Real Butterfly Knife for Sale – Make Convenience Your Best Friend

There are more ways of using a knife than any other tool you can think of. In addition to slicing and slashing; knives can be the most versatile thing in your house that transform into various tools. On top of that if they can fit into your pocket, then there is nothing like it.

Having a small blade on the go enables you to feel safer and be prepared for the worst. Whether it is the hard terrain of camping sites or completing household chores, Pocket Knives are your friends. That is why one of the best pocket knives you can get is a Butterfly Knife.

What Is A Butterfly Knife Used For?

A Butterfly Knife is also known as a balisong knife and it originated in the Philippines. It is, however, quite popular in the United States as well due to its unique structure. It is quite useful as an everyday carry knife as well as a showcase knife.

  • It has double counter-rotating handles that close onto the blade of the knife. The handles also act like wings and can be held one at a time, to swing the blade open.
  • It is an extremely handy knife that doesn’t require any protective sheath on it.
  • It is quite useful in emergency cases like cutting off leashes to free pets from fences and elevators.
  • Similarly, they come in handy during car crashes to cut victims out of seatbelts.
  • The blade is thin and usually flat, so the butterfly knife works well for cutting and slicing food.
  • As mentioned before, camping trips can be made better with a knife like this, the sharp blade can cut ropes, twigs for kindling, and forage herbs.
  • They are ideal for self-defense, granted you know how to use them well and are trained to use a knife. You can defend yourself against robbers and harassers with this knife. They fit into your car compartment and your bags, so they’re quite mobile.
  • They are enclosed within their handles and are easy to carry with you wherever you go. The handles keep the blade concealed.
  • Though their popularity is mainly because of their sleekness and the amazing flipping technique they display. There are many people who master knife flipping with butterfly knives as a party trick or skill.

What Is Butterfly Knife Flipping?

Knife enthusiasts already know and love the swift movement of the butterfly knife. But if you haven’t seen the awesome tricks that can be done with it, you are in for a treat. As a skill, you can master revolving the butterfly knife in complete circles without switching hands.

  • There are typically two kinds of structures that are available in the real butterfly knife. The ‘channel’ and the ‘sandwich’.
  • The first one is the professional knife, which is a sturdier structure, made from the same metal all the way through. The knife is carved from a single piece of metal for the handles and is known as the channel structure.
  • The second one is known as the sandwich structure that enables the handles to close onto the blade. This one is safer for a butterfly knife trainer as it ensures a safer revolving movement. The groove of the carving is aligned with the folding position of the blade.
  • Flipping the knife is a complicated process. You should definitely consider getting a practice butterfly knife if you plan to learn the skill properly.

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Can Butterfly Knives Kill?

Violence is in the hands of the beholder. How knives are used is solely dependent on the person who is holding the knife. Butterfly knives are not any more dangerous than normal knives. However, due to their complicated shape, if you don’t know how to use them, they can be injurious. Anyone who plans on using them for self-defense can deter their attacker and injure them.

They can cut and slash someone, and they are quicker to draw but they’re only as good as their handler. Someone who is accomplished in using the butterfly knife can potentially kill, but that’s a subjective issue.

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal In The US?

There are some states like New York, Oregon and Texas where balisong knives or butterfly knives are illegal. They are considered to be switchblades or daggers, but since they have smaller blades, they are legal in most states.

You cannot carry concealed butterfly knives in public, but they are still sold and bought in shops, swap meets and flea markets. There is of course, also an age limit to buying knives in general. With a knife like this one, ensure you’re of appropriate age to handle a complicated weapon.

Real Butterfly Knife for Sale – Make Convenience Your Best Friend

What Is The Best Butterfly Knife?

Availability of quality knives is also a matter of location. Within the U.S. it is easier to buy knives in most places, but the choices are limited. If you want to master knife flipping or you are an enthusiastic collector, turn to the mighty internet. There are so many online retailers that have huge collections of butterfly knives, in an array of designs.

Here are some designs from the butterfly knife for sale collection online:

  • Micarta Simple Butterfly Black Knife

Simplicity goes hand in hand with elegance. This black butterfly knife is the best utility tool you can get. It also comes with a sheath that keeps the blade protected and durable. It features a clip point blade that is sharp and quick to cut. The wooden handle is also easy to grip and light to carry.

  • Pearl Marble Silver Butterfly Knife

There is something so alluring about the silver sheen of a knife blade. This beautiful pearl marble knife is the epitome of gorgeous and classy. This is totally a collectable knife that looks so pristine, yet is fully functional and sharp. The marble insert adds a decorative element to the blade, but the knife holds its own as a tool.

  • Butterfly Training Knife 4 Inch Rainbow Tanto Blade Balisong

Speaking of collectables, this trippy knife is the best thing you can get as a knife collector. It is the perfect flipping knife, the colours all mix together to make the blade stand out. As a flipping knife, this would be a stellar piece to showcase in your collection.

  • American Flag Combo Knife Set

Now, this is the grand-daddy of collectable knives, quite literally. This combo set is pricier than single butterfly knives, but if you’re into graphic designs, this set is the one to get. It features the American Flag design on all the blades. You can get throwing knives, fixed blade knife, spring assisted as well as a butterfly knife in one set.

  • Butterfly Training Knife 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong

Who doesn’t like knives to be dangerous and flashy? This knife encompasses both these qualities. It is well-crafted and has an impressive hawkbill blade. It also features a finger ring and its handles close onto the blade. The bright blue, metallic shade of the knife also makes it stand out.

These are just some of the pieces that you can find of cool butterfly knives on one page like PA Knives. It hosts a collection of incredible knives that will surely be worth your while.

The Big Question – Where to Get Cheap Butterfly Knives?

You know what they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. This basically also applies to anyone looking for cheap knives online. The list of knives above and many that you will find in online stores are so affordable that price isn’t really a factor.

  • Aside from the knife combo set, that costs $39.95; all the knives listed are under $10 each.
  • Even if you look at the array of knives included in the combo set, the price barely covers their quality and quantity.
  • You can search for online stores and compare prices for knives you like. Each website will have some similar designs that will give you an idea about appropriate prices for each piece.
  • You are most likely to get more choices and better prices by surfing multiple stores. There are different designs featured in every store. The more you look, the more choices you will get, but you’ll be able to make an informed decision.
  • You can read reviews of buyers online for knives you want to get. People who have used the product have the best insight into its quality.
  • If you want the best price, then look for stores that sell wholesale knives. You can get the wholesale rate and the quality you desire. This is ideal for collectors who want to get more items in less money.

Whether you want to use the butterfly knife as a tool or show, there are endless options to choose from. You can save time and energy by buying legally online. This will ensure that you don’t have to go out and look for quality knives. Moreover whatever you choose, will get delivered to you, at the price that suits your budget and your taste.

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