How Many Ways Can I Use A Brass Knuckle

Contrary to popular belief, Brass Knuckles are not just weapons for fighters which can only be used in confrontations and combat; they can be one of the most versatile tools that are useful in myriad situations and can be repurposed as well. For fighting champions or weapon aficionados, knuckle duster is a household name when it comes to handy weapons.

Often known as brass knuckles, these hand-held tools are mostly made of brass but are also available in lighter materials like high-quality plastics and aluminum. You will find plenty of designs of brass knuckles for sale online which are affordable and fun. If you are not sure what you can use them for then you should know that these little bad boys are quite sturdy weapons. Here are a few ways brass knuckles can be used as multi-purpose survival tools in various situations:

  • As Self-defense Weapons;

Brass knuckles have been around for centuries as self-defense and close contact weapons. Due to their lightweight and punching impact, they are perfect for self-defense in situations of assault or robbery. You can wear them on your hand and cause quite a lot of damage to someone’s face if they come near you or try to hurt you.

As they are shaped like rings and cover your knuckles; one solid punch to someone’s face with a brass knuckle can knock them out and cause fractures and serious muscle disruption to their face. This makes them ideal for self-defense in cases where you have to escape from an assault or confront someone who tries to hurt you.

  • As Survival Tools;

If you find yourself trapped in an emergency like a fire or a claustrophobic environment, having a knuckle duster on you can help you get out by smashing glass or breaking locks when you feel stuck and trapped. The force of the knuckles is strong enough to easily break the glass and dent soft metals, which means that having a brass knuckle can potentially save your life in situations where you get trapped and might die from suffocation, claustrophobia or confinement.

  • As Fashion Statement Accessories;

It is not surprising that such a badass tool like the brass knuckle has been adapted as a fashion symbol. There have been various weapons and tools that have made their way into wearable accessories and fashion statements, and that surely includes cool brass knuckles. They are popularly worn by rappers, pop artists, rock stars and were made mainstream through biker culture.

Bikers wear real brass knuckles to protect their hands from chaffing and also as fashion accessories. They adorn their bikes with brass knuckles as decorative elements; adding skulls, angel wings, fire, and lightning bolts to these accessories to make them more impressive. They are worn as necklaces, like belt buckles, and even on boots and purses as buckles and adornments to customize one’s clothing.

  • As Street Fighting Weapons;

One of the most common usages of a brass knuckle is a tool in close combat and street fighting. People who engage in street fights know that something as handy as a brass knuckle can provide a significant advantage over one’s opponent. Whenever fighters find themselves in a tight wrestle, they prefer to have a knuckle duster on them which can cause serious damage to the face and help them win over their opponent.

  • As Handy Household Tools;

Brass knuckles are mainstream tools and that is why they have been customized to fit different requirements as tools. One of the main uses of a brass knuckle is as multi-purpose bottle openers, magnets, package opening blades. You can find various knuckle dusters for sale which have extra spikes or hooks to open bottles and packages that make them useful around the house as handy tools.

  • As Heavy Paperweights;

Having a brass knuckle in the house is useful as a tool as well as decoration. Since they come in so many designs and they are usually made of dense metals, they are perfect as paperweights, door stoppers, and decoration. You can find cheap brass knuckles that will make great paperweights to keep your documents from getting lost and ideal decorations.

  • As Collectible Items;

Brass knuckles are small, usually shiny, multi-purpose, and easy to carry and store, which means that they are a collector’s favorite item as well. Many people like to collect things like rings, belt buckles, pocket knives, badges; brass knuckles are also popular collectible items. Since they have become part of pop culture and have been popularized by celebrities as fashion symbols and accessories, they have become quite common.

You can buy brass knuckles for as low as $3, so you can have a whole bunch and start a collection. They are useful and fun, and you can find them in different colors, shades, designs, sells, and materials.

  • As Fantasy and Cosplay Accessories;

There’s no way this list would be complete without mentioning the use of brass knuckles in cosplay. Like many other weapons such as knives and shields that are used in fantasy cosplay characters, brass knuckles are also an important cosplay item. You can’t complete a Gladiator or Spartan costume without the best brass knuckles to go with your ensemble, which looks authentic and are easy to get as well.

There are thousands of people who are into cosplay, and everything from GTA drivers avatars to medieval assassins uses brass knuckles in their getup, which means that cosplay is a booming market for cheap brass knuckles as costume accessories.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Brass Knuckles?

When it comes to weapons, the main issue is spending money, especially for people who don’t use weapons in their daily lives or professions. Brass knuckles are the kind of weapons that can be utilized in so many ways that you don’t have to worry about spending money on them. It is extremely affordable to buy brass knuckles since even the most elaborate ones are quite cheap. Even the most elaborate designs of knuckle dusters are available for under $15 and they pretty much pay for themselves.

It is quite easy to find real brass knuckles for sale if you know where to look. For professional fighters there are options like the double trouble 100% Genuine Brass Knuckle Paperweight and the Heavy Duty Black Buckle Paperweight which is perfect for close combat fighting, and to use as assault weapons which are easy to conceal and light to wear.

Grenade Style Self Defense Black Handle Knuckle

There are plenty of suave options for gamers and bad boys. If you want something that exudes confidence and toughness then there is nothing better than a brass knuckle to amplify your look. They look dangerous and you can find stylish options like this supercool Grenade Style Self Defense Black Handle Knuckle which would look awesome as a hand accessory and give you that tough vibe you want.

Five Skull Zinc Aluminum Hand Knuckle Black

If you want to emulate that quintessential biker persona, then you can’t go wrong with the classic skull brass knuckle. Check out this badass looking, Five Skull Zinc Aluminum Hand Knuckle Black it doesn’t get cooler than this four-finger menacing brass knuckle to add that extra wow factor to your outfit.

Rainbow Four Finger Knuckles

Speaking of outfits, brass knuckles are not limited to male outfits and men’s wardrobes. There are flashy and colourful designs that are perfect for women to accessorize their style as well. You can add that extra colour and pop into your outfit by getting one of this Rainbow Four Finger Knuckles which is the perfect combination of pizzazz and bling that can improve your outfit and give you that extra edge you need.

They go with all kinds of outfits and make fantastic jewelry. Wearing this to a club will make sure that you not only look the coolest but also that you can take care of yourself if you get into a sticky situation by using your knuckle accessory as a self defense weapon.

Cheap Knuckle Dusters Available Affordable Prices

Now that you know how versatile these knuckle dusters are, you can find one out of the hundreds of options available online for affordable prices. There are bound to be various designs that will catch your eye and now that you are aware of how many ways a single humble brass knuckle can be used, there is no doubt that this will be on your shopping list as a must-have tool for your house as well as for yourself.

If you are looking for a reliable source to buy some affordable and high-quality knuckle dusters, you can hop on over to PA Knives to browse through the awesome collection of brass knuckles they have in store. There are plenty of options to choose from and they are well within budget which makes them accessible to more people. And what is better than being able to buy a weapon that doubles as a household tool as well as a decorative accessory when you need it to be?

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