Knives for Sale – They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

If there is one tool that has genuinely been universal in its usage and design, it is knives. They are multi-purpose, and there are endless designs that are made of different knives all the time. Within this list, we will look at not only the kind of knives that are used for various tasks, but we will also check out some excellent Cool Knives that are perfect for collecting, specifically for the knife enthusiasts that enjoy collecting and showcasing new and themed knives.

Types of Knives and What to do With Them

While the list of knives can go on and on, let’s start with the different types of knives that suit different utilities, and then move onto exploring various designs of knives that are aesthetically pleasing, and ones that serve look and function both. This will help you pick the ideal knife for whatever task you want to do with it to get an idea of how useful these little tools really can be, but it will also help you see that every knife can be beautifully made, but still be fully functional.

  • Fixed Blade Knives

These are perhaps one of the most common knives that you find in your house. As apparent from the name, these knives have fixed blades that don’t open or close, and are usually bigger, to be used in the kitchen or outdoor cook-offs for prepping food. Some different blades are used in the outdoors, like the boot knife, which is comfortable enough to be kept in one’s boots and is usually carried by forest rangers or adventure travelers to use for cutting rope or string, and self-defense.

The other one is a machete, which is one of the larger knives, smaller than the sword, but with a wider blade and flat edge to cut through tough branches and thick grass when out in the wild. They are typically used as signature weapons of gangs as well, but they can be used for chopping wood, opening coconuts, shellfish, and other useful tasks as well.

  • Spring Assisted Opening Knives

Again as you can guess from the name, these knives can range from anywhere between 2 inches to 7 inches, but their key feature is that they are easier to handle as they have foldable blades that close into the handle and are safer to travel with and keep in the house or car.

They are also quick to use as they can be clicked open through the spring loaded in the handle, and they can be closed back up without worrying about keeping the blade covered. These kinds of knives are known as Everyday Carry or EDC knives because they are much more convenient to use as opposed to bigger, fixed blade knives.

  • Pocket Knives

One of the most common examples of these EDC knives is pocket knives. Another very popular tool and trend, pocket knives are probably one of the most manufactured knives in the world. They are small and easy to carry; they are light and can be used for a host of different activities. Whether you use them as kitchen tools for peeling or you keep them in the car for self-defense or jimmying locks, these cheap knives are incredibly handy, and their affordability makes them accessible to more people.

They are legal everywhere in the United States, and they make perfect travel companions. Whether it is camping trips or luxury travel, pocket knives have small in-built tools other than the opening blade that makes them helpful; like filers, corkscrews, hooks, and more.

  • Survival Knife

While this is a broader term for many knives that can be used, the reason there is a specific name for survival knives is that they aren’t just big and sharp. These range from a specialized hunting knife that has saw-toothed edges, ridged blades, gutting hooks to smaller fixed blade knives that have fire starter cords in their handles.

They are meant to be a small survival kit fashioned into a single knife and are much more resourceful than a simple kitchen knife. Most of these knives usually have pointed and curved blades to hunt kill skin and butcher animals in the wild. These knives are super sharp and are meant to be used by people who have good reflexes and strength as well as excellent cutting skills.

  • Hidden Blade Knife

Now, this is a more serious and stealthy form of knife, and it is meant mainly for self-defense. These blades are concealed within seemingly everyday objects that look ordinary so that they have the element of surprise.

Some examples would be the pen knife and the belt buckle knife; there are small and sharp blades that can quickly work, pocketed, or kept on you without being noticed. When will you find yourself in a situation where you are attacked or assaulted, these hidden blades can be your best friend.

  • Collectible Knives

Other than the regular blades we see, there are, of course, many knives that are not regularly used anymore, but they are very much still made and sold due to their design, history, or theme, which makes them awesome collectibles. People are fascinated continuously by ancient weapons like swords and dagger because they are either designed impeccably, or they have a fascinating history, like throwing knives which are mysteriously made, sharp little arrows that are speedy and dangerous to use.

Since the utility around embellished and ornamental weapons is less, they are loved by fantasy and fiction fans and adored by weapon aficionados who like collecting expensive-looking, ornamental weapons.

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Buying Wholesale Knives for less Money but Great Quality

Now that you know the different types of knives that are available to buy, the next question, how accessible and affordable are they? For the most part, if you look for Wholesale Knives on the internet, there is a likelier chance that you will not only find the best knives selection you could find anywhere.

Knives for Sale – They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

They will also be much more affordable than buying one at an actual weapon shop since it cuts down on extra effort of going physically and also have a limited selection in a shop. Online, you will find a well-crafted and diverse choice of knives that will be delivered directly to your house with the minimal exchange. Out of the many options you will find, here are a few amazing knives that will surely appeal to the practical knife user as well as the collector in you:

  • Mtech Pocket Knife 8.25 Inch Spring Assisted Knife Zebrawood

You don’t need to mess with simplicity, and that is what this knife is. It is one of the most sophisticated and the best EDC knife you will find anywhere. It has a high-quality zebrawood handle and a sensibly proportionate 8.25-inch blade that is solid and durable. Comfortable and safe to use and great to look at, this pocket knife looks great and cuts excellent too.

  • Elk Ridge Manual Pocket Knife Stockman Knife American Flag

If you want something a little more playful, then you can surely go for some of the snazzier designs in pocket knives as well as this beautiful three-blade beauty. The Elk Ridge knife company is famed for making one of the best pocket knives in the country; they ensure that their knives are not only multi-purpose and well crafted but also really fun to look at.

You can get this sleek and fully functional knife that has a beautiful and playful American flag handle and three small blades as well that makes it’s the best EDC knife to buy; it has style and function in one, which is worth every dollar.

  • 9 Inch Fixed Blade Karambit Knife with Spider Web Blad

Now just to turn the knife game up a notch, this awesome Karambit is relatively easy to carry as well. Still, the added advantage is that it is cheap and is incredibly designed, with a spider web blade, curved steel pointed edge and a gold and black handle with finger grips and handle ring makes it quite easy to use as well. However, caution is required as Karambit is a dangerous blade that’s better to keep as a collectible and shouldn’t be brandished in public.

  • Silver Stainless Steel Blade Survival Knife and Kit

If you’ve ever felt like you need to pay more to get more, then you have yet to find the incredible collection of wholesale knives that are available for you on the internet, like this survival knife kit which not only looks like a hundred bucks but is also a lifesaver – and you can get it for the excellent wholesale price of just $7.19.

This is the best fixed blade knife money can buy, with a triple designed blade, stainless handle, and strong, tough blade; it gives perfect form and function. So whether you choose to keep this as part of your impeccable weapon collection or you use it for hunting, this knife has the design aesthetic and functionality to please a collector and an everyday user alike.

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