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The symbol of cool and tough is synonymous with knives, and anyone who knows how to work a knife or owns a super impressive knife is automatically cooler as well. We feature an array of different brands that produce one of the most elegant weapons in the world, and one of them is surely Elk Ridge. Premium quality metals, polished, decorated and jewel-encrusted handles, different blade varieties, an elk ridge knives have it all, and we have these in-store and more, available for you to choose from. Being one of the best brands to supply knives, they deal in various types of semi-lethal and lethal knives that are all tagged for various survival training and outdoor purposes. Elk Ridge Brings a Selection of Different Knives to Cater to all Those Activities;

Elk Ridge Knives Collections

  • Pocket Knives
  • Fixed Blade Knives
  • Folding Knives
  • Machetes
  • Hunting Axes

Blades of Glory and Hunting – Elk Ridge Knives

While there are many options of knives and daggers to choose from in our collection, Elk Ridge knives are primary hunting weapons that every recreational hunter and hardcore survivalist needs to have in their arsenal when going on extreme adventures. Hunting material and gear is slightly more sophisticated in their making than normal knives as they are required in harsher conditions and their use is much more extensive than simple camping uses or self-defense.

These are hunting knives that are specially made to hunt game and other animals, skin and cut them. For most people who are into the trying sport of hunting, know very well that this is not a light-hearted person’s game, which is why their weapons are also not casually managed. They require high-maintenance weapons that can be used to kill animals, clear obstructions in forests and jungles, keep yourself safe from wild animal attacks, use strong blades to prepare and skin game and keep them close in case of a wild animal attack. These weapons ensure your survival IN harsh environments, that is why they come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different purposes during outdoor adventure trips.

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are small and everyday carry objects that are the ultimate handy tools you can get your hands on. They are not only compact and lightweight but are also the perfect companions in all light outdoor activities to the most challenging environments. Since these are a little more sophisticated than normal pocket knives, they are usually equipped with small additions like an extra shaving razor blade, screw-drivers, lock pickers, chaffer, dual blades for cutting and many more different variations that make them a small but reliable toolset all in one.

Elk Ridge 3 Bladed Knife

From the hundreds of options available you can look at pieces like the ‘Yellow 3-blade Stockman Pocket Knife’ which is easy to carry around when out in the wilderness and has multiple blades that can serve different functions when you go on a trip. If you are looking for a fancier version that can be handy as well as a little flashy, then we have the ‘Triple Blade Elk Ridge Pocket Knife with Pakkawood Handle and Abalone Shell’ that boasts both elegance and utility. Its polished handle is inlaid with beautiful blue colors it has engraved blades that make them as good for vanity as they are for outdoor camping needs. You can always believe that these trusty Elk Ridge pocket knives will come in handy when you need them.

Elk Ridge Munual Pocket Knife

Fixed Blade Knives

As the utility of each knife grows, so does its size and blade integrity. That means that among the choice of hunting knives, fixed blade knives are one such knife that is the most commonly used due to their average size and strength. They are the easiest to handle for someone who doesn’t know the right way to handle bigger knives, and they are equally preferred by knife aficionados as well because they are easy to use and carry. They have strong blades since they are fixed, as suggested by the name, and they can be used for attacking, as well as skinning small animals depending on the amount of work required. For the moderate knife lovers, who are occasional hunters, these fixed blade knives are a much better option; purposeful models like the ‘Elk Ridge professional 7.8 Inch Hunting Skinning Knife’ which is not only amazingly made and great to look at, but it’s especially turned blade provides fast skinning and cutting ease, making it a must-have for every hunting trip.

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife

Fixed blade knives are much easier to use but definitely more purposeful than pocket knives if you’re a hunter and prefer to keep a sharper blade on you during your trips, to speed things up. Look out for the top-selling favorites like, ‘8-inch Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Blue Pakkawood Handle if you’re looking for a knife that your hunting buddies will eye with envy and a blade that will get the hard job done, then you should check this model out, it is super sleek, beautifully crafted and has an ideal blade that can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Multi-Purpose Machetes

Anyone who is into adventure movies like Jumanji or the blazing, loud crime ring movies that glorify South American culture, all know too well what machetes are and why they are so popular. They are the ultimate epitome of what you can call badass! For the knife enthusiasts they need no introduction, but for the ones who are still learning about knives and their various types; machetes are larger and sleeker versions of killing and hunting knives, machetes usually have a longer and thinner blade that widens out till the tip and allows for a more precise cutting technique.

Elk Ridge Outdoor Husting Knife

They were used by hunters and soldiers, for their lethality, but they are useful tools for hunting as they can take out bigger animals and be extremely useful in hunting and trekking trips. Imagine having an ‘Elk Ridge Outdoor Hunting Sawback Machete Knife’ in your supplies when heading to a camping and hunting trip, and you can use your multi-purpose, cool knife to cut ropes and wood, set up the tents, make a clearing with the sharp blade, hunt down and kill animals and game, then also be able to skin those animals with just one knife, how impressive will that be? Machetes come in handy when you are in a challenging situation and that is what makes them famous, not just as a lethal weapon but also as an extremely helpful survivalist training tool.

They are also quite the novelty collectible item due to their smooth design and style. They are a symbol of power and strength and only the most trained people own and use machetes. They are a little harder to wield and use than small knives and daggers, but the persona of the machete is worth it. They are often sported by people who like to project a tough impression of themselves, and hence the more dangerous looking a machete is, the bigger chance is that it will be a hit with knife enthusiasts.

Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Machete

The ‘Elk Ridge 23 inch Tang Machete’ is not only a much-needed accessory in hunting but is also a super-cool collectible item if you want to add one to our collection. The sleekness of the blade is the main attraction behind the popularity of the machete, and the choicest models like ‘Black Orange D-Guard Handle Machete’ tick the box in being a sharp and multi-purpose blade as well as a good-looking, collectible knife as well.

Elk Ridge Machete

High-Quality Knives at PA knives

We at PA Knives believe that quality is one feature that we simply don’t compromise on. When it comes to making weapons; the workability of the weapon and its function is what makes them ideal for different activities and for protecting yourself. Knives are the perfect form of utility and safety; they are perfect to work both as tools and weapons, they come in handy when you need a small weapon but at the same time can be lethal to someone when used in self-defense. Keeping that in mind, we ensure that the weapons that we sell are not only easy to buy and affordable but are also the best quality.

Our store showcases a number of top brands, and Elk Ridge is definitely a favorite among our customers. Whether you want to keep a tool handy for little life-hacks and tricks or you want to strengthen your hunting arsenal according to your adventure needs; there are top-notch designs available that will match your needs and there will also be various expert levels of knives that each suit a different level of knife-wielder according to their skills. There are over hundreds of options to choose from and you will be hard-pushed to find a variety of hunting weapons that Elk Ridge has not sourced for you in our online store collection.

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