No question owning or flaunting weapons is an in-built need to exert power and dominance over other human beings. Since the beginning of time, man has been the hunter, the gatherer of goods and loot, attaining social hierarchy by posing an upper hand over their fellow man. Wars have been fought for centuries using all kinds of lethal weapons. Now that most of the weaponry in modern warfare consists of firearms and tanks, the legendary knives and swords have become a fashion statement, a status symbol, and sword collector’s dream.

Knives had been around since the Bronze Age 4000 years ago; the need to protect oneself from dangerous animals, hunt for food and sport all prompted the earliest men to fashion knives out of materials like Flint and later copper, bronze, and other metals. With time, the design and utility of knives grew, and human beings devised ways to forge swords and knives for various household uses and keep them as lethal weapons. Much like every weapon's decorated history, knives also became a favorite among the military and their common use in the kitchen and other professions. 

Rome's major culture to the Indus Valley had their variations of knives used for fighting, hunting, and domestic use. PA Knives offers you a chance to browse through a beautifully crafted assortment of the best knives you will find anywhere in the country, especially stocked and brought to you to add to your knife collection.

The Cool Factor – Best Knives in Our Collection

Have you ever wondered why, even after the invention of fast, lethal weapons like guns and ammunition, there is still immense admiration for ancient weapons like swords and knives? Simply put, they look extremely cool and impressive. Anyone who is a weapon enthusiast will tell you that owning guns is not the same as owning extremely embellished cool knives, gilded daggers, or swords. They give anyone an air of grandeur and heroism. 

There is a reason that countless period drama films like the Kingdom of Heaven, Brave Heart, and Troy and fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings feature battles and soldiers with ancient weapons, they were not only lethal, but they also require a person to be worthy, brave and skilled to carry these weapons – it is the equivalent of owning a sports car or expensive property in modern times; they are perceived as dangerous and allows their owner to be feared and respected.

Weapon of Choice – The Handy Knife

One of the most versatile weapons that have been prevalent for centuries is a knife. It has a thousand variations and elaborate designs according to their use. During the World War and in every battle, pocket-sized army knives were top-rated among soldiers; they were not only useful for daily use, cooking, and cutting, they were also packed with small tools like corkscrews, hangers, and different blades to help soldiers utilize them in survival training in the wild.

Pocket knife design remains one of the most popular pocket knives to date, which has been recreated repeatedly by various weapon manufacturers. This trusty weapon is preferred due to its variable size and functions; the smaller the knife, the easier it is to hide it and use it for self-defense, and it also packs as a lighter tool. Make it a little bigger and sharper; the dagger becomes a fabled instrument of swift death and stealth, perfect for close encounters in battle and duels. 

If it becomes larger and sleeker, it becomes a sword; it exalts you to a warrior and knight's status, like King Arthur’s Sword, which adds drastic drama to any ordinary setting. When not in use, it is still like a medal of honor or a trophy hanging on your wall – a single knife has countless faces and personalities, each more intriguing than the last.

Where to Buy A Splendid Cheap Knives Online?

We strive to provide our customers with the intrigue they look for in their weapon collection. Using top-notch metals and materials, we make sure that the items we display are not just functional, but they also represent artistry and aesthetics in their appearance. Starting from the multi-purpose pocket-knives, we host various spring assisted knives designs that will put the Swiss Army pocket knife to shame. You can fulfill your artistic sense and your form and functioning requirements with diverse and eloquent designs in our collection at PA Knives.

Check out the beautiful stone studded, regal ‘Spring Assisted Knife Silver Dragon Handle Pocket Knife available at a staggeringly low price of just $13.21 in our store, and it will be hard not to fall in love with. You will be hard-pressed to find such a wide variety of pocket knife designs anywhere else at the prices we offer.

Imagine having to go camping or hunting, or having to tackle a small dangerous animal, and all you have to do is, reach into your pocket and whip out the seemingly innocent and fun-looking ‘Guitar Manual Folding Pocket Knife.”

That can be disguised as a keychain or a toy but can be used as a lethal weapon with one swish of your hand, providing you the essential security and style at the same time. It is not hard to find cheap knives that serve your purpose if you know where to look. With hundreds of designs and functionalities, our collection has a knife of choice for everyone. You want to kick your style game up a little or add a prized object to your ensemble? You will find everything from polished and painted patterned wood handles to animal head studded, silver, and bronze vanity knives to accessorize your look as well as give you that essential self-defense you need.

From Professional to Personal – One-stop for All Knives

Perhaps you are looking for a little more threatening or more functional weapon for hunting or attacking a knife than the discreet pocket knife as a knife owner. Even then, you can turn to us to help you find what you are looking for. We have stunning designs and the sharpest of the sharp blades for the professional knife-wielder in you to choose from. For strictly utilitarian purposes, you can invest in the popular and practical fixed blade knives that are not just under your budget but also effective, something like our hot-selling ‘MTech USA 12” Fixed Blade Hunting Knife.’

That will allow you to attack, skin, and butcher your hunt as well as prove incredibly useful in nature survivalist ventures and extreme living conditions. We are aware that most knife owners prefer blade type according to how they use their knives; it is also a matter of what suits each person’s personality. Keeping that in mind, our blade variety is even wider than our knife decorations, giving our customers the option to also look for different blade sizes and qualities, like our sleek ‘Z Hunter 25” Fixed Blade Machete Knife.’

That is perfect for a true knife enthusiast as it looks as good as it works.

If your purpose is to protect yourself and wish to have something that can help you defend yourself in unsavory situations, then having a small hidden blade disguised as an accessory is perfect for you. You can find a perfectly concealed weapon of self-defense in the shape of a cleverly-designed ‘Navy Adjustable Nylon Covert Belt Knife Self Defense Hidden Blade.’

That we offer in-store, we understand that stealth is important when it comes to defending oneself, and with this wholesale hidden knife, belt with its seemingly non-threatening design and concealed, the talon-sharp inner blade can give you the edge you need in stressful full assault situations without having to worry about the pressure of carrying a weapon that can be hard to retrieve in case of an emergency.

Quantity as well as Quality

Whatever may be your Knife preference, we have the solution for you. Head on over to our store to get your knife fix – pun intended - according to whatever function you need to fulfill. We don’t compromise on quality, so you can rest assured that any product that you favor in our store will not disappoint you. 

Whether you are looking to own an elegant knife to appease your decorative sense or are passionate about collecting novelty dagger and knife pieces, our knives for sale collection will have a few jewels in a store that will appeal to your senses. We know our customers also include professional fighters who like to choose tactical weapons to buy for their practical use and make sure that each of our customers can find a knife to suit their needs.

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