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If you fancy some cheap butterfly knives, butterfly knife, balisong or butterfly knife for sale, then reading this piece is going to help you. Butterfly knives are one of the most important blades of today’s time. There are a number of uses of the knife, more on that later, but perhaps, one of the best uses of the knife is that you can use it to protect yourself. With such a compact and portable size, you can pretty much keep it anywhere- in your purse, bag or even in your pocket, provided you have retracted the blade. This feature makes it excellent to be used by physically weak people who are often afraid of passing an area just because it is known for being a hub for criminal activities, such as mugging or robbing. With a butterfly knife with you, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone.

Uses and Types of Cheap Butterfly Knives:

Butterfly knives are also known as balisong, or balisong knife. It has multiple uses, with the major one being using it as a combat weapon. But there is a fascinating reason why it is such an excellent weapon. In fact, if we were to compile a list of the stealthiest tools, it would definitely be in the top 5. You can easily conceal it from your opponent. He would not even know you have it. As the blades are made out of sturdy material, it makes them exceptionally sharp too. Just one hit at the opponent would render him useless. To ensure that you don’t hurt yourself with butterfly knives for sale, it has a spring-assisted blade that you can retract when you are not using it.

Other uses of a balisong knife include using it to earn money. Yes, you read it right. A butterfly knife is also used for flipping. Once you master the flipping of the knife, you can make easy money by showing off your flipping skills on the street. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need quite a lot of practice to do that. So don’t start flipping it without wearing protective gear at first. As you can fold a knife and keep it in your pocket, it is pretty safe to use as well.

Another excellent use of a butterfly knife is that you can use it in your garden. Whether you want to cut a newly grown vegetable or fruit, it would prove to be of great help. This knife would also be quite useful when you have gone camping. If you ever need to cut grass or wood from your way, the knife would be an excellent option. Overall, a butterfly knife is truly a versatile knife with multiple uses. Be it in your kitchen, garden or out in the woods, you would have plenty of reasons to love one.

Now that we are done with the uses of a butterfly knife, let’s have a look at the types of butterfly knives you can find at PA Knives. As we offer several types of butterfly knives, they have different qualities that make them unique. For instance, some butterfly knives have curved blades, some have pointed blades while some have round blades. The round bladed-knife is especially good at keeping yourself safe. If you are looking to practice with a butterfly knife, then try the butterfly knife trainer. It would help you hone your flipping or combating skills without putting you at the risk of harm.

Cheap Butterfly Knives- Reviewed:

American Flag Comobo Knife

  • American Flag Combo Knife Set:

To awake the patriot in you, here’s a little something. This combo of real butterfly knives would be perfect for you to flaunt. It consists of five knives, including a fixed blade knife, two throwing knives, a spring assisted knife and a butterfly knife. It has all the knives you would want in a set, and all of them have excellent qualities. Additionally, there are two sheaths as well, one for a fixed blade knife and two for throwing knives. And the icing on the cake is the American flag printed on the knives.

Butterfly Training Knife

  • Butterfly Training Knife 4 Inch Rainbow Tanto Blade Balisong:

The next knife on our list is by those who are looking for a different kind of product. Different in the sense of colors. If you are tired of the same black and white colors, then this balisong for sale would be excellent for you. Apart from the looks, the knife serves great on functionality too. The overall length of the knife is 8.25 inches, which makes it quite good for carrying it with you. Of the 8.25 inches, the 4 inches are of the blade, which is quite durable when it comes to cutting different materials. The handles are made out of stainless steel.

Silver Butterfly Style Martial Arts Practice Knife

  • 4.5" Silver Butterfly Style Martial Arts Practice Knife:

If you remember correctly, we talked about cool butterfly knives that are perfect for practicing martial arts. Well, this is the knife we were talking about. If you ever want to hone your martial arts skills, then this knife would be ideal for you. The overall length of the knife is 4.5 inches, which is a very ideal size when it comes to taking it somewhere with you. The silver color also makes for a nice appearance of the knife, which also happens to be quite shiny.

Silver Butterfly Traning Knife Balisong

  • Butterfly Training Knife 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong:

Another martial artist on this list is the Butterfly Training Knife. The overall length of the knife is 8.26 inches, of which 4 inches is a blade. As your safety is our top priority, these knives for sale come with a spring-loaded latch. When you are not using it, you can retract it. When you wish to use it, you can deploy it again. It is as simple as that. Another striking feature of the knife is its bright blue color, which any person would love to have.

Rainbow Butterfly Style Martial Arts Practice Knife

  • 4.5" Rainbow Butterfly Style Martial Arts Practice Knife:

The last butterfly knife we would like to talk about is similar to the one we reviewed earlier. However, instead of a shiny silver color, this one has a rainbow color. The rainbow color is sure to be a hit among those who are done with boring colors. With this rainbow-colored knife, you can add a little excitement to your life. The handle of the knife is black, which provides a great overall finish to the butterfly knife. With overall length only 4.5 inches, these wholesale knives are pretty much ideal to be carried anywhere you want, even in your pocket.

Find Best Cheap Butterfly Knives at PA Knives:

Now that you are done with reading the comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about butterfly knives, we hope the decision will be easier for you now. Keep in mind that even in butterfly knives there are different kinds- all of which have their own distinctive features. Some of them are great at flipping, some great at defending yourself and some great at cutting things. One thing you would always get in our knives at PA Knives is quality. And if you think our price would be high, you are wrong. What makes PA Knives special is that we offer excellent quality products at an affordable price. So, whether you are looking for cheap butterfly knives, butterfly knife, balisong or butterfly knife for sale, there would be a lot of reasons to shop at PA Knives.

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