For anyone living in this time, it is quite unfathomable to think about direct combat. Usually, when we think about self defense weapons or weapons in general, they are mostly technical. Since the advent of guns, it’s become less likely that people will use anything else. But there are some classic weapons that work quite well despite being simple and seemingly harmless. Brass knuckles are one of these weapons that have stood the test of time in many ways. They were invented centuries ago and are still in use because they are built to last and cause pain. With so much technology, knuckles might seem really ineffective but they are not. You can actually use brass knuckles for confronting a host of different life-threatening issues.

Brass Knuckles For Women

While we are breaking down the notions of handling and using knuckles, let’s tackle the first one. It is usually associated with men and the fact that they can use them in fighting. While that is true, brass knuckles are not limited to just men scuffling with each other. They are actually quite useful for women. You will now find a large number of knuckle weapons that are specifically made for women. These are smaller, thinner and sharper and focus on stabbing than punching. These knuckles are designed like wearable accessories but are actually good weapons in disguise. The most common ones you will find are shaped like rings that resemble cat ears. These are also known as two-finger brass knuckles and are made for discreet defense.

You can slip on a two finger brass knuckle and show it off like jewelry. But any time that you feel slightly threatened, it can come to your rescue. This kind of knuckle is designed for slashing, gauging, stabbing, and deterring criminals and assailants. In self-defense, you can utilize this knuckle for keeping people away and also fighting back if you have to.

How To Use Self Defense Knuckles?

There are different ways of utilizing both knuckles, jagged and regular. If you are using a simple brass knuckle, it will be much more intense to fight with. It usually has four finger holes and a solid knuckle ring that makes for a hell of a punch. If you are confronted by a criminal, you should go for the nose, temple or ears for the most impact. A flat brass knuckle is actually pretty powerful as it exerts blunt force. Anyone who comes in contact with that can suffer from muscle disruption, serious bruising, and concussions.

If you are in a situation where you are tackled and you don’t have room, bend downwards. With your brass knuckle, aim for the shins, knees or groin where it would hurt the most. That will compel your attacker to let you go and not bother you any further. If you get strangled or backed into a wall, go for the ear, the temple or the stomach. Either of these punches will help you break free and punch your attacker in the face.

With a two-finger brass knuckle, the idea is to use stealth as well as speed. Since it is less impactful than the four-finger knuckle, you need the right position to attack. If you are being harassed or assaulted, slash the person on their neck, elbow or face. Any open skin will work better for you to attack them. If you get trapped in the subway or a taxi, aim for the neck or eyes of the assailant. You need to utilize the blade-like sharpness other than the blunt force of these knuckles to fight back.

Are There Other Uses Of Real Brass Knuckles?

Weirdly enough, brass knuckles of both kinds are some of the few weapons that are not just weapons. They can easily transition into other collectibles and tools that you may not know of. Real brass knuckles are still manufactured because they have evolved so much. From weapons to household tools, to even accessories and decoration pieces.

In the house, brass knuckles can be used one of two ways. They can be used for opening jammed doors or even as bottle openers. They can be used for pounding meat and breaking the ice when you need it. You can also utilize it to open tightly packed parcels and bust open car hoods.

The accessory side of brass knuckles is getting pretty popular as well. You will find a large number of knuckles being marketed as jewelry and accessories. They are worn as knuckles, as bracelets as well as necklaces. They are used as tags and badges on bags, jackets, and as buckles on shoes and boots. A large number of musicians and celebrities, especially rappers are seen wearing them to project a tough image.

Real brass knuckles are pretty famous as hood ornaments and accents for cars and bikes as well. Many people like to spruce up their vehicles by adding flashy brass knuckles to their cars and bikes. Bikers specifically also like to wear them when biking to protect their hands and also look badass. In décor, brass knuckles are actually really popular as paperweights. In the interior of your house or study, they can be placed for a little pop or as an actual tool. They are heavy and look really shiny so they are perfect as decoration pieces as well.

In terms of display, brass knuckles are still very popular as collectibles and showcase weapons. Many people still admire their look and feel and like to collect themed and classical knuckles. You will find a large collection of these knuckles in the market but mainly online.

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