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There has been adequate debate around owning firearms and the correct ways that one can use them without endangering people in the community. Gun enthusiasts know that owning a firearm comes with its fair share of rules and regulations in addition to the thrill. This is why, we at PA Knives have brought a vast collection of cheap blank guns for you to choose from, to satiate your gun collecting hobbies without the added hassle of caring for a real firearm; as they look like real guns and are not lethal in any way.

Difference between Blank Guns and Real Firearms

For those of you who are new to gun collecting and owning a business, it is a good idea to look into blank firing guns as an option for your next buy. There are nominal differences between a blank gun and a real gun, but they are significant when your safety is at stake. Basically, a real firearm is equipped with actual metal shell casing bullets filled with harmful chemicals and sulfur that can cause serious injury as well as sudden death, which makes them lethal to use.

A blank gun is operated through a green gas canister that allows for an authentic firing experience but works more like a smoking gun that is used to signal the start of races and commence games rather than fire at someone, making it non-lethal and minimally disruptive. A real gun is usually made from strong metals, industrial level plastics and has a complex structure. 

The loud bang of a real firearm is also due to the mechanism and materials that are used in the bullets and the body of the gun. A blank firing gun can emulate the sound of a real gun as it is quite similar in structure but is safer to fire even in close range to someone as the bullets are not lethal. Blank guns usually have an orange plug in the front of their barrels to help identify them as semi-lethal weapons and many countries have a federal law requiring manufacturers to put these in to help differentiate between deadly weapons and airsoft guns.

The Cha-Ching Factor – Are Blank Guns More Affordable?

The answer is yes, you bet they are! Where a real firearm may cost you a couple of hundred dollars and a few thousand rupees; one of the many reasons that airsoft guns are popular and preferred is because of their price tag. They are far more affordable than real guns, mainly because their ammunition is cheaper and usually made of plastic, which makes them more user-friendly and easy to restock than real guns. 

If you run a quick look through our store and search for blank guns for sale cheap, you will find the prices of our blank guns to be far less than real firearms and that makes them ideal for any first-time buyer as well as frequent users are given that affordability is a major issue for most gun owners.

You can think of them as exquisite, first copies of real guns, without the aspect of piracy involved. A quality model of an airsoft gun is perfectly legal and its functionality is not compromised due to its semi-lethal properties or its low price. They are usually preferred during recreational activities such as shooting games as well as in drill training due to this very fact and are becoming increasingly popular with time.

Front Firing Blank Guns

Different Uses of Blank Guns

As any gun collector and shooting expert would agree, there is rarely anything that can replace the feeling of owning an actual gun that is heavy, sleek, shiny, and lethal which makes one feel powerful. But there is no doubt that all those things can be achieved with high-quality blank guns as well, cutting the risk of serious damage to more than half. 

It is always best to consider the pros and cons of buying weapons before spending money on them and that can happen if you have all the facts with you on why and how a blank gun can be an ideal candidate for your next purchase. Blank guns are actually quite handy in a number of varied situations:

  • As Starter pistols in Sports;

All around the world, it is customary that when racing games and tournaments are held, there is a shooter with a starter pistol who signals the start of a race. It has been a common practice prevalent from ancient times when after the lighting of a ceremonial ring of fire, the shooting of a gun was the most common way of starting a duel or a race. 

Many cultures also promote celebratory gunfire at the start of festivals, weddings, and ceremonies to commemorate happy occasions. Shooting a blank pistol instead of a real one helps keep the fun and games safe and mitigates the risk of injury while retaining the thrill and sound as impactful as a real gun.

  • As Military Training Gadgets;

Every year millions of dollars are spent in defense globally; troops are trained for drills and shooting on the battlefield using real ammunition, but more and more militia around the world has now started using front firing blank guns instead of real ones for target practice and battlefield simulations to train their soldiers. The advantage of buying training equipment such as front firing blank guns wholesale rate is that for organizations like the military or police force, the sheer volume of training gear required is expensive and blank guns get the job done without wasting money.

  • To Train Police Dogs in the Field;

Police forces often use guard and hunting dogs in the field during various conflicts and on-site police work. But dogs get scared by gunfire and a loud bang which is why during training, police dogs are often trained through firing blank guns in the field to train them to get accustomed to the sound. Most hunting dogs are also trained to confront and disarm active shooters; to train them, blank guns are also used as props to teach the dogs to properly attack the gun-holding hand and disarm shooters in emergency cases.

  • As Movie Set Shooting Props;

We have all seen and loved action movies packed with fight scenes, shootouts, and over-the-top action sequences that keep us glued to our screens. Have you ever wondered how they manage to make the shooting scenes look so real? While most of the special effects are obviously CGI, movie producers ensure that the props they use are as close to the real deal as possible including guns and ammunition.

To achieve that, movie props are often fake guns that look real and sound like actual firearms as well. To imitate the realistic aspect of a gun firing, movie producers often use blank guns to keep authenticity, which has made the use of these guns very popular in theatre as well. Actors on stage also use blank guns to enhance the effect of the scene as a blank gun fires and sounds like a real gun, also producing real smoke to add dramatic flair to any theatre set.

  • Recreational Amateur Shooting Games;

It is one thing to utilize a gun to signal the start of a game, but what about a game that is completely dependent on firing guns to be played? Yes, we’re referring to shooting tournaments and actual shooting sports. Playing with guns is not a new concept; it is a beloved and common part of most cultures. Gun owners like to have the opportunity to shoot their guns and engage in outdoor shooting activities.

Many countries have therefore created legal and safe shooting grounds for gun enthusiasts where they can engage in various shooting games with safer gadgets like a blank machine gun or a full auto blank gun that is perfect for different cowboy games and shooting tournaments. The use of blank guns maintains the illusion of using actual firearms without sucking any of the thrill and excitement out of it.

Stalker M906 Zoraki Gun

We stock one of the most versatile varieties of airsoft firearms you will find anywhere. If you are a newbie and want to practice target shooting, you can buy something like our Stalker M906 Zoraki Gun, which is easy to hold and aim; perfect for beginners who want to learn the proper ways to use a gun for their own amusement as well as practical self-defense purposes.

UZI Fully Automatic Blank Machine Gun

Or if you are an avid gun collector and you want the full Rambo vibes then you can go for a Camouflage ASI - UZI Fully Automatic Blank Machine Gun, and add it to your collection. You will relish the authentic design of our blank guns that are potentially indistinguishable from their real firearm counterparts at roughly half the price.

Our diverse collection has a little something for everyone, be it an amateur or a professional shooter, we ensure that PA Knives deliver the quality and the experience that you want without compromising on aesthetics.

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