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We at PA Knives thrive at the satisfaction of our customers and their continued interest in the exquisite weapons we source to ensure they find what they are looking for, and if it is cool knives that you want then we have got your covered because that is our forte. While there are a plethora of options you can choose from when it comes to buying knives, they all have their distinct personalities and utilities, and luckily there is a use for each of the different knives that are sold these days, according to who is using them. Depending on the quality of the brands and the make of each piece, knives are a versatile tool that showcases as an excellent novelty collectible item as well as a highly efficient tool in various activities.

  • They are one of the oldest tools invented, in use since the early Bronze Age for cutting, hunting, slicing and other miscellaneous uses that are still the same today.
  • A knife is sharp and is used to cut and peal, which is why there is no kitchen in the world that can survive without a knife.
  • Knives make excellent weapons that being their second biggest use worldwide, even in the times when more sophisticated weapons have been invented knives have not lost their zeal as lethal weapons.
  • Cool Knives are ideal for self-defense, especially if you know how to use one really well.
  • They are historically iconic weapons, featuring in fantasy tales, in actual real-life events and important stories as weapons of choice, as symbols of bravery, honor, and power.

Not Sure Which Knife to Spring For?

If you are a knife lover and own many knives for work or for pleasure, then you are probably already familiar with the different varieties of knives that are available in the market. But if you happen to be new at the knife game and want to get one as a tool or as a self-defense weapon, then you have come to the right place, because we will guide you to your first purchase with all the information you need.

Your first concern would be to go for the most affordable option when you are just starting out to buy knives, so it’s always sensible to start slow and then work your way up. That is why we have a large collection of cheap knives for you to choose from to make your first purchase. PA Knives guarantees a list of suitable knife designs that come at a knockout price and will cost you less than an average day’s meal. But they also come with the promise of quality, available as wholesale knives, they are still ideal buys because they are of the best standard in material and make.

Our manufacturers are some of the best in the U.S. and are regarded as masters of weapons. We have designs from the big knife guns like Elk Ridge and MTech, who are famed for manufacturing the coolest knives you will find anywhere. Their knives are a sure shot stamp of quality. Just browse through our collection and you will come across not one, but several designs that you would like to get your hands on immediately! Look at the badass items we have in store like the ‘American Flag MTech Pocket Spring Assisted Knife with a blue Pakkawood handle; this knife is not only incredibly stylish to look at, made in somber blue and silver shades and a decorated blade, but it is also available at the wholesale price just $9.49, which will surely make anyone’s jaw drop. You can get one of these MTech knives for as low as this and even lower without having to compromise on quality or style!

Mtech Pocket Knife

You must be wondering, what is the difference between a regular pocket knife and a spring assisted knife? Well, apart from the fact that they are basically the same make and shape, the great thing about a spring assisted knife is that as opposed to other small pocket knives, these come with a small spring in the edge that can be swished or pushed open for ease of use. It is easier to open and charge with a spring assisted knife because they close easily and are easy to ‘spring’ open as soon as you need them, which makes them safer to use for your hands. Along with speed and efficiency, pocket knives are preferred because they are simplistic, and nothing does simple and perfect like Elk Ridge knives. Each of their designs is aesthetically pleasing and top sellers because they are classy and lethal, all in one. Check out our Spring Assisted Knives specially this absolutely sleek looking ‘Zebra Pakkawood handle Elk Ridge Spring Assisted Knife and you will get what we mean by simple style and sharp blade.

Mtech Pocket Knife

Speaking of simplicity; that is one of the main reasons people prefer to buy tactical military knives like these than bigger heavier models because they are convenient to use and are handy in various situations. Safety is obviously one of the biggest checkboxes in those reasons; pocket knives are a favored self-defense weapon due to their size and weight. They are lighter to carry than any small gun and are far much safer, but they are also sharp and can help you defend yourself in the time of need, without having to train yourself for it.

Even if you know how to whip it out and strike someone with it, a trusty military pocket knife like the ‘Black Widow Spider Spring Assisted Knife’ can get you out of sticky situations without requiring too much skill, which means that they are also a civilian’s best friend. As suggested by their name, they can easily fit in pockets, bags, and cars and are easy to use, which makes them ideal for self-defense and with so many designs to choose for, even if you carry one around for show, there are plenty of cool options like these to choose from that will make you feel like a superhero.

Mtech Pocket Knife

Cranking Up the Knife Game – Butterfly Knives

Since one of the major reasons that people buy knives is for a show, there are so many options of knives to choose from that you would love to show off. But none of them can beat the coolest knives of them all that are getting increasingly popular in the United States, and they are the butterfly knives. If you haven’t heard of them before, don’t be fooled, butterfly knives are not to be taken lightly because of their name because they have a reputation for being one of the coolest but also the trickiest of the knives to use. They are a form of pocket knives that have their blade sandwiched between two separate handles that close and conceal the blade within them. They can be spun alternatively around to open the blade and that is what makes them tricky to handle, but that also means that they have a greater utility.

Believed to be originated in the Philippines and brought to Europe after World War I and popularized by soldiers, since everything was about efficiency and easy in army tactical weapons, these knives were favored because they were easy to use and carry with just one hand and provided swift defense when needed. Only the most trained people use butterfly knives or are able to perform complicated tricks with them, and hence they are definitely also a novelty item that many yearn to master and possess. It can get really messy really fast if you don’t know how to handle one, but if you do, then there are hundreds of options of stylish, flashy and badass butterfly knives to choose from in our store. If you are new to using one, it would be better to go for something like the Hawkbill 4 Inch Blue Blade Training Butterfly Knife. They are not only cheaper to buy, but it also makes sense for you to learn to use one with a training knife first and then get onto buying a wider blade to use.

Mtech Pocket Knife

If you already know how to use a butterfly knife and want to amp up your knife game, then the super cool ‘Blue Butterfly Stiletto Style Knife’ will be perfect for you, as it not only looks good but it is also incredibly suave and will be the perfect showpiece anywhere you go, or you can also spruce it up even more if you’re a showman and opt for something wilder like this ‘Chain Style Spring Assisted Polished Butterfly Knife’ comply that is sleek to look at, and since people love performing complicate tricks with these wholesale knives, the chain handle is a good touch for showmanship. These are an impressive addition to any butterfly knife enthusiast out there. Next time when you look to buy a super cool knife that is light on your pocket and also amazing to look at, then you can surely count on PA Knives to have items that will fulfill utility as well as style with hundreds of designs to choose from!

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