For centuries now, brass knuckles have been in use as classic weapons and continue to be. They are simple in shape and heavy so they make the perfect charging weapon for anyone. In different ways, they have been around for a while now and every culture has a way of using them. But did you know that brass knuckles are also awesome multifunctional tools as well? Apart from bashing someone’s head in, they are also quite impressive for all sorts of little chores. If you want to know, how can I use brass knuckles for opening bottles, you should ask bikers. It is very common for bikers, adventure travelers, and vagabonds to use brass knuckles. They have thick rings under the fingers where you can stick a bottle and snap off the cap. There are also some genius brass knuckles that come with built-in bottle openers in the front like horns. These are of course incredibly attractive to all kinds of adventurists and they use them frequently.

Using The Knuckle Duster Uniquely

  • It is quite understood that brass knuckles are used in fighting. They are the ultimate punching weapons if you are looking for one. They project the perfect blunt force that makes them even more useful in a fight. But as time has gone by, people have found other uses for brass knuckles that are quite different from their regular ones.
  • You will find a wide array of knuckle dusters that are used in rescue and stressed situations. Other than self-defense, brass knuckles are also perfect for smashing glass and breaking into things. That makes them really useful for firefighters as well. They can use them to smash windows and retrieve trapped people from burning buildings. They can also utilize them for breaking glass and getting fire extinguishers to put out fires.
  • On the other hand, you can also use brass knuckles for escaping from claustrophobic spaces. If you get into a car accident, you can crack yourself out of cars to save yourself. You can also use knuckles for busting into heavily packed parcels and punching down jammed doors and cabinets.
  • In recent years, the weight of the brass knuckles has also become quite useful. They are now considered to be modern décor as they are used as paperweights. You will find multiple antique styles and modern versions of legit knuckles. They are put into interior spaces to spruce them up and used in studies as proper heavy burnishers and weights.

How To Reimagine Real Brass Knuckles

All the ways that brass knuckles have been used for so many years will continue that way. They are always meant for beating up, boxing, busting into spaces, and whatnot. But there are actually some impressive ways people have chosen to keep the real brass knuckles alive.

Since they always have had a rather badass reputation, you can imagine they still do. But more people now like to use knuckles as hood ornaments and bike ornaments for that purpose. They give off the same image of toughness that people like in their vehicles as well.

A step further, collectors have a real obsession with brass knuckles of all kinds, new and old. But you will find an increasing number of people who like to collect antique and modern brass knuckles. You can find an entire array of knuckles that are meant specifically for collectors. To make it a little more interesting, these knuckles are also popular because they are themed. Fans of post-apocalyptic movies and shows have found a new love for knuckles that are used to fight zombies. On the other hand, people who like period dramas also are inspired by the knuckles used by gladiators. That has led to a surge in all kinds of cool brass knuckles coming back into the market. You can find them in swap meets, Comic-Con, collectible stores, and comic book shops.

Fashion is also inspired by knuckles as wearable weapons. Despite the fact that they may not be used as tools, brass knuckles are an intriguing shape. The knuckle motif is used as a brooch, belt buckle, shoe, and boot buckle as well as a badge in many fashion collections. You will also find clutches with brass knuckle handles, necklaces, and even rings that have spiked brass knuckles. They are equally useful as self defense weapons but also appealing to people with bold style.

Buy Brass Knuckles For Collection

No matter why you like brass knuckles and in what shape or form, you will find plenty of them. But if you are looking for weapons, you might want to look harder. In your local stores, there is a surge of other technical weapons. You may not find as many pieces in one place as you would like or the ones that you need. But if you look for them online you can have more luck overall in getting the knuckles you want.

As opposed to regular shops, online shops will always have more variety of brass knuckles. Since they are a cult weapon and a unique tool, they may not be as highly stocked in local stores. But everything impressive, bold, and innovative is readily available online. You can find multiple kinds of brass knuckles online that you won't find in other stores. From antiques to modern designs, rainbow to matte colors, and all kinds of illustrated patterns, online stores have them all. Brass knuckles are not just a thing of the past and that’s why they are readily available on a wider channel as well.

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