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If you are looking for Cool Pocket Knives, you have come to the right place. Such knives are useful for several reasons: they have a folding feature which makes it excellent for keeping yourself safe while also allowing you to carry it with you whenever you want. With the increase in attacks all over the world, you must have a knife with you that you can trust. Instead of depending on someone else to save you like a typical damsel in distress, what you need is a self-defense weapon that you can turn to in troubled times.

Knives are excellent for those who are often traveling late at night and need something to defend themselves with. People who work late in shady areas or often have to pass through areas that are notorious for being dangerous for people traveling solo would love to have the best pocket knife.

Variety of Cheap Pocket Knives

When it comes to the type of cheap pocket knives, you can find a number of them out in the market. While there are different types, one thing that would be common in all of them would be that they would have a folding feature. What would differentiate them from one another would be the build material. The first type of knives for sale we would like to talk about is the tactical knife. Used more for tactical purposes rather than inflicting damage, these knives happen to be great for those who use different kinds of strategies to defend themselves from opponents. Additionally, these cool knives are also useful for when you have gone camping or hiking, and you need a dependable weapon cut through woods or grass.

The next type of knife we would talk about is the karambit pocket knife. The origins of such knives are from Indonesia. Farmers used to cut their crops with these knives while women hid these knives with them so they could take on opponents who thought of attacking them. What sets this knife apart from the rest of the knives is that it has a unique tiger claw curved blade. It is the curved blade of such knives that makes them so effective. While there are a lot of users who could benefit from these good pocket knives, the ones who can benefit the most are late night commuters- be it females or males.

Another type of cool pocket knives for sale we would like to mention here is the razor pocket knife. As the name suggests, these knives are pretty much like usual knives except that they come with a razor. Apart from using it to defend yourself, there are other uses of these knives too. For instance, if you cannot find a razor, you can use this knife to shave your beard. Though you would need to be extremely careful considering how sharp it is. That is why it would be a good idea for men to own one of these knives.

Karambit Knife

A bottle opener knife is another type that people would love to have. As the name suggests, it doesn’t only protect you during hard times but it also opens the bottle for you. There are not a lot of knives that offer this option and this is certainly a unique quality of the knife.

Top Pocket Knives

  • Tac Force 8 Inch Manual Folding Pocket Knife Tanto Blade

If you are looking for a portable knife to carry with you, then you would be interested in this spring assisted knife. The overall length of the knife is only 8 inches, which makes it ideal to carry. The blade is made out of stainless steel, which is 3.5 inches in size. The blade is sharp enough to cut through the strongest of materials. The length of the handle is 4.5 inches. Some people might complain that the handle is bigger than the blade. However, once you find out how amazing the handle is when it comes to providing a firm grip, you would have no reason to complain. Finally, this knife has a great look that anyone would love to have.

  • Pakkawood Handle Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife

If you want a knife that has a broad but durable blade, then the next knife on our list would be amazing for you. We mentioned above that there is a knife that doubles as a bottle opener. Well, this is that kind of knife. Keep it with you when you go to a friend’s house for a gathering and impress everyone there with this bottle opener knife. The overall length of the knife is 6 inches. The blade is shorter than the handle but that shouldn’t be a problem considering how excellent the handle is when it comes to providing a strong grip. The knife also has a pocket clip so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store it somewhere.

Spring Assisted Knife

  • Pocket Knife 7.75 Inch Mtech Spring Assisted Knife Rainbow

The next knife on our list is for those who are looking for a knife with a different print. People who are tired of the same black and white knife would find this one perfect. As it has a rainbow color print, it not only functions well but serves its purpose too. talking about the function of the knife, it has a spring assisted mechanism which opens the knife very fast. So, if you see danger lurking in front of you and want something quick to defend yourself from it, then this knife would be perfect for you in that situation. The overall length of the rainbow knife is 7.75 inches, out of which 3.25 inches is the steel coated blade while the 4.5 inch is the stainless steel handle. It also comes with a frame lock to ensure you don’t hurt yourself with it.

  • Guitar Manual Folding Pocket Knife Mtech Knives

Who says there aren’t enough knives for musicians? If you are a musician who is also into wholesale knives, then this knife would be very helpful for you. As it has a guitar-shaped handle, you can tell the world that a person can be a musician and still be into knives. This knife doesn’t just look great; it performs well as well. The overall length of the knife is 7.8 inches. 3.3 inch is of the blade while 4.5 inch is off the handle. The knife also has the same features, such as it comes with a frame lock to prevent you from cutting yourself with it and it comes with a pocket clip too, so you have a place to hang it.

Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

  • Spring Assisted Knife Silver Dragon Handle Pocket Knife

If you are into medieval times or want to live in a fantasy world, then the next knife on our list should excite you. The handle of the knife has a dragon design on it, which would awake the warrior in any person. The 3.9-inch handle is made out of casted alloy, which is a name for durability. The 3-inch blade is quite good too, as it is made out of steel, which shows you just how durable it is going to be. Finally, the knife comes in a brand new box. So, whether you want to travel with it or keep it somewhere safe inside your house, you would not need to look for a place to store it in.

Buy the Pocket Knife Today

With such a detailed look into knives in front of you, you should have enough knowledge to make a decision. If you want to buy pocket knives for sale, nothing can stop you.

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