Stun Guns vs Tasers

At some point in our lives, we have all found ourselves in a situation where we have felt threatened. When faced with a dangerous situation, it is always a good idea to have something that will help you protect yourself against attack or unpleasant confrontations. For most people, toting guns and other lethal weapons is not a choice and something more user-friendly and discreet is preferred; that is where Tasers and Stun Guns come into play. If you don’t know what differentiates the two, there are simple characteristics that separate the two.

Comparison of Stun Gun vs Taser – What’s the Difference?

There is still some confusion around the difference between a stun gun and a Taser, but the difference is minimal and easily distinguishable. This comparison will help you understand the difference before you embark on a self defense weapon buying quest. Let’s start with the similarities, shall we?

  • Stun guns and Tasers are both electroshock weapons designed to electrocute attackers.
  • They both cause serious muscle disruption due to severe electric shock.
  • They are both easy to carry weapons on account of their small size.

Now moving towards the differences; while the stun gun emits high voltage current that can electrocute someone in close contact a Taser is a projectile weapon. Using a Taser enables the defender to tackle someone at a distance because it has small wires at the end that shoot out and can stab into the skin of the attacker; rendering them immobile through the extent of shock that they experience.

Another difference is of the name and branding; stun guns are the generic term for electroshock weapons used to immobilize someone. A Taser is a registered name of a company of electroshock weapons, sold by Axon, and formerly sold under the name Taser International. So it’s like saying that all Tasers are stun guns but all stun guns can’t be Tasers.

What Kinds of Stun Guns Are Available in the Market?

Depending on your usage and frequency of usage, you can find a stun gun for sale which suits you and there are plenty of designs and sizes that are readily available for you online. Since it is a popular self-defense weapon, there is a large market for stun guns among women.

There are various options of decoy objects that have concealed stun guns in them that are designed specifically for women like the lipstick Taser and the keychain Taser. While there are cellphone stun guns that can be used by men as well, there are specifically designed pink cellphone stun guns for women which are easy to disguise and use in dire circumstances.

Lipstick Stun Guns

You can find a perfectly disguised lipstick stun gun that has a proper feminine cosmetic casing like the 2.5 Million Volt Red Electrika Lipstick stun gun. It is equipped with an LED flashlight as well which makes it handy at night and it is easy to carry in your purse and pocket. Women have to be on their guard at all times, especially when traveling alone at night and having something powerful to defend themselves like a concealed weapon can come in handy.

Rechargeable Stun Guns

Another useful weapon in regard is the mini stun gun which is affordable and easy to carry if you don’t have a purse or pocket when going out like jogging. There are cute and disguised stun guns available in designs like the Mini Jogger Zebra Print Sting Ring Stun Gun that is easily wearable on your finger and doesn’t require any heavy carriage. This is ideal for people who work out or go for jogs; they can easily conceal this weapon as a ring or a heart rate monitor, but on close contact, it can shock the hell out of an attacker if they come close.

Key Fob Stun Guns

Another effective mini Taser that is suitable for women, as well as men, is the mini key fob stun gun. It not only generates high voltage current that will render someone completely stunned, so to say, it will also be easy to put on your key ring and use every time you are driving to and from anywhere. Even if you find yourself stranded somewhere with a flat tire or you’re lost in a sketchy neighborhood; you can rely on a trusty keychain stun gun like the DZS Key Fob Stun Gun complete with an alarm and an LED flashlight.

Rechargeable Micro USB Stun Guns with Led Light

You can also purchase an even tinier self-defense friend like the DZS Micro USB Black Stun Gun which is easy to slip in your bag and carry to work and keep on your person at all times. Unfortunately due to the rise of workplace sexual harassment cases, many people find themselves in situations where they are powerless, but with something like the USB stun gun, you will feel more in control if you’re cornered or god forbid harassed.

Most people don’t prefer using weapons that are too dangerous or that require formal training. But self-defense is important and it should be made easy for people who don’t have the means to learn it or invest in expensive gear to protect them. Stealthy weapons like a cellphone Taser can come in handy in social situations. Where you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by carrying lethal looking weapons, you can find something like the High Voltage Discreet Smart Cellphone Stun Gun which is indistinguishable from a real cellphone and is perfect for personal defense.

Affordability and Stealth - Best Self-Defense Stun Guns Wholesale

One of the main reasons stun guns are so popular is their fast-acting technology as well as their price. They are incredibly cheap to buy and are perfect one-time investments. You would be hard pressed to find a self-defense product that has alarms, LED flashlights, concealed knives, and electroshock pins all in one tiny device. But a stun gun has all that for you at a great price.

If you are looking for a Taser for sale, you will come across many options that are suitable for your needs, whether you are a man or a woman or a teenager or an elderly, these weapons are far safer than dangerous weapons like guns and knives and can be handled and used by everyone without any formal training. Convenience and fast action are important with self-defense weapons, and Tasers give you exactly that in a neatly small package. Most Tasers and generic stun guns you will find online will cost you somewhere between $10 to $15 maximum, even the most tactical military grade ones. That is a great bargain in exchange for your safety and protection.

If you are looking for an affordable and multi-purpose stung gun then you should consider getting a stun gun flashlight. It is not only perfect for self-defense, but it will also be quite handy if you’re a camper or outdoorsman. It is great for tackling small wild animals, it also helps you navigate through the woods at night and of course, defend yourself against any unwelcome surprises that might come your way.

You can find countless designs and sizes of stun gun flashlights, as due to their size and they're easy to carry features, they are one of the best-selling items you can find in the stun gun category. You can go for something sensible and high-quality like the DZS Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun. Given that this particular piece is rechargeable, has a 10 Million Volt jolt and has an LED in it, it checks all the boxes for a reliable self-defense weapon and an important outdoors tool in one.

Keeping affordability in mind, you can look for the design of a Taser and stun gun that suits your need. It depends on how frequently you would have to use it and how you carry it. The good news is that whatever need you might have, a stun gun will always be affordable for you. These weapons are available at wholesale rates which makes them even cheaper to buy.

You can get your hands on high-quality personal defense items like the DZS Hand Pistol Stun Gun wholesale price of $10.95 only. That is quite suitable considering that this item has an easy-grip trigger, a safety pin that will protect you from accidentally shocking yourself and a high voltage impact so you can deter attackers as quickly as possible without worrying about the technicality and feasibility of the weapon.

Imagining the Future of Personal Defense

Luckily we live in the times of technology where one doesn’t have to only rely on their bravery and the chivalry of others for protection. We now have access to the internet and the beautiful world of online shopping that enables us to get whatever we want at the click of a button. Now that you know the diverse options you have in personal defense products, it is time to make your lives easier and order a self defense stun gun from the comfort of your homes and build the confidence of being your own keeper.

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