What is the Difference Between Real and Blank Guns?

Given how safety is becoming more and more debatable, especially in the U.S., you should learn about the great invention, which is Blank Guns. As the name suggests, blank guns are replica guns that look exactly like real ones. Still, they are also technically different from real firearms.

  • Instead of metal bullets and cartridges, blank guns have shells made out of plastic or paper casing.
  • Blank guns are traditionally fired by being propelled through a C02 gas cylinder. The cylinder emits a gas that charges the bullet. It also makes a bang and emits dense smoke, giving it the authentic touch.

Are Blank Guns Harmful?

As opposed to real guns, firing a blank gun is not fatal and will only cause injury at a very close range, making it a hundred times safer than a real weapon. Since safety is a definite high priority, if you can avoid using a real gun, for various activities, then that opportunity should be taken. That is one of the reasons that blank guns are becoming increasingly popular.

Most of the accidents that occur while using a gun include a recreational activity, or untrained or young people getting their hands on a weapon. This curiosity or juvenile behavior causes accidents. While blank guns should also be kept hidden and away from children, the chances of deaths are far less than with real firearms.

Where to Find Blank Guns for Sale?

Although they are available at weapon shops, one quick and easy way to get blank guns is to search online. There is a wide variety of excellent blank guns available in weapon shops online. You also have the chance to buy directly from weapon manufacturers themselves on their websites. Shopping for guns online cuts the hassle to go to a store and has the added advantage of getting a bigger selection. All items are available online and can be bought instantly without having to worry about stock.

Affordability and Availability – Blank Guns Maintenance

When we think of guns, we usually think about how much work it must be to maintain a gun. It is a reasonably technical weapon that takes training and practice to use correctly. But other than that, owning a gun also opens up licensing pretty complicated laws.

To avoid that, getting blank guns is a viable solution. If you are not planning on hunting, the use of a legitimate gun is unnecessary as the real power of owning a gun is firing bullets. When you get a replica blank gun, it is easier to maintain and can also be used safely without having to worry about them falling into the wrong hands and causing accidents and even deaths. It is also easier to get ammunition for blank guns. They are cheap to buy and restock as you can get ammo for as low as $15, which is easy to restock.

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What is The Advantage of Cheap Blank Guns?

  • Just because blank guns are less expensive than real firing guns, that does not mean in any way that they are less useful or they are not just as good.
  • Blank guns are helpful in military and police training simulations. You can cut down on a budget of training soldiers and officers using blank guns instead of getting real ones, which can save the budget from spiking considerably.
  • Police forces also train police dogs on the field. Firing blank guns helps the dogs get accustomed to a chaotic shooting scene with loud bangs and panic so they can perform better under pressure.
  • Demonstrating with a blank gun can also help police dogs learn how to attack an active shooting hand to neutralize the criminal.
  • Before getting a real gun, it is a good idea to practice firing and handling with a blank gun to make sure you know the technicality of operating a real firearm.
  • Other than training, blank guns are quite useful in film productions. Famous actor Brandon Lee was shot dead by a real bullet mistakenly left in a prop gun. Using blank firing guns can cut the risk of fatal accidents on set.
  • A stage is also a place for immediate effect. Using a blank gun instead of a real one will mitigate the risk of accidents and keep the suspense and action alive in a stage performance.
  • In many cultures, including the U.S., celebratory gunfire is traditional for holidays like the Fourth of July. But aerial shooting is dangerous as stray bullets can injure and even kill innocent people. Blank guns ensure that the celebration continues with the smoke and sound, but the fun remains safe.
  • Signaling the start of games is also traditionally done with a pistol. A blank pistol can be used to start races, but the shot will not be fatal, and the games will go on without risk.
  • People who like to recreationally shoot guns can also get blank guns as a replacement for real guns, as the maintenance is low and the experience remains the same.
  • The best part; cheap blank firing guns are half the price of real guns, but they emulate all the qualities of actual firearms. This makes these guns ideal for collectors who like to own new impressive models of guns without draining their pockets.

What is the Difference Between Real and Blank Guns?

Where to Buy Guns for Under 100 Dollars?

Since one of the primary concerns of serious gun collectors and gun lovers is to be able to afford great models of guns, this is quite possible if you search for wholesale blank guns like these:

  • Zoraki R1 6" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black Finish;

If you are an amateur gun owner who likes to shoot guns once in a while, this model is perfect for you. It has a sleek finish and a considerable size and speed, which retains the pleasure of gun shooting.

  • Zoraki M2914 Silver with Wood Grips 9mm Front Firing Blank Gun;

As a gun collector, your biggest concern is looks, aside from quality. You can get this good looking gun with a polished silver finish and clean wood grips that make it look like a couple of hundred dollars instead of just $89.95.

  • Zoraki 4918 Fume Finish Front Firing Blank Gun;

If your goal is to buy a gun is to practice shooting and learn self-defense, then this gun is ideal. It has a dark fume finish, and it is an appropriate size to hold and shoot accurately.

  • V Cougar 8000 Front Firing Blank Gun - Dicle Fume Finish

Authenticity is one of the greatest assets on stage and in films. Using something like this small and sleek gun will maintain the authenticity of the scene without having to compromise on safety and using real guns.

  • Zoraki R1 2.5" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Satin Finish

While movies can still use the effect of graphics to make everything look better, the stage is more demanding. If something like this sleek gun is used in a stage play, it will lend authenticity to the scene, but it will also be easier to stock and use since it is lightweight and looks cleaner.

  • Zoraki R2 Silver 2" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Wood Grips

Traditionally, a small revolver or pistol is used to signal the start of races. Something like this expertly made and easy to carry revolver can be perfect to use at sporting events.

Are Blank Firing Guns Legal?

Although there are strict licensing laws that govern gun ownership, they are relatively lax for blank guns. If the intention is not to flaunt the gun in public, or if the guns are regular training weapons; then there are unrestricted states within the United States that allow the purchase and ownership of blank guns.

Within those laws, there are, of course, age restrictions that would keep minors from buying guns, even if they are blank air guns. It is advisable that you carefully read the laws of your state before you buy a gun, replica, or real.

A Collector’s Dream – Blank Firing Replica Guns

While getting a cheap blank gun that looks real seems like the best thing to happen. A step further would be if that gun is the replica of the most badass guns ever made, and if they were still more affordable than getting their original versions.

Check out the amazing Camouflage ASI - UZI Fully Automatic Front Firing Blank Machine Gun, which is available at PA Knives, if you are interested in a heavy-weight gun that is indistinguishable from the real one but costs much less while looking at the part completely. Collectors usually are more interested in the look and feel of the gun than their functionality, since the objective is not to fire.

In that case, blank firing replica guns like this stylish camouflage UZI is one of the best options out there. It is quite affordable, considering that a real gun of this status can set you back a few hundred dollars apiece.

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