Have you ever picked a punch onto someone who was trying to scare you? Have you had the power to subdue a violent person to save yourself? If not, then you should know how to do that, while protecting your own hands along the way. Brass knuckles are and always have been the best way to do that, to keep the power and safety intact. For those of you who have never used them before, brass knuckles are basically shields for your hands when you punch hard. They were invented centuries ago and are still in use because they are a straightforward technology. Hard-hitting metal, with sturdy metal rings that protect your hand and pack a punch, that’s a true double trouble weapon.

When they were created early on, brass knuckles were indeed made from brass. It was the most durable and regularly available metal there was. Now, you can find brass knuckles made from platinum, stainless steel, and even high-quality plastics as well. Other than blocking and protecting your hand, knuckles can also cause much damage to your opponent. They are hard enough to cause blunt force trauma, concussions, bruising, and serious muscle disruption.

Brass Knuckles As Self Defense Weapons – Yes or No?

If you think about how self defense weapons are used, knuckle weapons surely seem like the right call. They are really interesting gadgets and can also be utilized well to fight with someone. But as you need to protect yourself against different dangers, it's important to know how knuckles are useful. Yes, they are definitely great self defense weapons because they are clunky and high-impact. If you have them in a fight, they can probably help you fight someone. On the other hand, they are heavy and need some basic training and practice to get used to them.

The objects themselves, knuckles, are actually pretty ideal as self defense weapons. Unlike other weapons or even technical ones, you can clasp these tightly in your grip. It’s a lot harder to disarm someone who is wearing brass knuckles than other weapons. And in addition to being great for attacking, they are also good for blocking an incoming attack. If someone is about to strike you or holds a staff or knife at you, a knuckle weapon can help you disarm them and save you.

There are of course rules to using any kind of weapon for self defense. There has to be proper training with brass knuckles as well. If you know the rules of using them the right way, they can be pretty useful to you as well.

Technicalities of Self Defense Knuckles

If you learn the basic ways to handle and manage weapons, they become much more useful to you. That is also the case with brass knuckles. They can be the simplest, yet the most effective weapons you can use if you know-how. Some things that you should keep in mind while using knuckles are their weight and impact.

It’s a good idea to start with wearing knuckles for as long as possible at a stretch. Their weight is something that takes a little getting used to because they are usually heavy and clunky. If you wear them for long stretches of time, it will enable you to use them swiffer without fatigue.

Secondly, when you begin to train with knuckles, you should also keep in mind the hit. Knuckles are designed to cause muscle disruption and ruptures, which means they work more on soft skin. Even though they will strengthen any kind of hit, aiming right is key with knuckles. When you are fighting someone, always aim for the bonier or softer parts of the body.

It is also important to know what kind of hitting will give which result. If you are facing someone directly, hitting them on the temples, jaw or nose will hurt the most. The impact will push them to get away from you and provide you the protection you need. But if you are tackled by someone and have limited mobility, hitting in the stomach, shins or knees will work better.

Knuckle Self Defense For Women

Did you know that there are actually self defense knuckles made specifically for women? Brass knuckles are clunky weapons usually donned by men, but women can also use something similar. Two finger knuckles that have jagged edges are often referred to as cat ear knuckles. These are lighter knuckles, made to look like rings and to be slipped on to be discreet. These knuckles are effective in providing protection to women against pursuit, harassment, assault, and kidnapping. A right slash with a cat knuckle can cause bleeding, deep cuts, and serious injury to deter predators.

Real Brass Knuckles Accessories

Usually the term weapon and accessory doesn’t go well together. In the case of brass knuckles, they have been part of the global culture for so long, they have different connotations altogether. Nowadays, knuckles have become so much more than just weapons and have transitioned into all sorts of things.

You can actually find real brass knuckles being used as boot and belt buckles. You can find them as weapons on buckle stores as well as being transformed into these accents. A huge range of fashion products also feature knuckles, including necklaces, combs, heels, badges, and actual rings.

The recent reimagining of bulky brass knuckles is also used as ornaments for car hoods and heavy bike sides. You will also find them in chromatic shades and funky colors as decoration pieces and paperweights in home décor. There are hardly any other weapons that can serve so many different purposes and still be the same device.

Scoping Out The Best Brass Knuckles

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