The world is a big and dangerous place for everyone, but especially women. There is no one type of issue that they have to look out for or prepare for. From eve-teasing, stalking, harassment to assault and robbery, there is so much scary stuff always going on. With such issues on the rise constantly, there might be more you need to do to keep safe. Relying on law enforcement can only go so far in these terms. Self-defense techniques are helpful and so are some weapons that can help you feel and stay safer. This is a rising question nowadays, young girls should carry stun guns? They should carry something they can use to keep themselves safe and secure. Stun guns are definitely one of the most impactful and impressive self-defense devices out there. Every young should have something they can rely on to fight off trouble if help is late to arrive.

The legality of Stun Guns In The United States

Luckily, there is no shortage of a good stun gun for sale in this country. You will not only find a good range of stun guns, but also enough smart devices that can be carried easily. Where there might be some concern that stun guns are not that convenient to handle, that might not be the case. There are actually some amazing benefits to them and they are also legal in the United States. They were initially created for the military and police to use in extreme defense and law enforcement. But their success in neutralizing criminals has made them quite popular among the masses as well. After being invented in the early 1970s by Jack Cover, they began to be manufactured for public use.

While there was some apprehension about releasing such a product, there really has been a surge in their use. They have actually proved the most successful and impactful weapons for civilian women. Gauging their efficacy and their easy operation technology, they have been declared legal for use in self-defense. You can naturally find entire collections of stun gun for women now in the market that are widely appreciated and sold legally.

How To Properly Use A Self-Defense Stun Gun?

There might have been multiple scenes of people getting tased in movies but that’s not it. They are actually not as simple to use as they might seem, especially without practice. While they do have a straightforward system, it is advised to not take stun guns lightly. Even if you know what you are doing, you should keep these things in mind.

  • A stun gun is an electroshock weapon, which means it has a powerful electric current. To make sure that you do not electrocute yourself, familiarize yourself with the operating system. It is usually a point-and-shoot device with a button, but you need to practice on trees or dummies before humans.
  • The second thing to always remember is the intensity of the current and how to direct it. You need to always make sure when you use a stun gun to keep it away from your face and body. Always hold it in the opposite direction to yourself and then aim at the perpetrator when using it.

In the way that you use stun guns, you also have to keep in mind that there are different intensities. There are some devices that are projectile and some that are direct contact with different voltages. The stun guns that you need to use against the body require you to be very close to the attacker. Projectile stun guns shoot out wires that have clips that get into the skin and electrocute them. If you have good aim and can handle a long-range weapon, then get the shooting stun gun. Otherwise, for close encounters, it's better to use the direct impact one.

Types Of Stun Guns You Can Get

You have the choice of different weapons for self defense, but few as convenient as stun guns. With the current surge they are already threatening, but they are also diversely made. There are multiple types of nifty inventions in stun guns for all kinds of occasions and scenarios. You don’t need to train yourself too hard to use them as they are on and hit weapons. In either case, though, the variety of stun guns take care of the shooting or defense end anyway. Here are some truly impressive versions of stun guns you should get your hands on.

If you want a weapon to keep in the house which is less technical and dangerous to you, get a flashlight stun gun. It obviously has an LED light in it but also looks like a real flashlight so it's easy to hide and disguise from kids or intruders. They are also perfect for nighttime and often also have alarms in them to scare people away. The best stun gun flashlight will cost you less than 10 dollars but might just save your priceless life.

The range of the mini stun gun is also becoming increasingly popular nowadays. There are so many places where you want to go around with a weapon. Mini stun guns are often weapons disguised as regular everyday objects like jogger rings, lipsticks, and pens. They look like real objects but actually have shock devices embedded in them. They can be snuck into official spaces as well as casual ones and are super easy to carry all the time.

The Growing Reliance On The Electric Stun Gun

Even though all stun guns are pretty much electric, there are some that are better than others. Earlier when they were invented, these stun guns used to run on batteries or some form of cells. Now you can also find a large range of rechargeable stun guns that people prefer. Other than saving batteries, they are also much more reliable. You can always charge your weapon before you leave the house and run it for longer. The built-in charging system is also less expensive to replace and will give you the confidence to always stay protected. These and a host of amazing self defense stun guns are available online at PA Knives for all women.

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