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We all look for Pocket Knives for Sale but what are they good at? Let us find out. Pocket knives are knives that can have their blades easily folded and can be kept in your pocket at all times and that is why they are known as that. These knives are great when it comes to self defense and even for collecting by knife enthusiasts. With increasing rates of crime, it is always a good idea to keep a weapon for protecting yourself with you. The knives today have been given modern touches and they have cool handles and blade designs. All genders and all ages can easily decide on buying one as one or the other product that you will find will surely match with your interests.

Types of Cool Pocket Knives

The cool pocket knives are available in town in different styles and that is why they are called cool pocket knives. Following are some of the types of best knives that you will come across

  • Spring Assisted Knives and Manual Folding Knife

Both of these knives are folding knives but the only difference lies in the mode of operation of the two. The spring assisted knives are the best folding knife as it can be easily opened with the help of a spring, whereas the manual folding knife requires individuals to open the blade with their fingers which are quite risky. Both knives are great in performance and are suitable to be carried outdoors.

  • Karambit Knife

The karambit knife is a special knife as it has a history behind it. The knife was used by farmers of modern-day Indonesia for cutting crops and for self defense from dangers. The knife features a unique curved blade just like a tiger claw. Being curved, the blade is outstanding in ripping through the enemy deeply. These qualities make it the best pocket knife for one to have. The knife suits people concerned about the safety and also people who love collecting knives.

  • Military Knives

There are many military enthusiasts out there who love having things that the military uses and just for that reason you will come across many military knives. The knives resemble the type and build of the real ones and are exceptional when it comes to self defense and close combat fights.

Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Knife

  • Rainbow Knife

The rainbow knife is a special knife that is rainbow-colored. The rainbow color of these knives makes them ideal for females. If you are an item collector, you should not be missing on these knives as they will add life to your collection of knives.

  • Stiletto Knives

The stiletto knife is a knife that resembles a short sword, it has a long pointed needle tip blade which makes it very effective in a stabbing. The knife has been used for a long time as some sources date it back to the 1950s. The knife has also been used in various militaries around the world. You can do the same with these knives if you are concerned about your safety.

  • Straight Razor

As the name sounds, this product is a two in one tool. It has a razor that can be used for shaving and it also has a knife so that you can protect yourself. As it involves a folding mechanism, you can carry the straight razor anywhere you want safely and easily.

  • Tactical Knives

Tactical knives are used where tactics are involved. You need to be tactful for almost anything you are looking to do. The knives are good when it comes to defending yourself, hunting animals, and even in the kitchen for cutting stuff.

  • Branded Knives

There are a couple of renowned knife brands that offer these spectacular knives. Having a knife from a brand means that your knife will last longer because of the top quality it has.

Mtech Pocket Knife Bottle Opner Spring Assisted Knife

Uses of the Knives for Sale

Now that you know about the types of knives available under the folding knives category, let us take a look into the amazing uses of the knives for sale available.

  • Self Defense

Without any doubt, this had to be on the list. As crimes are increasing day by day, you should be equipped with the best weapon at all times. These knives, as they are easy to carry prove lethal in one on one situation. You can easily defend yourself from attacks or can protect a loved one in need.

  • Hunting

Hunters carry a lot of cool hunting types of equipment with them at all times but having something light in weight would always be a good idea. For this very reason, the knives may come in handy as they are very good at times where you need to be tactful.

  • Collectibles

If you are a knife enthusiast, these knives will prove to be the best things to buy. With so many cool blade and handle designs, it will always be a good idea to add these to your collection. You can display them in your knife stand and can put them in your living rooms. People will surely be amazed by what you have on display.

Good Pocket Knives to Look for

All knives are great on their own, however; the list below will help you out in looking for some good pocket knives for yourself.

  • Bar Top Knives

The bar top knives are knives that come in sets of four knives. They have handles styled like wine bottles that you find in bars. Since these knives are spring assisted, it means they are easy to open with a gentle push. The safety feature along with the folding feature makes this set of bar knives, the best.

  • Elk Ridge Camo Knife

This knife set from the Elk Ridge brand is class on its own. It has two knives, a fixed blade one, and a folder knife. Being from a brand means the knives are exceptional in quality and will last longer. The knives also come with a protective sheath so that you remain safe all time. Military enthusiasts will love the knife as it has a camo designed to handle.

  • Dragon Karambit Knife

The dragon karambit knife is a knife that has a dragon design on its handle. The knife has a curved blade just like that of a tiger’s claw which makes it extremely sharp in ripping of enemies. The knife is considered to be one of the best self defense weapons one can have.

  • Pakkawood Stiletto Knife

The stiletto knife is a knife that is the best when it comes to the stabbing. The pakkawood handle provides for extra grip and control over the knife. These features make the knife worth having and the best when it comes to self protection.

Pocket Knives for Sale at Cheap Prices

We all tend to look for cheap knives and won’t it be a good idea to have cheap pocket knives that are exceptional in quality? Well, the fact of the matter is that all pocket knives for sale are available at extremely low prices so that everyone gets to buy them. It does not matter if you just buy one or buy the wholesale knives in bulk, you will be the one who benefits in both cases. Check out the collection of pocket knives for sale available and place your order today.

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