There is no single standard to what a weapon can be and what it entails. But when you think about a gun, the one thing that occurs to you is that it’s a solid weapon. However, all kinds of firearms are not the same and they have different functions. If you consider the way a blank gun functions, it might seem like a useless toy, but it is definitely useful. Moreover, a blank gun is for sure a firearm, just not the kind you would imagine.

It is important to understand what a blank gun actually is to be able to confirm that theory. Many people think that if a gun can’t shoot bullets, it can't really be a firearm, but that’s wrong. A blank in fact shoots and fires and creates the same kind of bang and smoke. The difference is that it is far safer than you would imagine.

What Is Technically A Blank Gun?

If you think about the properties of a gun, you would surely land on fast and lethal. There are bullets in each gun that makes it threatening and technical. But a blank gun is a little varied than that while still being pretty handy.

A blank gun does not have a metal casing bullet in it. You cannot shoot a bullet through a blank even if you modified it. Instead, you get a cartridge that shoots gunpowder and also creates a flash. So if you were to cock a blank gun and aim at something, it would act the same way as a firearm. It is an exact replica in design and making to a real gun. It also has the same weight and furnishings but a closed barrel. You can safely shoot a blank gun in a small space as well and it won’t cause any issues.

Legit Uses of Blank Guns You Didn’t Know

So if there is a potential for a blank gun to be fired somehow, it should have some uses as well. While it won’t be as impressive for hunting or actually shooting at someone, it’s still legit. You can use them for a number of things that can come up from time to time. Here are some real-life applications of blank firing revolvers that you didn’t previously know about.

  • Starting from the relatively known aspects of it, blank guns are excellent props. Whether it's movies or plays, blank guns are a good substitute for real, bullet-less guns. Action and suspense sequences often call for weapons but they can be dangerous. There have been multiple incidents in Hollywood where actors were accidentally shot. A real gun was mistakenly loaded and was hosted resulting in deaths and casualties.
  • Using a blank gun is a cost-effective and safe way to create authentic scenes on screen and stage. Even at close range, they aren’t nearly as dangerous as their actual counterparts. They save money on CGI and extra precautionary measures on sets.
  • The second prevalent use of blank guns is in the army. You can imagine that hours and hours of training go into gunning techniques and tactical work. That would mean that thousands of troops have to train regularly with weapons all the time. Cheap blank guns are used as training weapons to help soldiers build their technique. They learn the technicality of handling a gun and proper target and aim practice from blanks.
  • In a slightly similar circumstance, police officers also use blank guns in their training. Many people in law enforcement have to deal with diversely difficult situations every day. They go through tactical field training and simulations to build their stamina and strategy. One of the best things about using blank guns is safety and the ability to make mistakes. If you ask a couple of officers in training to start handling real guns right away, that won’t work. They have to go through the technical and training aspect before they can handle a proper weapon.
  • Blank guns serve two purposes in the training phase, one for humans and for police dogs. Officers carry out tactical drills and perfect their technique, police dogs need help too. Dogs naturally get nervous around loud bangs and chaos. To help them stay calm and perform their duties, they are trained with shooting blank guns around them.
  • Since safety is a huge incentive for shifting to blank guns, they are quite handy for sporting events. Whether it is a school sports day or a full tournament, there are races and competitions involved. Front firing blank guns are the perfect alternative for sounding the signal for races. You can shoot them off and they will give off a smoke signal and a bang. The use of blank guns in sporting events cuts the risk of casualties by stray bullets.
  • There are multiple events and occasions where celebratory gunfire is a traditional thing. But there is always the risk of stray bullets shooting in the air and hitting someone. If all you need is a few bangs, why not use a blank gun instead so you’re safe and you have fun? For occasions like Christmas, the Fourth of July, and weddings, blank guns are perfect.
  • Another lesser-known use of blanks would be to prepare you for handling real guns. If you are planning to get a real gun for self-defense, it’s best to practice with a blank first. There is more to using a blank gun than just pointing and shooting. You can use a good quality blank gun to learn proper gun handling and learn how to assemble and clock it properly. This exercise will help you sensibly handle a real gun and mitigate the risk of accidents.

Are Blank Guns Legal? State Laws and Prohibitions

Since it has been established that blank guns are firearms indeed, they need to be regulated. Everyone cannot just go around their day toting blank guns just because they don’t fire bullets. There is still the risk of someone getting hurt or a heart attack from loud bangs.

There is a specific age limit to getting blank guns. You have to be at least 18 or older to get a blank gun license. Moreover, there are some state laws that would only mandate the use of blank guns in professional environments. Shooting ranges for target practice and sporting arenas can use them with supervision.

But then there are some states that don’t have any laws against them. Since they can’t fire bullets, blank guns are seen as training weapons. The sale of blank guns is also allowed by federal law and you can buy them at gun stores. However public possession and use of a gun can result in charges of disturbing the peace or criminal offense.

Buying Blank Guns In The United States

Since the sale of blank guns in the United States is legal by federal law you can get them easily. You can find licensed dealers and stores that have them for sale. But if you haven’t ever used a blank gun you might be wondering what can you get?

Basically, there are many kinds of blank guns that are readily available in the market. You will also get an array of larger guns if you are looking for more firepower. But if you are in an area where you don’t have access to proper blank guns, there are other options. Can you buy blank guns online? You certainly can. In fact, you will find a much larger variety in online stores than in your local market. There are multiple sources that will provide you high-quality blank guns for a very good price.

Cheap Blank Guns Under 100 Dollars

Since you can bank on online stores to have a collection of blank guns, let’s explore the options. You can choose from a range of basic hand guns to proper advanced firearms at your disposal. One of the most trusted names in the blank gun industry is PA Knives. They are licensed online wholesalers of the best blank guns you will find anywhere. If you want to find something affordable, this is the place to look for them.

If you are looking for a starter weapon to train for target practice, get the Zoraki R2 2" Barrel. It fires 380 rounds per barrel and has amazing firepower. It would work really well for a beginner and would also be suitable for recreational shooting.

If you want something a little jazzier then go for the VCougar 8000 Front Firing Blank Gun. This blank gun will make an excellent stage and movie prop and lend authenticity to the scene. It has an impressive fume finish that generates real smoke and bangs which are perfect for theatrics.

For the proper gun enthusiast, the Firat Compact V92F is a wonderful gun to start with. It has an awesome chrome finish and a great mechanism. You will enjoy showing this off to your friends and shooting it when you need to.

The best part is that all these and more guns are available at PA Knives for under $100. You would otherwise have to spend much more money to get a proper gun. But these blank guns look and sound authentic while being safer than real firearms. You can pacify your taste and your budget with this amazing collection to choose from.

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