Why Buy Blank Guns Instead of Real Guns?

The word gun gives a scare to everybody, right? Well, not every gun is the same. Some can be your best buddies as well. Blank Guns for Sale are widely known because they are blank! As their name suggests, blank guns do involve gun powder but instead of firing out bullets they only fire thick smoke similar to that of a real gunshot. Blank guns are used for kick-starting races or events, are also used by kids for playing with friends, and can even be used to scare off intruders. 

At Pa knives, we offer a wide variety of blank guns for sale that include 8mm blank guns, 9mm blank guns, blank firing revolver, front firing blank guns, full auto blank guns, blank ammo, and blank gun magazines. Amazed by the names? Well, we’ll explain what each gun is used for in the section below:

Wide Variety of Blank Guns at PA Knives

As you are aware of the use of the famous blank guns, let us look into the types of blank guns that PA Knives has to offer. To begin with, we have the 8mm blank guns. The 8mmblank guns that we have at Pa knives are replicas of different Zoraki models. Being replicas, they give a real feel and are ideal for training purposes. Being small in size, they make up good items for females and children to play with.

Next on, we have the 9mm blank guns. A majority of guns under this category are small pistol type guns which make them easy to carry. However, the 9mm blank guns are also housed in some famous UZIs. UZIs are widely used by the military, but won’t it be great having one for yourself? Kids and adults both would love the UZIs from our wide collection.

Moving on to the next item, we have the blank firing revolvers. You may have seen many cowboy movies where a sheriff or a cowboy takes out a gun and swings it on their finger. Well, we are talking just about those. These cool revolvers will give you an amazing feel alongside showing your class to all your friends.

Why Buy Blank Guns Instead of Real Guns?

Front Firing Blank Guns

The front firing blank guns comprise of a mix of both, UZIs and pistols. The powerful impact they leave in the air and on others makes them known as front firing blank guns. They are ideal when it comes to scaring off your friends or even to fend off an intruder. Having one in the house will keep up the security and at the same time, they are completely harmless for minors.

Blank auto guns involve the mechanism of being automatic. Once you fire they automatically load for the next round keeping strangers and any intruders at bay. They are also good for kids and people who travel at night.

Ammo is something you should never be running out of. Similarly, if you fancy replacing your magazines, you should be having a look at the blank ammo and blank gun magazines that we store for you. Having an extra magazine or extra ammo will always save your day especially if you are out in the wilds. All blank guns are available in different styles and colors. They are good for starting events, scaring off friends, and keeping enemies at bay. We have compiled a list of some of our top selling blank guns for sale in the section below. You surely won't be leaving without picking one for yourself.

Top Selling Blank Guns at PA Knives

As you are aware of the functionality of different types of blank guns that we have for you, let’s take a look at some of our top selling blank guns so that its easier for you to make a choice.

  • Zoraki M807 8mm Front Firing Blank Gun

You all must be aware of the famous Zoraki guns. But what gets better than having a replica of the Zoraki in silver finish. Being a replica, it gives a real feel, and being small in size makes it easier for anyone and everyone to carry. Features include: it’s a single action automatic gun, has a lock and release button, and comes in polymer frames.

  • Camouflage ASI UZI Automatic Front Firing Blank Gun

As the name suggests, these front firing blank guns are automatic and come in a camouflage color which makes you look like a person from the military. With the powerful impact they leave on the environment and others, you surely should not be missing out on this spectacular blank gun. Features include: almost 16 shots, light in weight, includes two magazines that are 15 and 25 and can be fired in semi and auto modes.

  • Stalker R1 Barrel Revolver

Being a replica is in itself one quality of this revolver. The barrel outside gives it a real cowboy feel. The chrome finish and wood grip add to the beauty of this amazing masterpiece. These cheap blank guns are ideal for kids and females because of the small size it comes in. Features include: It’s a double-action gun, 6 shot hardened steel drum that can be locked and has a button and it comes with a zinc alloy frame.

  • V92 Nickel Finish Front Firing Blank Gun

This front firing blank gun is amazing because of its gold fittings that you will notice when you go through it. Being a small gun it’s easy to carry and it leaves a thundering impact wherever fired. Kids and adults both will love it because of the shine it has to offer. Features include: 16 shots, light in weight, 9mm, includes one magazine, has a hard-shell case and the best, it has a nickel finish with gold fittings.

  • Jackal Full Automatic Front Firing Blank Gun

The Jackal front firing gun is a gun that is easy to carry. It comes in a steel color with a black grip and operates at three modes, auto, semi-auto, and safety. These guns are harmless making them one of the best blank guns for children to have. Features include: 16 shots, 9mm, light in weight, comes with one magazine, can be used in different modes, and has a nickel finish. You surely must have chosen by now, let us look into the amazing prices these guns are being offered at.

Why Buy Blank Guns Instead of Real Guns?

Wholesale Blank Guns at PA Knives

Fully aware of the different types of blank guns and the top-selling blank guns, well, here is the good news the wholesale blank guns available at PA knives are available at cheap and groundbreaking prices.

Along with keeping you safe, having fun with friends, or whatever purpose you want out of them, these blank guns are easy on the pocket. It does not matter if you are buying for individual needs or are buying in bulk to make a profit out of them, these cool blank will leave you and your friends amazed. They are available in different styles and colors and come at low prices. Check out our collection of blank guns for sale and place your order today so that you don’t miss out on the amazing deals we have for you.

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