There have been multiple cultures that have canes as part of their normal get-up and dressing. Other than that, using a stick to support walking and the back is also pretty common. But the genuine walking cane is more than an aid that you can use for your posture as well as outlook overall. In double usage, a walking cane can be stylish and uplifting as well as supportive. Especially in European culture and nobility, walking canes are also used to pronounce status and wealth. All sorts of walking canes are good supports and they can also look good on you if you invest in them.

Does Using A Cane Help With Knee Pain?

Usually, if you are experiencing some sort of disbalance or lack of support, using canes is a good idea. They are normally quite useful in situations where you need to walk properly and need help. Using a walking cane regularly can also help with chronic pains in the back and knees. You need something that can help you function but also take care of the little nuisances in walking and moving about. If you use a cane to walk, it can divide the pressure on your knees and make it easier for you to walk. Knee pain that is often chronic can be greatly helped by using a cane.

The Types Of Canes You Can Find

When it comes to the kind of support you need, walking canes are pretty diverse. You get some that are for medical purposes and made with stronger materials like hard plastics and metal. Then you have the more regular canes that are used for support and outlook as well. These will usually be more somber and simpler and will be quite easy to find as well. If you are looking for something that will be stylish and more for the show, you can also get ornamental canes.

Wooden Walking Canes

Out of all the kinds of canes that you can get, wooden canes are the best. They don’t appear very surgical so they can be used daily without too much issue. They are also relatively stronger and can easily be used for walking or just show as well. As opposed to the sterile medical ones, wooden canes are also easier to customize and come in different designs.

If you are using one for medical reasons, you will find ones that are made from strong, polished wood. This will be wider from the bottom and good to hold for a long time. If you are looking for something that will be used occasionally, you can also find something that’s carved, tapered, and gilded as well.

Showman’s Cool Walking Canes

Obviously, if there is more than using canes for walking, they are also for performing and putting up acts. Another time you see people sporting canes is during magic tricks and different kinds of performances. These are also known as showman’s canes and are purely used as props for effect. These canes may be lighter and shorter than actual support canes because they don’t provide proper lumbar support. They will often be encrusted with jewels and studs to complement the audacious wardrobe they are paired with.

Walking Canes For Women

If you are looking for canes that are more slender and sleek, you will find women’s walking canes as well. They are not all that different in size or structure, but they do tend to have a bendier exterior. You will find that women’s canes are often shorter as well and can be thinner. You can also locate handles and different kinds of designs that are more popular among women than men. The décor and design can vary and more colors like burgundy and mahogany will be seen in women’s canes.

Foldable Cane

In both medical and fashionable canes, you will find a variety of folding canes. Although they are made from wood as well as metal, they have different structures. All folding canes are collapsible and have bolts or screws in the length of the sticks. These are also the same kind of canes that are used by blind people to navigate their way around. The good thing about folding canes is that they take up less room and are pretty nifty to use. You can carry them wherever you go, and they are easy to use in all kinds of spaces. You can also find these folding canes in stores where you will get other canes as well.

Walking Canes Near Me

If you want to buy walking canes, you will usually find them in stores that have props and other accompanying items as well. But for the real showy and high-quality staff, you should look towards online stores. It's hard-to-find walking canes since they are not as traditionally used as they were at one time. Canes were very huge in Europe as part of the regular get up so you will find them in specific stores. Now if you need the right kind of hefty canes and detailed designs, online stores are the best bet.

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