Brass Knuckles are one of the most popular forms of non-lethal weapons and collectible items in the world of weapons enthusiasts. These easy to carry and easy to use weapons are handy in various kinds of situations the most common of which is when dealing with an oncoming attacker. 

The brass knuckle or knuckle duster is not only a weapon that allows you to deal with an oncoming attacker but also one that acts as a repellent because if you carry a knuckle duster in your pocket or around your neck and are known for even a decent job or a hook, then any potential adversary will think twice before they take ill-intentioned steps in your direction.

In addition to being an incredible self-defense mechanism, the knuckle duster is also a piece of style or fashion equipment which is used to display your sense of style and can act as an extension of your cool persona. People like to hang brass knuckles from a chain and wear them around their neck as a style statement and show off their interest in the weapons as well their ability to pull off a stylistic and at the same time a dangerous look.

Different Types of Brass Knuckles for Sale

Brass knuckles are a versatile weapon in that it can come in various types. There are the classic heavy-duty four knuckles knuckle duster for sale. This is the typical and most common type of brass knuckle. That is found on most people and it is also the most effective form of weapon out there. 

There is also the two knuckles version of the weapon that is not found as often but is much easier to carry and conceal if you’re looking to keep an element of surprise in the midst of the confrontation. In addition to that, there are also lighter versions of the four knuckles knuckle duster that is made for the relatively weaker bearers but can still do ample damage and provide an adequate edge to the bearer in the event of an actual confrontation where its use may be required.

In addition to the basic differences in the design department, there is virtually no limit to how a brass knuckle can be manufactured and a wide variety is currently available while an even variety is probably being cooked up. In this respect, stylistically brass knuckle designs are kind of like fashion, i.e ever-changing and always evolving.

Let us take you through some popular designs of the brass knuckles that may catch your eye and may even make you want to invest in one whether it be because of the safety and self defense value or because of the stylistic element, these brass knuckles fulfill both. Eye-catching brass knuckle designs Here are some (but most definitely not all) the brass knuckle designs that you should be aware of while venturing into the world of knuckle dusting self-defense.

Five Brass Knuckle Skull Design

This knuckle duster will certainly give off all the dangerous and “do not mess with this person” vibes that you would want such a weapon to encapsulate within itself. The five skull design brass knuckle is an aluminum brass knuckle with five intricately designed skulls in its handle and lots of tiny skulls designed in the finger holes giving it a gritty and scary look while keeping it an effective combat tool.

  • Brass Knuckle Bullet Design

The bullet design is for the weapons savvy among us. The brass knuckle has one large bullet embedded in the handle and makes the brass knuckle a great collector’s item especially for those who like to carry a different kind of weaponry on themselves. This Brass knuckles screams of your love for weaponry and sends a message to everyone that you are not someone that they wish to pick a fight with. Such a stylistic and practical weapon is one that all knuckle duster lovers will tilt towards.

  • Knuckle Duster Rainbow Design

This particular brass knuckle is for the more flamboyantly fashionable among us. Its design is pretty much that of a regular brass knuckle but it has the one feature that will make it stand out as a style statement and that is its shiny rainbow color. It mixes several bright and popping gradients to give off a shiny chrome look that will not be missed by anyone walking at even a considerable difference getting the bearer of this weapon all the right kinds of attention that they most likely hoped for when they were purchasing such an item.

  • Brass knuckles AK47 Design

This particular design is a very popular one as anyone who is a fan of weaponry and ammunition will be a fan of the world-renowned firearm known as the AK47 and this design has the gun and its name embedded in the handle making it an ideal fashion statement and something to flaunt around town as you walk.

  • Knuckles Grenade Design

This another one for the weapons enthusiasts among us, the designs encapsulate a complete grenade within the hilt of the brass knuckle making it seem like that the one wearing the brass knuckle is holding a live grenade in their palm making it a style statement for all weapon and artillery lovers among us.

Top Picks From Our Store

Every brass knuckle on this list is unique and desirable in its own way and holds its own stylist value in its own right but some of these shine through for us and we would like to point them out and explain why.

1) AK47 Design Knuckle

This brass knuckle is a full-scale heavy-duty knuckle and offers the maximum loudest and boldest style value that all within the community of weapon lovers will appreciate and notice due to the all to famously known AK47 on its hilt making it the ideal choice of low-level weapon for someone who wants to be known as the owner of lots of ammunition and lethal equipment.

2) Rainbow Design Knuckles

This unique design offers something new and refreshing in the world of weaponry because usually in this particular realm we are used to seeing dull and dark colors indicating the vicious nature of the weapons. However, this design takes a perfectly vicious weapon that can cause serious damage and combines it with a color gradient that gives it a refreshing stylistic value that is rarely seen in this realm.

However, when it comes to picking a brass knuckle the practical decision to consider is whether or not it fulfills the purpose of self-defense adequately because truthfully speaking that is, in the end, the point of the weapon. However, a lot of people are concerned about their stylistic choices and for them, we have outlined these picks but since style is a personal expression and can vary from person to person your choice may differ from ours.

Now that you are aware of just about all the information regarding brass knuckles that you should be aware of before moving on to the part where you actually invest in one, the question that most definitely pops in your head is where to buy brass knuckles? The answer is very simple, in the brass knuckle section at PA knives.

The Best and Most Cheap Brass Knuckles at PA Knives

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