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The times we live in are not safe for women, and even children, there is always a looming threat of being attacked or fearing for one’s safety. But luckily there is also a solution to that problem as many things have now been invented and popularized to keep one safe and protected, that solution is self-defense weapons. Everyone should be able to protect themselves and that is why self-defense weapons allow you to be more prepared and stay on your guard and thanks to modern technology, there are many tiny tools that can help you be safer.

  • Batons - strong collapsible rods that help in confront people and keep them away if they attack, usually popular in law enforcement
  • Pocket knives - most common tools to use, they are ideal for protecting yourself and escaping from traps due to their easy to carry design and multi-purpose blades
  • Brass knuckles - they are wearable self-defense tools that allow you to hit someone up close if attacked
  • Stun guns - they are small gadgets that create an electric shock that can cause muscle disruption to your attacker and render them immobile
  • Pepper spray - famously used in assault situations, they can potentially blind someone to help you get away safely by spraying your attacker in the eyes

Reliable Self-Defense Tools for Every Situation

Every self-defense weapon gives you a distinct advantage over your opponent and attacker. If you have been trained in self-defense then you can spring for legal self-defense weapons like the baton, which is a large expandable metal rod that can be used to hit someone, neutralize a panic situation and it has become a hallmark weapon for police officers, secondary to their guns. They are non-lethal weapons that are a backup to keep you safe in sudden bad situations.

Mtech 6.5 Inch Manual Folding Pocket Knife Black Blue

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are one of the most common tools to use anywhere in the world. They are specifically designed to fit in small pockets as the name suggests and are handy tools to have. They are not only great carrying in outdoor activities, their blades are sharp enough to function as a good self-defense weapon, given that you know how to use a knife for your protection, but they are easy to handle which makes them quite trustable as self-defense tools.

Brass Knuckles for Sale

Brass Knuckles

Another very famous and ancient weapon in use is the brass knuckle. It has been around for centuries, used by soldiers to keep their hands protected and to use in close combat to cause direct pain, as they can possibly rupture a muscle and bruise badly when used closely. Nowadays, brass knuckles ring is not only a popular accessory due to their badass image, like the ‘Bullet Real Brass Knuckle 4 Finger Ring’ but are also quite useful and still preferred by many people as a personal self-defense weapon because they are made from strong materials that cause pain.

Jogger Stun Gun Knuckle

Stun Gun

Out of the many varieties of these self-defense tools, there are some that are becoming quite common due to their efficacy and they are preferred by hundreds of people; stung guns. While electroshock weapons are not a new invention, they have recently become quite famous because they act fast. Stun guns have a metal plug in the front that generates high voltage electric shocks and can be used to stun anyone who comes too close to you or indirect unsolicited contact.

The electric shock from a stun gun can cause serious muscle disruption and temporary immobilization that can help you get away safely. There are different varieties available in a stun gun as well; they come in the shape of a stun gun flashlight, decoy mobile phones, key rings, jogger rings, and USB. They are light to carry and fit easily in your hands and in your purse making them convenient and efficient to use.

Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women

Women usually get nervous moving around at night alone and prefer to have something they can use as personal self-defense weapons to help themselves. It is easier to be on your own when you know that you can take care of yourself and you have something to count on when you are going about your day without worrying about predators. 

In this case, if you have an active lifestyle and prefer to have reliable self-defense tools to help you then the ‘Jogger Stun Gun Knuckle’ is a prime choice that is easy to carry and quick to use to deter anyone advancing on you. In panicked situations, stun guns are a viable option as they can easily be concealed as common day objects and prove useful, which is why our best-sellers like the ‘DZS Purple Lipstick 25 Million volt Stun Gun’ which is super easy to keep in your clutch and in your pocket or the super cool and handy ‘MTech 5 Million volt Stun Gun with LED Flashlight’ which are quite the winning self-defense products with our customers, they are dual-purpose self-defense and utility item, perfect both for safety as well as outdoor adventures like camping where you don’t know what you might encounter. Both these items are everyday carry and easy to use, which is a plus point when looking for self-defense weapons.

MTech 5 Million volt  Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

Pepper Spray

Speaking of easy to use, and efficient, there is no better option than the super trusty and notorious pepper spray. They usually come in a small pressurized can as sprays and are easy to slip into your bag and pocket, and easy to whip out and use in an emergency. Pepper spray is made of quite lethal pepper concoctions and other chemicals that can temporarily blind someone when sprayed directly in the eyes and are highly efficient to deter any attackers that might come too close to you or try to assault you. If you do not have any kind of formal training in self-defense and you find yourself getting nervous in problematic situations then a pepper spray is your ultimate best friend. It is surely a secret weapon that no one wants to be at the receiving end of.

Pepper Spray with pouch and Key Ring

Check out the large and exciting collection of pepper sprays we have for you; you can get something simple and effective like the standard ‘Pepper Spray with pouch and Key Ring’ that is easy to hang on your bags and car keys, which will provide you an instant getaway in the case of a predatory attack, and then there is the super convenient and powerful ‘InstaFire Red Personal Defense 12 Oz Pepper Spray with Active-wear Hand Sleeve’ that can cause serious pain to whoever has the bad luck of being sprayed with it. These are sneakily designed varieties in pepper spray that makes them undetectable and give you a heads up in having a self-defense tool on the go when you need one, especially for women who go out alone and fear for their safety.

Pepper Spray with Active-wear Hand Sleeve

We have a whole plethora of pepper sprays available in various sizes and strengths according to the ones that you need, and the best part is that they are extremely cheap to buy which makes them accessible to more people and they do not require any prior knowledge to use. It is important that self-defense products that can help make people’s lives safer should be affordable to as many people as possible; so you don’t need to worry about getting a tool to protect yourself and spend too much money to get one. The average self-defense tool like a pepper spray will cost you as low as $2.59 at wholesale price, and a good quality rechargeable stun gun goes from $3 to $12, which is the perfect one-time investment that can always keep your carefree when going out of your house.

Self-Defense Techniques

It is definitely everybody’s right to feel safe in their own space and surroundings. If you find yourself in a place where you don’t have the skills needed to defend yourself when you feel vulnerable, you don’t need to worry. While it might be cumbersome and challenging to train for self-defense techniques, it is easier to have something on you that can give you a sense of security when you are on your own and that is where self-defense weapons come in handy. For most people fighting their attacker is not an option and these tools help you navigate your way out of sticky situations that no one wants to be in. These tools are fast-acting and can be useful if you don’t favor lethal weapons like guns or knives, which can be potentially dangerous to yourself as well.

These non-lethal weapons are good enough to deter your attackers and keep you from harm, without the added baggage of managing them. Easy to acquire, affordable and easy to use, self-defense weapons can be real lifesavers when you need them to be. Self-defense weapons are not just for tough guys to use in action movies, they are real-life tools that can be incredibly useful and we ensure that we have these tools at PA Knives, keeping in mind that we can help all our customers feel safe and able to protect themselves with smart gadgets and cheap tools that they can use.

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