When it comes to classic weapons, there is really no timeline around what is useful or not. In the case of something like brass knuckles, that case still stands as it is relevant even now. There are some weapons that will always remain as useful and popular as when they were invented. If you look at brass knuckles, they go back as long as the 12th Century. Keeping that in mind, it is an impressive fact that they are still around and in use as well. For those of you who may have never used brass knuckles, it seems like quite a stretch. But whether you are a fan or not, you can agree that they are classics and there is a reason for that. Knuckle weapons are simple and impactful and that makes them as effective as they were all that while ago. If you are now wishing to get into the world of classic weapons, you should know what are the types of brass knuckle products.

It may surprise you to know that brass knuckles are one of those rare objects that have transcended their true purpose. Usually, when you think of a tool or weapon they have a single function, but that is certainly not the case here. Brass knuckles have come a long way since their invention and here are some variations of them.

Brass Knuckle Knife – Weapon And Tool

Starting from the obvious need for brass knuckles, they were originally invented as weapons. But during World War I these simple weapons were turned into more heavy-duty contraptions. The knuckles were attached with knife blades so they could be used for punching as well as stabbing. The brass knuckle knife was known as the trench knife because it was used in the trenches for direct combat.

These knives became incredibly famous during the war but they continued to be used after. They eventually became popular in the masses as well and people began to use them too. In many ways, they are still around but only the most passionate collectors like to buy them. They are considered dangerous weapons as they have been modified into more impactful versions with more designs.

Brass Knuckle Keychain – Convenient Life Saver

Usually, when you look at the structure of brass knuckles, they are meant for self-defense. They work well for punching and causing muscle disruption so they are handy in troubling situations. In recent times, there are also some designs that are handier and easier to carry. One of these versions is the brass knuckle keychain, smaller but still pretty impactful. The knuckle used in this is still just as useful but it becomes easier to carry as a souvenir and hence stays discreet. You can carry it wherever you go by fastening it to your car or home keys.

It is still a wearable design that you can wear on your two fingers or four and it is easily accessible. If you get into trouble, you can take this and fight back with all your might.

Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle – Accessorizing Knuckles

Speaking of wearing knuckles, there are actually some impressive advancements in this region. In recent times, more and more fashion accessories are incorporating knuckles into their designs. They are tough and add a little butch aesthetic so they make excellent belt buckles. Even though these can be used as punchers as well they are meant more for show.

Belt buckle knuckles are sleeker and thinner and usually lighter than the punching ones. You will find them in flashy gold and silver tones with multiple graphical details on them. There is a large collection of different buckles that would adorn any simple outfit or add more bling to a flashy one.

Brass Knuckle Comb – Grooming And Busting

Imagine how fun it could be to have a stylized comb with you that can also potentially save your life. A brass knuckle comb is a lot like a knuckle knife but less menacing. It is a design that makes a simple comb look so much cooler. Since brass knuckles already have a pretty good gripping detail, the comb is easy to use.

It can also be hung somewhere when you are travelling and ones when you want.

There are all sorts of quirky little possibilities with something like brass knuckles. In every form, they are handy and workable as tools as well as weapons. You can morph them into such diverse objects, and they will still work pretty well. One of these is also the comb, which would not only look super cool but will also be very useful at all times.

Brass Knuckle Shoes – Bling And Badass

There is no extent to how people have re-imagined brass knuckles in the 21st Century. One thing is for sure, thanks to popular culture, they have had a great influence on fashion. Multiple brands and designers incorporate brass knuckles or their shapes into their accessories. They continue to be designed in new ways including shoes. Since there are multiple shoes that have designs and straps and buckles, brass knuckles are impressive motives to add to them. Usually, you would find boots and closed shoes that have these buckles or they will have some form of brooches on them. Brass knuckles have a simple shape that is impactful on its own. Adding them as badges and other pins can boost their badass look even more and make them more impressive.

Brass Knuckle Handbag – Fashion At Its Extreme

Perhaps one of the most lucrative and experimental industries in the world is fashion. You will constantly find so many different versions and new designs coming up all the time. The best use of brass knuckles in this regard are with brass knuckles being used as handles for handbags and clutches. Edgy, loud, and bold, these handbags are a true testament to the punk spirit. They are designed to give an extra flair to the accessories and they certainly compliment so many different looks as well. While women can always use brass knuckles as weapons, it seems convenient to carry them encased within their carriage bags as well.

So there you have it; all the different products that utilize brass knuckles and keep them relevant. You will find these designs and objects in online stores like PA Knives that deal with unique wholesale weapons. If you need some inventive and effective brass knuckles, this is the place to be.

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