Brass Knuckles

Did you know what is a brass knuckle? How to use it for self-defense? If you don’t know, then don’t worry because you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you some quality information about Brass Knuckles. They are small circle-shaped pieces of metal that you need to wear around the knuckles to use them. They are also known as knucks, knuckle duster, and English punch. To learn their smart uses, continue reading the article.

Self-defense techniques and self-defense weapons go hand in hand. So, you should be capable enough to make the best use of these options depending upon the situation to protect yourself from the assailant. If you only depend on any of these two, you are going to be in trouble. There may be some situations where you can’t use defensive attacking skills that you have learned and similarly there might be some situations where you can’t use the weapons that you carry. Thus, the best thing would be to act smart depending on the situation.

Brass Knuckles - The Best Self Defense Weapon

Brass knuckles are getting popular as one of the most effective yet non-lethal defensive weapons around the world. The key reason is that they are convenient to use. Such as, with a knuckle duster, you can boost your punching power and keep yourself saved in a critical situation by giving a dense punch to the attacker. Don’t worry, it would not be deadly; it will just put him out of action to stop fighting.

Another reason is that real brass knuckles are easy to carry and conceal as they are smaller in size. You can simply put them in your pocket while going outside and tackle a life-threatening situation by using it properly.

Effective Way of Throwing a Punch with Knuckles

Are you willing to know how to use this best self-defense weapon? There are so many techniques that can be helpful to give a punch using brass knuckles. Without them, you are failed to ensure your protection. Here, we are going to explain the smart yet effective way of throwing punches with this defensive weapon. Let’s have a look and know what you need to do!

1. Know-how About Punching Technicalities

The first and foremost thing to do is to get some knowledge about punching technicalities. It would help throw a punch with knuckles. A lot of people consider that punching game only involves the proper posture of fists, but it is not like that. It demands proper synchronization of different body parts including fists, shoulders, arms, thighs, and legs as well. Thus, you have to maintain an appropriate posture using all body parts when you need to throw a punch. It will certainly make you able to hit the opponent effectively.

2. Learn Punching with Brass Knuckles

After knowing about the punching technicalities, you should also learn how to punch with brass knuckles. Well, don’t fret! It is not so tough to use them for giving a punch. Bear in mind when you throw a regular punch by closing your fists, you need to hit in a straight motion by expanding your arm. At that time, you have to put all your energy in a way that you might be able to give a direct hit to your target.

On the other hand, if you are hitting with a knuckle duster, the case is quite different. For this, you have to throw a punch towards your target by curving your arm and keeping your wrist in a straight motion. This technique will make you capable of punching the target effectively and safely too because it manages the punch effectiveness and minimizes risks of any serious injury to bones. So, all you need to do is to just wear knucks into your fingers. Close the fist and make a punch to hit the opponent. It will make him incapacitated for a few seconds and at this time, you may run away and protect yourself from the life-threatening situation.

However, before using knuckle duster, you should confirm the legal status of these self-defense weapons in your state. The reason is that in various US states, they are not legal to own.

3. Make a Practice of Knuckle Duster

Try to follow this rule “Practice makes you perfect.” Yes, if safety is a major concern of yours, you should do the practice using these defensive weapons regularly. Do it until you become a pro. Nonetheless, for a training purpose, a punching bag can be used as a target. You can also watch videos related to the use of knuckle duster on YouTube and then practice different punching techniques. By doing all this, you will not surely understand the correct utilization of this weapon, but also know how to maintain your stamina, concentration, punching speed.

So, start practice today and prepare yourself for experiencing any real situation when you require throwing a powerful punch with knucks to someone.

4. Wear Brass Knuckles Appropriately

These days, you can find a variety of brass knuckles in the market and pick up one easily. Hence, to use it effectively, you should correctly wear this weapon. No matter, whether you have a traditional model that features four finger holes or you own a modern style knuckle that holds two fingers holds, you need to make sure that you will insert your fingers in the holes properly and then take them around the palm of your hand. After wearing it appropriately, you have to close your fist by keeping your thumb closed towards your fingers, then you need to make a posture to throw a rock-hard punch.

5. Maintain an Accurate Posture

As we told above, maintaining an accurate posture is also an important thing to do if you want to hit the target successfully. However, for this, you need to keep your whole body in action. For instance, stand up confidently, curvature your thighs slightly, extend your arm, close your fist, and be sure your thumb is a bit far from your fingers. And that is it! You have now maintained a good posture to hit your target.

6. Fully Concentrate While Throwing a Punch

Last, of all, it is essential to concentrate fully while using a knuckle duster. It will make you able to give a solid punch to the opponent so that you can defend yourself in hand-to-hand combat. Be sure to retain your wrist in a straight position and open the arm properly, then slightly twist your arm and hit your target with your full power. Like so, the opponent will be disabled for some time, and you will have time to escape from the situation.

Final Words

Thus, we are sure that we have provided enough information about these self-defense weapons. Now you are considering yourself ready to use them. Well, if it is also advised that you should buy them from a reputable place such as PA Knives. So, start browsing brass knuckles for sale and order your favorite one!

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