.

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