If you have had some experience with heavy weapons, you might know they are tough to keep. Unlike your everyday pocket blades, you need to be much more prepared with larger ones. Usually, when you get something like a machete, it will require a little more upkeep and care. But luckily, the larger the blade, the easier it can be to maintain them in some cases. For machetes, the length of their blades has to be sharp and crisp. Given that it’s a hacking tool, if it has a blunt edge it won’t be of any particular use. Similarly, if you have continuous use of it, you have to make sure it gets sharpened properly. For the proper way on how to sharpen a machete, look towards these simple steps.

  • You can use a plaster sharpening stone that is good for the edge of the blade. If you have a straight machete it will be easier to run its edge along with the stone.
  • For a curved machete, a smaller, but smooth natural rock could also work really well. You need to make sure that the thinner edge of the machete gets grazed against the rock.
  • You can also use a steel knife-sharpener tool. It looks like an inverted ‘B’ but works well for blades. It helps the edge of the blade get nice and sleek so it can cut smoothly and swiftly.
  • If you don’t have a tool handy when you’re using a machete, any hard rock surface would do. Press down on the thinner side of the edge and run it along a rock to smooth out the edges.
  • You can also use another knife or a metal rod to grind against the machete blade. The more quickly you make a back and forth motion the sharper your blade will get.

What Is The Use Of A Machete Knife?

If you get into the properties of the blade, there are actually many things a machete can do for you. The best machete is the one that transitions from weapon to tool seamlessly. It can be as handy as an axe when you need it, yet it should be good for self-protection. There are many ways that you can utilize a good machete, depending on when and how you use it.

  • Farming and Agriculture

While they might be remembered as war weapons, machetes are in fact popular tools. They are good hacking blades so they can be used for agricultural chores. You can sow seeds and fertilize the soil with them as well as harvest readied crops. Especially for typically tough crops like sugarcane, machetes are ideal tools.

  • Chopping and Cutting

As a blade machetes continue to serve the regular purpose of chopping like no other tool. In tropical regions like Hawaii and Malaysia, they’re used to cut harder fruits. Taro and coconuts are typically chopped and harvested with a machete.

  • Weaponry

If you look at the origin of a machete it was eventually utilized as a weapon for fighting. The curved machete is a smaller but sharper blade that swings really well for an offensive attack. It has been used as a weapon in the Indonesian army and gang wars for years now.

  • Survival and Adventure Tool

As an adventure traveler, you probably come across many challenges on your journey. Especially if you’re the kind of person who treads on the off-beaten path, a good tool is necessary. Machetes are excellent survival knives for chopping through vines and brambles. They are good for hiking so you can clear your path and also the source of food and water when you need to.

  • Hunting Knife

In indigenous areas as well as regular hunting events, machetes are ideal as hunting weapons. They are sharp and slightly curved so they provide a good swing for hunting animals. They are also quite useful for butchering and skinning hunted game and preparing it for cooking. If you regularly hunt, you will find much use for a machete.

  • Self Defense Weapon

In many cultures, a machete is still regarded as a viable self-defense tool. It has a relatively manageable blade and a strong handle for better grip. You can utilize it as a weapon when you’re in danger and it will work really well for you. Even with the advent of multiple other weapons, machetes are regarded as amazing self-defense weapons. If you want to keep something in the boot of your car, a machete is pretty suitable.

Buying A Good Quality Machete For Sale

If you have various reasons to buy a machete, you need to know which one would suit your use. We have already covered the basis for the diverse utility it provides. It would also be helpful to see the specific design of a machete that would suit your tasks more. There is more than one kind of machete that can be used in different scenarios. Here are some blades you can buy according to your intensity and frequency of usage.

  • For someone who uses a machete in an indigenous area needs a strong blade. The 21" Jungle Master Machete with Cord Wrapped Handle is a good choice for such use. This machete comes with a double-sided blade, one with a smooth edge and a sawtooth ridge. With this machete, you can easily chop wood, use it in farming and daily cutting chores. The cord-wrapped handle allows for continuous use without strain or bruising.
  • In a hunting party, the right kind of blade can make the whole activity easier. Having a powerful machete can really change the way you hunt. If you are looking for the ideal hunting blade, the Elk Ridge Full Tang Machete With Saw Blade is perfect. This 23-inch blade provides amazing swing as well as a hefty cutting speed. You can use it to hunt animals and butcher them with great ease. The saw back blade adds another useful cutting feature into the mix, especially for hunting.
  • When going camping or generally venturing into the wilderness you need to be prepared. If you don’t have the right resources, there could be much trouble for you. Carrying a good multipurpose blade can make all the difference in your experience. The Survivor 14 Inch Full Tang Outdoor Machete Knife is the best survival machete you can get. It has flat and wider edges as well as a sturdy pakkawood handle for durability. It is great for chopping firewood and propping tents as well as sourcing food. If you encounter wild animals or traps, this machete will be your ticket out of it.
  • Out of the many different cool knives, a machete is quite suitable for collection. In various video games and shows, there is a growing obsession with zombie and apocalypse action. That has led to an increase in the same themes being revived in collectible weapons as well. One of those famous games has an iconic weapon; the Zombie Hunter Full Tang Machete. If you are also a fan or you like unique collectible knives, this one is surely for you.
  • It would be unfair to not add machetes to the list of great self-defense weapons. Despite the fact that you have abundant choices in self-protection now, machetes are good too. You can actually train yourself to fight with a machete and use its curved edge to your advantage. Ideally, it was used as a weapon because it worked well as a slashing and cutting knife. Even though you might not need to slash someone now, it can be intimidating. You can use a machete weapon against any violent assault or crime to protect yourself and your family. The best machete for self-defense is the 15 Inch Mtech Fixed Blade Knuckle Machete Knife. It is handy and comes with a strong knuckle handle so you can grip it firmly. It is also reasonably sized so you can use it without too much strain.

Cool Machetes Available Online

There is a whole host of different knives you will find in the market when you go on the search. But in the case of a slight novice blade like a machete, you need a larger inventory. That is available in online stores, where you have more choices and easier access to products. If you want an impressive collection of machetes to choose from, try PA Knives online store. They house the best variety of machetes in the United States with convenient access anywhere in the country. You can log onto their website and survey the blades before choosing the one you like.

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