The Best Pocket Knives Around for all Your Knifing Needs

Pocket knives are a piece of hardware that you would usually think that you do not need until a situation arises in which you realize just how important this blade is and that is why today we will guide you on all the information you need about the various kinds of pocket knives for sale out there today.

These knives come in all shapes, sizes and functionalities each serving a different kind of purpose. There is a myriad of situations that will occur in your day to day lives where you would be thankful for having a knife available at hand. You may need to cut something like a wire or a rope. You may need to slice through some material that is relatively harder to break evenly and a decently sized pocket knife can also serve as a self-defense weapon in a dangerous situation. 

For example, if you are approached by an attacker who means to do you serious harm and has a significant size advantage over you, it wouldn’t be too bad to have a decently sized and decently sharp blade on you to level the battlefield and maybe just to scare off your attacker.

In conclusion, whether you are scared to run into trouble or someone who’s an outdoor person and often in need of knives a pocket knife is a sound investment for you. In addition to all these practical uses, with all the stylishly built cool pocket knives being sold on the market these days a pocket knife is also a cool item to have on you and show off in between your peers.

Now that we are aware of all the reasons to own a decent pocket knife, let us take a look at some of the categories

Knife Types

There are several types of knives in the world but in the pocket knife dimension, some of the popular ones are tanto knives, drop point knife and the relatively smaller clipper.

The tanto knives are a Japanese design and have stronger tip strength which allows it to pass through the toughest of surfaces making it an ideal weapon and a practical cutting tool.

The drop point blade is a common design you’ve probably even seen without knowing its name and is the smoothest design for a stabbing which makes this blade a force to be reckoned with.

The smaller 4.75-inch clip knives are less known as a piece of weaponry equipment and more as a practical use knife for cutting through easy objects and other uses of daily life and it usually comes coupled with a bottle opener in the back end of the hilt giving it a double usage advantage as a product.

Pocket Knife Products at PA knives

Pocket knives come in all sorts of stylish and cool designs making them something to show off to your peers. Here are some of the coolest designs available in our collection of pocket blades. These products are by some of the most renowned brands around the world such as TAC FORCE and MTECH and Master’s Collection.

Tac Force 8 Inch Manual-Folding Knives

This professional-looking knife has an 8-inch knife and a black hilt giving it a very official and tactical look. The blade is a drop point knives the practical uses of which have already been pointed out in the above section. However, this is a manual folding knife, which means that to open and close that blade inside its hilt will take a slightly greater effort on the part of the user as compared to a spring assisted pocket knife.

In a situation where both your hands aren’t available to make the effort to open the knife up and you need to draw it quickly, this knife would be at a bit of a disadvantage. However, its 8-inch drop point blade does still make it a fearsome weapon.

The Best Pocket Knives Around for all Your Knifing Needs

Mtech Pocket Knife 7.75 Inch Mtech Spring Assisted Knife Gold

This product is a clear style statement as is evident from its clear gold finish. It’ll attract eyes in a crowd whenever you take it out and will give you a very cool feel in the hand. In addition to that, it has a practical advantage over the manual folding blade as this is a spring-assisted mechanism that allows it to be opened with only a single hand by pressing a button. On top of that, the 7.75-inch piece of hardware is not just all show, as it can be a deadly weapon and a very practical device in the case of an emergency. MTECH lives up to its name with this fantastic all in one product.

Spring Assisted Knife Silver Dragon Handle Pocket Knife from Master’s Collection

Next up we have this complete and utter beauty of knives from a master's collection that is the epitome of a style statement, practical equipment and a lethal weapon all of it packed into one. With a carefully carved dragon design in its hilt the patterns of which stretch into the blade as well this is one piece you won’t be able to resist showing off. In addition to that this 6.9-inch blade is a lethal weapon and comes with a practical spring-assisted mechanism that makes it one blade to invest your money in.

Mtech Pocket Knife with Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife Black Red

This product from MTECH is more centered around practicality than style or lethal nature. It’s a relatively small blade with only 4.75 inches in size and is spring assisted to provide easy usability. It is easy to carry as it will fit in the tiniest of spaces and is good for people who do not wish to carry a lethal-looking or feeling blade around them all the time but still want the ability to have a decent cutting tool available at hand when needed. In addition to it’s cutting capability it also provides a bottle opener in the back of its hilt for when you just want to kick back and crack open a cold one with your boys. This two in one practical piece is a decent one to invest in for the minimalists among us.

Our Choices for the Best Pocket Knife

Your idea for which pocket knife is the best pocket knife for you may not agree with ours however we are here to help you decide by providing you with the best information that we can and for that here are our top 2 picks in the pocket knife collection

  • Tac Force 8 Inch Manual-Folding Blade
  • Spring Assisted Knife Silver Dragon Handle Pocket Knife from Master’s Collection

However, these are merely our picks and your needs and judgment standards may differ from ours but make no mistake about it that all the knives mentioned here and available at PA knives are from the top brands around the world and are of the highest quality.

The Best Pocket Knives Around for all Your Knifing Needs

Wholesale Knives at PA Knives

That’s right, all of the amazing products mentioned above from the top brands in the world are available at the best rates here in the knives section of our website.

Whether you are looking to purchase a single knife or are looking to order in bulk, we will provide you with the best possible rates found all around on the best brands in the world such as Mtech, Tac Force and Master’s Collection and many more. So if you are looking for the best pocket knives all around look no further and browse through the large collection of pocket knives for sale that we have for you here at PA knives.

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