Brass Knuckles for Sale

People all around the world are looking for Brass Knuckles for Sale. You probably know this which is why you are curious about this tool and its use. For starters, you should know that a brass knuckle is a self defense weapon. It is also sometimes referred to as “knuckle dusters” or “knucks” and they are effective when it comes to preventing an attack.

This weapon, as the name implies is worn around the knuckles and it does increase the punching capability of the wearer. There are high chances that you’ve seen this weapon being used in several different action movies or movies with gangsters and guns. This is because brass knuckles are popular among street fighters.

In other words, knuckles have a sole purpose and that is self defense but guess what? There are a lot more other ways you can use this tool when you buy it. Yes, you read that right and this is what we are here to talk about today.

Today, we will be telling you all that you should know about real brass knuckles and the ways that you can use them.

  • Self Defense

Probably the reason why you are looking for real brass knuckles for sale is that you want to protect yourself from the attackers and assaulters lurking around. If that is the case, this tool really can come in handy for you.

As far as, the usage is concerned, you don’t need any practice with it because basically, it is just a punch that you have to throw with the brass rings around four of your knuckles. This metal weapon is brutal and it can leave some serious injuries on the face of the attacker.

Some people are a little careful when using self defense weapons as they are worried about lethality etc. Well when it comes to knuckle dusters, you don’t have to worry about any such thing.

It is a safe weapon that should be used to punch the other person. If you don’t want the attacker to permanently lose his vision, you should be careful around his eyes! The rest is totally fine.

  • Street Fighting

As said earlier, this weapon is quite popular among street fighters which is why if you are interested in that, you should be buying one without any hassle.

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These knucks are best if you want to gain an upper hand in a street fight. You see in street fights, you don’t see people using guns or other such weapons, instead of all these, people opt for slaps, punches, and kicks.

This is the reason why knuckle busters can come in handy for you. It is an effective weapon that sure will help you win a fight easily.

  • Fashion accessory

Buying cheap brass knuckles and then using it as a fashion accessory, don’t you think it would be cool? Well, it is which is why there are people out there who use it as a fashion statement.

The best thing about this accessory is that there are different designs available in it. This means that you can always buy the knucks and match them with your outfit to flaunt it.

On top of everything else, this weapon would look cool with every single outfit and it will even give you a very luxurious appeal, so you should try it.

  • Auto Ornaments

This might seem and sound a little weird to you but the truth is that the best brass knuckles can also be used as auto ornaments. Especially, there are bikers out there who are keen to put this weapon on the front.

Furthermore, some motorcyclists use these knuckles and customize them to strengthen their grip on the handle. Similarly, those who own cars, are also eager to use this tool as an ornament to enhance the beauty of the car.

You can easily find different colors and designs in knuckle busters to match your car. Hence, you can either hang them on your mirrors or put them on the front of the hood.

  • Punching Practice

Another strange but interesting use of these cool brass knuckles is that they are used in punching practices. Hitting the heavy punching bags with your hands can be a little tough and you might as well end up bruising your knuckles.

But, with the knuckles on, you don’t have to worry about any such thing. With this weapon, you can also improve your target hitting and aiming as well.

You see punching practice is important for you particularly if you want to protect yourself when an attacker approaches you. When you practice on a bag with your knuckles on, you will be prepared to hit back an attacker and escape the scene easily.

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It is not just the weapon that helps you escape an attacker, but it is your ability to hit back too and this is where punching practice becomes important.

With it, you will know the exact spot that you should be punching on the face of the attacker when he is near you.

  • Breaking Glass

These knuckles do work as an efficient survival weapon too. It is not just effective when it comes to preventing an attack, but it is also effective in harsh situations and emergencies.

Real Brass Knuckles for Sale

Think of yourself in an emergency where you have to break the glass of a car’s window to take someone out. This is where you can use something as strong as powerful as knuckle dusters.

Secondly, there is another situation where your office building catches fire. Again, here you can use the metal of the weapon that you will be wearing to break the glass of the window and escape the fire.

The point is that emergencies are always inevitable and you never know when you fall victim to one. In such situations, having a strong metal weapon with you can prove to be quite useful. It can save your life and it can also help you save someone else’s life.

  • Smashing Ice

There are several occasions when you have to crush some ice and make a drink. Specifically, when you and your friends are celebrating on a road trip or while camping, now in such a scenario, you, of course, can use your knuckle duster to crush the ice and put it in the glass for a refreshing drink!

Not just this but there are times when the ice inside our refrigerator is frozen and it is extremely hard to take it out. You can’t use a knife or some other such sharp material and you also can’t just punch the ice to bring it out as you will end up with bruises.

A brass knuckle can help you here as just with a single punch, you will be able to take the ice out.

  • Paperweight

You need to look for a knuckle duster for sale because just look at the number of benefits that you can reap with this one cheap weapon!

It can also come in handy as a paperweight when you don’t have any such thing around you. With this metal tool on the paper, there is no chance that it will move from its place.

  • Cosplaying

If you are replicating some badass character in a play, you can add this weapon to your costume and fulfill the character’s demand. Mainly, if you are playing the role of a gangster, we assure you that adding a knuckle buster will be the best decision that you will ever make.

Even some of the most popular wrestlers like John Cena and Ric Flair wear this weapon to pull out a cool and strong look.

Honest Opinion About Brass Knuckles

These are some of the main ways you can use these knuckles. By now from Paknives, it is all justified why you should be looking for brass knuckles for sale. Our honest opinion for you here is that you should own this weapon, not for any other purpose but at least self defense.

It is a non-lethal weapon that can save your life and you don’t even have to be a pro at using it. So, buy brass knuckles of your choice and use them for any reason you want!

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