If you have any affiliation with guns or liking for them, you know they can be very impressive. There is a certain gravitas to them that is thrilling and badass and that is pretty irreplaceable. But while people might love guns, there is no denying the danger that they incur with their use. In the event that gun ownership will continue to soar, there need to be good alternatives. Blank guns are the next best thing you can count on to eradicate some of those issues and make them better. There are actually different ways of looking at gun use that will not incite violence. Blank guns are replica guns that can shoot like real firearms without the danger involved. Since most gun-related accidents occur from senseless thrill-seeking or crimes, one part can be catered to.

What Do We Know About Blank Firing Guns?

The main issue with all kinds of gun use is the rapidity and the finality of firing bullets. The harm caused by a gun is seldom reversible which makes it worse. But that should not be the reason that guns should not be used at all. The better idea is to make sure the fun of the shooting remains independent of the violence that can possibly happen. One way to understand blank guns better so you can increase their use. Here are some basic things to know about blank guns and what they are like.

  • For starters, blank guns are actually identical to their real counterparts in shape, size, and design. You can put them together and won't be able to tell the difference. They are also made from the same kind of material so they can match the weight and outlook.
  • Secondly, blank guns have different shooting mechanisms than real guns. Instead of magazines loaded with bullets and triggers, they have gas canisters or spring lock technology. Both of these systems are much safer than real bullet systems as they propel the ammunition through safer ways.
  • The third thing to know is that instead of bullets, blank guns fire blank ammunition, hence the name. The blank ammo actually contains gunpowder, but it is differently shaped than a real one. It is blunt and usually thicker so it cannot penetrate the flesh or anything when shot.
  • The gunpowder in the blank is usually for the smoke that a real bullet creates when it's fired. It cannot hurt you as the bullet itself is not powerful enough to leave an impact. That is where the phrase, shooting blanks comes from.
  • The blank ammunition as well as the guns themselves are much cheaper to use for recreation. You cannot risk buying an expensive weapon and fool around with it. Cheap blank guns are much more suitable for occasional, recreational shooting without dire consequences.

The Different Ways To Use A Blank Firing Gun

It seems like an awful lot of work to invent alternatives for just shooting for fun. Front firing blank guns are not just there to give people a chance to fire off when they like. There have actually been multiple instances where they have proven to be quite useful. If you have never seen or used a blank gun before, you might not know all the ways it can be utilized for good.

If you look at the regular use of guns, the most rampant one is obviously crime and defense. But that is where blank guns are hardly the mood someone is trying to set. The issue comes in where guns are abused for menial gains and they can be avoided. Look at these few instances where blank guns can replace actual ones for something better.

  1. Celebratory gunfire is a common occurrence in many cultures and places around the world. When you think about the ways that people shoot off guns on holidays it can be very dangerous. Blank guns are ideal for celebration as they prevent the risk of being shot or injured by stray bullets. Blank guns can produce the same cracking sound that you need without endangering anyone.
  2. Same is the case with almost all sporting events that host races and tournaments. A pistol is traditionally fired to start the races and set off a certain kind of match. Using a blank pistol instead of a real one is a simple switch that can make all the difference. You can protect the people in the crowd and also use the gun without too much pressure.
  3. Training police dogs is hard enough without having to shield them from the chaos of the field. Dogs get nervous around loud bangs, so they are acclimatized by shooting blank guns. It helps them stay focused and learn how to tackle an active shooting situation.
  4. Theater and film have and always will use some form of weapons in their scenes. Guns are pretty common as well, but also the most complicated to get right and keep secure. Blank guns are the biggest service to this industry as they can replace the empty real guns as props. It can help avoid dozens of accidents and also keep the production cost as low as possible without compromising authenticity.

What Are The Best 5 Blank Guns Under 100?

While we're still grasping the idea of blank guns, there are incredible strides being made in their development. You will find a plethora of amazing blank guns that cost less than 100 dollars. Out of the numerous choices, here are our top picks for you:

  1. V92F Gold Engraved With Gold Fittings 
  2.  V92F Nickel Finish With Gold Fittings 
  3.  Zoraki R2 2" Barrel 
  4.  Zoraki M906 Satin Finish 
  5.  COUGAR Front Firing Blank Pistol

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