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As crime scenes keep on increasing almost everywhere in the world, more weapons are producing to give self-protection to each one. Though you might see different types of self defense weapons such as stun gun, taser, pepper spray, self defense knives and keychains, and a lot more, the hottest one you may choose is Brass Knuckles. The chances are that you may not have ever considered it. 

But, indeed, it is a readily available modern tool that could help you in repelling attackers or disabling criminals when it comes to safety and protection during a life-to-death situation. This small piece of defensive weapon has already saved a lot of lives and has helped a lot in reducing crime rates all across the world. So, continue reading the article and get to know some genuine reasons to consider buying knuckles.

Self Defense- What Does It Mean?

You might get confused about the real meaning of self-defense or self-protection. To make it simpler, it means defending yourself against assaulters while intentionally causing any harm or bodily injury to the opponent. These just to prevent their bad intentions against you. People usually believe that if they will not effort to keep themselves protected, they might be the ones who will get killed, robbed, or abused. Consequently, it is better to fight back than do nothing at all. Oppositely, when you are the one who started the fight, then it will never be considered self-defense.

Brass Knuckles- The Best Self Defense Weapon

A Brass knuckle is commonly designing to give you a punch with power so that you can save your life in case of a critical situation. Typically, it consists of some pieces of metal shaped in circles to fit around knuckles. Besides, knuckles are often created with other types of metal or even plastic too.

Some other names of real brass knuckles are knucks, knuckles, knuckle duster, and English punch. It is one of the most potent defensive weapons out there because it has almost everything that a self defense weapon should have. You don’t have to worry about its reliability because its effectiveness has been proven already by experts. Hence, there are some precautions that you need to follow while carrying this kind of defensive weapon.

5 Reasons to Buy Brass Knuckles:

Below are some genuine reasons for buying knuckles. They are the features or benefits of these weapons. So, let’s have a look at these! We ceconfidentfter know these features, and you will surely start looking for brass knuckles for sale to get yours.

Simple to Use:

The use of this weapon is relatively simple as you would only learn the basics and not have to undergo training. So, it is not time-consuming to learn how to use it appropriately. For using a brass knuckle, all you need to do is to wear it in a way that its rings get fitted into your knuckles and then make a fist. Punch with it to the face, neck, belly, and any other soft tissue area of the opponent, which presents itself. That’s it! You can imagine the damage those metal rings will do to human flesh.


Another reason for choosing knuckles is that this weapon is portable, as it is small in size and lightweight. Thus, anyone could bring it anywhere. Most people may be too busy with their work or that they don’t want to carry anything big enough, which could not fit inside their pocket or purse. So, they all may opt for knuckles and use them as their self-defense companion.

A Broad Range Available:

Brass knucks come in different styles and models; therefore, you won’t have to worry about bringing something that would not be liked by you. If you want to be more fashionable, they are even ones that come in different colors and also come in the form of fashion accessories.

Non-Lethal Weapon:

Most people deny that a knuckle duster is a non-lethal weapon. It might be dangerous, but only if it is not using properly or you hit the brain or bones of the body. As we told you that if you strike on the soft tissue parts with this weapon, it will temporarily immobilize the opponent by triggering tissue disruption that will cause no long-term damage. Hence, if you throw a killer punch on any bone, it may cause some serious injury or even a fracture. So, before using it, you should get yourself informed about where and how you can use this defensive tool.

Legal Weapon:

Brass knuckles are legal in many states of the USA. But, some states have a ban on the purchase of these self defense weapons for those who are under 18. Whereas, few states are there that consider to carry them illegal. Therefore, you must check your state laws and regulations before buying them.

Final Words:

Given all these features and benefits that this modern weapon can provide, it could be considered as the ultimate solution to your self-defense needs. Even women would not have to worry about dealing with male assailants or anyone that is physically stronger than them since brass knuckles can easily disrupt their movement temporarily. 

Thus, it can provide enough time for you to escape from an attack or to call for help. However, it is also recommending that you should purchase them from a reputable dealer, and that is PA Knives. At our online store, we have a branded range of knucks that can meet everyone’s needs and choices as well. So, start browsing and place your order!

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