There are many reasons why we use the tools we do in our lives. They obviously make our lives easier and help us accomplish different tasks we set out to do. When it comes to knives, the sentiment is the same and even more prominent as they are handy tools. There are a dozen different ways to use a knife and each of it is just as important as the other. But there are also some forms of knives that are more complex and specifically designed than others. As it is apparent that one usage of knives is stabbing and slashing, but they aren’t always for bad reasons. Brass knuckle knives are one such blades that have two sides to them. They were used in wars to fight in direct combat, but they were also created as self defense weapons for soldiers.

Looking at the origin of any tool will tell you a lot about why they were made and how they were used. When it comes to brass knives the history is long and deep into the history of wars. They were invented during the First World War when battles were fought in the trenches. Many soldiers had to engage in direct combat on the battlefield and suffer grave injuries. That is when the brass knuckle knife was invented to help them protect themselves in the trenches. If you wonder why does someone need a knife with brass knuckles, there’s your answer. They provided a solid grip and proper slashing technique to fighting soldiers to protect their fellow men and themselves.

The Relevance of Brass Knuckle Knives Today

It is worth noting that many weapons often make it into the mainstream usage of the massed and many don’t. Well, brass knuckle knives are one such blades that have outlived their grave purpose after the war. While they are still considered pretty deadly now, they do have some alternative uses that are quite handy.

While it won’t be acceptable for you to brandish a knuckle knife down the street now, they can be useful. You need to know where they fit and how they are suitable and appropriate to certain situations. Nowadays you will find a selected number of knuckle knives that are utilized for various outdoor activities. 

  • During camping, you need at least one good blade that can do all the tough work for you. Brass knuckle knives work great for camping chores as they are handy and have strong blades. With a single one, you can make kindling for firewood and cut ropes for tents and hammocks. They will also be ideal for cooking outdoors as you can butcher meat, chop vegetables with the same knife.
  • If you can utilize a knuckle knife in the outdoors for camping, then they are also good for hunting. Actually, they might even be more suitable for hunting as they are powerful blades. You can use the tight grip and the sharp edge to hunt small animals and game. You can use this knuckle knife for killing, skinning, butchering, and filleting the meat in one go.
  • One of the slightly lesser-known but potent uses of knuckle knives are in survival training. Astronauts, soldiers, and passionate survivalists use these blades to sustain themselves in the wild. That is why knuckle knives were first created for the army because they had to survive in extremely harsh conditions. It is a given that they will also work for other expeditions and training sessions as well. The knuckle knife can be used to forage food and hunt for it if you have to. It’s also useful for building fires by cutting firewood and building temporary shelters to keep warm. You can also utilize the blade to mark your path on trees so you don’t get lost in the great wilderness.
  • Even though they are not a prevalent tradition in many cultures, there are legal knife fights in some areas. The main purpose is for people who are professional fighters to compete and win to hone their skills. Of course, some versions are bloodier than others but they are some that are useful as well. Some martials arts schools teach knife fighting as self-defense as it’s the most common weapon for mugging.

Types Of Knuckle Knives You Can Find In The Market

If there are still some utilities that knuckle knives can provide then they are worth buying for sure. That also means that they are, of course, sold in the market for knife enthusiasts and professionals. For any of the reasons mentioned above, if you are looking for knuckle knives, there are two kinds. You can choose one according to your utility and convenience.

  • The first is the traditional folding brass knuckle knife that’s still the same as the original design. It is a sharp but short blade that is attached to a hefty brass knuckle weapon. The blade folds into the handle and can be retrieved when you need to use it. It is a movable, manual folding knife that doubles as the perfect punching weapon when you need it. These knives are easier to carry around as they are wearable.
  • An added convenience to the original design is the spring assisted brass knuckle knife. It is the modernized version of the blade that has been developed more recently. It is a folding blade that is also held by a loaded spring mechanism that prevents it from opening. You can press a button or small lever to instantly flip the blade open and use it. The spring assisted blade is far more efficient and handy as it opens with one hand without delay. In retrospect, this variety is better for self-defense but any form of a knuckle knife is a double threat.

Can You Still Buy Brass Knuckles?

Despite all the advancements in technological weapons, the demand for simplicity will always prevail. There are many people who prefer to rely on their strength and wit to use any tool and weapon. The simple brass knuckles have been around for centuries and they are used to this day. You can indeed buy brass knuckles in the market these days as well and quite conveniently actually. Despite them being historic weapons, they have become increasingly popular with young people. You can get them at any local stores that sell quality belt buckles and maybe many pawn shops as well.

It might seem strange but both brass knuckles and knuckle knives are incredibly popular as collectibles. People like to collect different designs in these weapons as souvenirs and flashy weapons for show. There are some folks who would like to use them as well as collect them as something to impress their friends. You can also look online for a more variable collection of cool brass knuckle weapons.

Where To Find Cool Knives For Knife Collection?

There is a slight difference in the kind of blades you have for utility and the ones you have for the show. But the best thing about brass knuckle knives is that they work as weapons, tools, and collectibles all the same. If you are having trouble finding the right kind of designs or choices in your local market, you should check online. You will have a better idea of what you can buy and how much you are paying for it as well. You won’t have to settle for limited choices in your local shops that might not beat what you’re looking for.

One of the most impressive collections of high quality knives you will find online is at PA Knives. If you haven’t come across them yet, you are missing out on some premium products that will appeal to you. They are one of the most trusted online stores that have a huge collection of cool knives you will love to buy. The more exciting part is that unlike your local stores, PA Knives sells a large range of wholesale knives. They have a bigger pool of exciting brass knuckle knife designs that are also comparatively cheaper online. You can get the most impressive knives at unbelievable, market comparable prices.

As collectors and knife lovers, there really are two things that are more important than anything else. You want to find blades that are durable and designed to last as long as possible. They should be as multifunctional as possible, which is a given with something as cool as knuckle knives. And the second thing is that if you are buying in bulk or repeatedly, they need to be affordable. Luckily, you will find a very large range of the best knives that are also budget-friendly.

Whether you are a knife enthusiast who just wants to impress or an everyday knife user, this is the place to look. Everything from the quirkiest pocket knives to the handiest knuckle knives are present under one banner. So start exploring the PA Knives store now and pick out a blade to start your collection, or add another one to it.

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