You might have heard the famous quote that something is a double edged sword. This expression is often used for defining something that’s beneficial as well as problematic. Well, the effect of a double edged sword situation in dealings is derived from an actual weapon. There actually are real swords that exist which have double-sized blades. They are often known as two-toned blades as they can cut from both sides. Hence the rise to the situation that a double sided sword can harm the attacked as well as the attacker. Technically, the making of a double edged sword is such that it is sharp from both sides. It would often also be tapered from both edges so it will cut very swiftly.

Even though the era of fighting with swords is long gone, their fan base has not. There is a large population of people who obsess over swords as weapons. And it makes sense as to why the craze has not died down; they are iconic as well as historic. All the way through books, movies, games, and comic books, swords are featured in millions of stories. Naturally, that has attracted a new population of people who like to collect, admire and use swords. To this day, despite all the modern technology, you will find swords for sale in the market.

The History and Working Of Dual Swords

There are multiple accounts of how and when dual blades of any kind came to be used. All across the world in Medieval Europe, to Central Asia, they have been used in fighting and warfare. Some of the more prominent examples are the martial arts techniques of sai weapon fighting. The other is using dual swords in many wars in the Middle East. But there are limited accounts of people fighting with dual swords.

There is also a shorter time period during which the two edged sword was used. As cool as they sound, they are actually harder to master and use. You do need to defend an attack with swords as well when you are wielding them in battle. If they have a double edge that is sharp and sleek, it can hurt you just as badly. Only the most accomplished warriors would use them and sometimes prefer fighting with two blades instead.

The fighting techniques involving two swords on the other hand still remain. Even though it might sound more efficient, many people are still partial to two-handed weapons. The key factor for all dual swords to work effectively is their size. Across all cultures that use dual weapons, the key is short, light, and swift weapons. They have to be made from the strongest but lightest materials and they have to be small. If you are continuously fighting with two hands, the weapon has to be manageable.

The Most Memorable Real Swords Ever Made

That time when swords were in proper use seems like centuries ago, and it really was. But there is undeniably something about swords that keeps people going back to them. While they are not really in use now other than indigenous cultures, they have evolved differently. Thanks to the plethora of stories that spin around warriors, fighters, and villains, swords are relevant. They are still some of the most primary weapons that are casted in different films, games, and literature. But it is worth noting that they are still alive in popular culture because some real swords became iconic.

For starters, we have all associated the ideal of swords with honor, bravery, and prosperity. The noblest of people have carried swords throughout history. When you think about the long sword, it is hard to not recall King Arthur and Excalibur. The sword that gives you the ability to rule England won’t fade from memory anytime soon. More stories like those inspired more swords to be made and used all over history.

One of the most iconic swords that were ever made was the ones used by samurai soldiers. Known as the katana, the samurai swords were the most honorable weapons in Central Asia. Only the most capable soldiers used them and they were also incredibly hard to master. Thanks to the introduction of martial arts to Hollywood, samurais became iconic characters. The swords also gained notoriety in the weapon world and were celebrated everywhere in America. Soon there was a hoard of films being made about samurais and ninjas that featured these weapons.

The result of these swords becoming so famous is that they are featured in all kinds of media. And where there are people consuming content, there is also a large population wanting merchandise. Swords as real weapons are already famous collectibles and passed down in families. With more stories and action spinning around them, iconic swords became fan favourite collectibles over the years. You can now see millions of movie replica props, video game weapons that stock the market for collectors.

People flock to comic book stores and designated stores to get their favorite swords. And while this might seem like something for children, sword collecting is no child’s play. There are so many cool real swords you can get for collection, decoration, and showcase. Made with authentic and strong materials, most of these swords are proper replicas of their fictional counterparts.

Relevance Of Swords To Today - How Are They Used Now

Surely the need for buying swords can’t only be a thing for movie and videogame fans. There has to be more than that to be rooted into reality for people to continue buying them. Well, there are still some swords that are actually used in sports these days. Martial arts as mentioned before are now a globally cherished fighting principle.

Millions of people learn different principles as co-curricular activities, hobbies, and proper sport. There are institutes that train people in various traditional martial arts according to different principles. Samurai swords, ninja swords, and different dual swords are still taught to aspiring martial artists. People who go all the way with their training learn how to wield these swords for inner strength and self-defense.

Another very famous sport that has used swords for centuries now and is still going on; fencing. Even though the numbers might seem limited, there are in fact millions of people who learn to fence as well. The whole sport is built around an ancient dueling art that featured needle-like, thin swords. These swords are known as rapier swords and are meant for stabbing, poking, and attacking. It is a sophisticated principle that is taught as a co-curricular activity in many schools and colleges as well.

Finding Swords For Sale Near Me

While there are many relevant reasons to own and use swords to this day getting them is a little harder. You see, when it comes to swords, there are two kinds that you will find in the market. One of the traditional heirlooms that were used by actual soldiers is passed down in families. It would obviously be harder to find actual historic weapons unless you go to antique shops to find them. But there is a good chance that they will be very expensive.

As compared to the antiques, the sleek replicas from movies and games are a little more accessible. You can find a large number of collectible swords at your nearest comic book stores. There are also a lot of people who buy, sell and exchange at swap meets with like-minded people. But often getting the most coveted and revered swords is also challenging. Especially when there are many limited edition numbers that are rare, they are hard to get.

For the most dedicated sword lovers, there is an easy and obvious answer to getting real swords. There are many online sword stores that will give you a large range of blades to choose from. You should look for the best swords you want online to save you the trouble of looking elsewhere. Although it might seem risky to get something as risky as a sword online, there are some trusted sources.

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