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Airsoft Guns for Sale are readily available nowadays because this sport is growing in popularity with the passage of time. There is no doubt in the fact that airsoft is one of the most recreational games of all time, and if you have the right company of people with you, you sure will have the best time playing it.

However, to get the best out of this game, you need to first look for Cheap Airsoft Guns. There are three options when it comes to airsoft guns; gas, electric, and spring. Well, you don’t have much to worry about regarding these types because the primary function remains the same. These guns (no matter what they are powered with) use rubber, fire, or plastic projectiles that are also known as BBs. On the other hand, there is another fact that if you buy airsoft guns, you have to be careful about the type that you are opting for.

All the types are quite different from one another and they sure can drastically change the way you play the game. Speaking of which, if you want the best airsoft gun, you need to stick with us a little longer. Today, we are going to explain all the main types of cool airsoft guns for you so that you can make a wise decision about what you want.

  • Spring Airsoft Guns

Just as the name implies, these guns use a spring to propel the BBs down the barrel. Our honest opinion here for you is that if you are a beginner who is just getting started with airsoft, you should be opting for this type.

The reason behind it is that the spring-powered guns are simpler and easier to use. There is no need to worry about practising much, all you have to do is to cock back the gun or set it in a place with a bolt action.

You should buy these guns from a reputable seller because the power and quality of the spring can make a huge difference for you. Furthermore, with these guns, you can fire once at a time. For some people, it is a big drawback because every time, when they have to fire, they need to cock the gun and then do it.

Pros And Cons Of Spring Airsoft Guns

Each type has its own pros and cons and the same is the case with the spring guns. One of the best things about them is that if you opt for spring powered airsoft rifles or airsoft sniper, you will be more than happy with the power that you will experience when playing the game.

Conversely, when it comes to the biggest drawback of these guns, it is just that you have to cock and then back them every time you want to fire. In a CQB situation, this can be an issue for you, but generally, it is not that big of a deal. Hence, with the spring-powered guns, as you shot once at a time, there are chances that your shot will be accurate.

One of the most important things you need to know is that if your opponents are loaded with electric guns or gas-powered guns, you don’t stand a chance in front of them if you are using the spring powered guns.

Believe it or not, it does make a difference. In other words, you should only be playing with spring guns if the opponents are using the same.

  • Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

Spring-powered guns operate on mechanical power, but that is not the case with the gas powered guns. These guns are also referred to as CO2 airsoft guns sometimes when CO2 gas is used. And, when you play with them, gas is used to bring down the BB into the barrel.

These metal airsoft guns are worth your money if you are looking forward to something more powerful than the spring-powered guns. They typically shoot faster and harder. Therefore, you have to be prepared for that. These guns are semi-automatic, but you can always use the fully automatic mode to power up your game.

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Pros and Cons Of Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Due to the semi-automatic firing mode, these guns tend to be harder, faster, and more powerful than the spring-powered ones.

You can reach somewhat around 400FPS when firing with these guns whether they are using CO2 gas, green gas, or propane. The rifles are more powerful and they can reach somewhat around 500FPS.

The only issue with this type is that these guns can be a disappointment if the environment is cold. CO2 specifically starts malfunctioning when it is exposed to cold for a longer time. Also, when playing a longer game, you will have to carry gas canisters with you, which sometimes becomes an issue.

  • Electric Airsoft Guns

The electric guns are the most common type of guns that are used for the airsoft game. These guns come with a battery charger and a rechargeable battery that can last for quite a lot of time, depending on the gun that you are buying.

Electric guns have different modes like semi-automatic, automatic and then there is the option of single fire modes. For those who don’t know electric airsoft guns, these are also known as AEGs. Most of the time, the pros use these guns when they want more power and more thrill on the field.

Cheap Airsoft Guns For Sale

Pros and Cons Of Electric Powered Airsoft Guns

Electric guns near me are the most popular for a reason. These guns look extremely tactical and they can go up to the speed of 500 FPS which is exactly what we told you earlier about the power that they possess.

On top of everything else, you get to save a lot of money on these guns especially because of the fact that they come with rechargeable batteries. Especially if you compare these guns with the gas-powered ones, you will see a lot of cost difference between both.

The gas-powered guns might cost you more because you have to buy gas canisters every now and then to power up the gun. However, with an AEG, that is not what you have to worry about. Nevertheless, with the electric powered gun, you get more ease and convenience because all that you have to do is to charge the battery when it is off and then you will be all set to play your game with it.

As far as the drawback of this gun is concerned, the only thing that might bug you is the initial cost. These guns are more expensive than gas-powered or spring powered guns. If you are on a tight budget, you sure shouldn’t consider this type an option.

Safety Of Airsoft Guns

Whether you are buying cheap airsoft revolver or an airsoft shotgun, you will always be worried about safety, particularly if you are playing airsoft for the first time. Well, here is a little tip for you!

Just buy the right protective airsoft gear and then you will be all set without worrying about any injury or accident. Yes, you read that right! There is proper gear available in the market and if you are using AEGs in your game then you should definitely wear the gear and then play for safety purposes.

Know All About Wholesale Airsoft Guns

Now that you know it all about airsoft guns for sale, it will be easier for you to make a decision. Each type is mentioned above and explained in detail so that you don’t worry about spending your money on the wrong airsoft weapon.

You can now order wholesale airsoft guns for bulk buying or choose a rifle or some sniper weapon for your convenience. Speaking of which, if you want top-notch quality weapons for your game, check out the collection that we have for you.

Our guns are affordable in price and they won’t ever disappoint you when it comes to quality and reliability. Without waiting anymore, just choose the gun you want and then prepare yourself for a thrilling and exciting airsoft experience.

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