Bo Staff

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. With time, human beings evolved their inventions and tools according to their needs. The first men learned to irrigate land and sustain themselves through using available indigenous materials, and it seems appropriate that is the farmer and the hunter, they relied on elegant but functional tools to make their lives easier. One of these humble tools was the simple, yet useful, Bo staff.

Originally popularized in the Orient, the thin, wooden Bo staff was a common tool that was used by farmers who incorporated elements from nature to facilitate their lifestyles; they used a sturdy wooden staff as a multi-functional tool to help carry water and fish from the river, herd sheep and hike through farms and hills. China and Japan being home to one of the oldest self-defense techniques like Kung Fu and myriad martial arts techniques; the multi-functionality of the Bo staff eventually became a useful fighting staff in the martial arts weapons inventory as well, undoubtedly because of its simplistic and seemingly non-threatening form.

During the age of the 15th Century, the Sho Dynasty in Japan, commoners became defenseless against potential threats by the Shimazu samurai clan, as there was a country-wide ban imposed by the Monarchy on carrying weapons, to avoid civilian uprisings. Farmers eventually had to fashion multi-purpose tools from their indigenous materials, which could be used as stealthy weapons as well, to fend off attacks without having to carry detectable weaponry that could be confiscated, and protect themselves from danger; allowing the defender to strike their attacker and maintain distance in the case of an attack.

Bo Staff Popularity

The bow staff grew in popularity as a multi-functional tool and became one of the staples of not just martial arts but various other sports as well. Additionally, it became so commonplace that it started appearing in Hollywood films about Asian culture and Kung Fu; the prominent star Bruce Lee was seen yielding the humble bow staff as a weapon in many of his movies. The use of the staff as a martial arts weapon was popularized in the Orient, but it has since been repurposed hundreds of times in various fighting scenes in different action flicks, even beloved children’s movies like the Lion King where the baboon Rafiki fends off raging hyenas during the final scenes with his staff. 

Mulan, the brave female warrior repeatedly uses the Bo staff as a trusty weapon in war. And most recently the struggles of Po the Panda in Kung Fu Panda also heavily featured this humble but versatile weapon.

It is a simple-looking object that can be disguised as a walking stick or a cane; the staff weapon is easy to carry and extremely handy if you are under attack or threatened to use it. It provides the user with the considerable advantage of thrusting, striking, tripping and potentially injuring their attacker, even with a limited amount of skill and vigilance.

The slim design makes the humble Bo staff a favorable weapon for beginners and experts alike. The maneuverability of the staff as a defense tool is easy to handle and provides a greater range of safety for a defender who has limited mastery over using self-defense weapons while allowing them to use the staff in various ways depending on where and how they are attacked. It is a multi-purpose weapon that can also be used in your travel kit, for adventure seekers who venture into the wild. 

For the martial arts enthusiasts and professionals, this is a must-have; it allows the user to not only practice and mediate their skills at various levels of mastery, but also facilitates learning and using different martial arts techniques according to one’s training.

Bo Staff for Sale

This is why it is one of the most popular tools in our weaponry quiver at PA Knives; we provide the choicest, wooden martial arts staff collection for you. Each of our Bow staff for sale is uniquely designed, such as the Red Oakwood Bo staff which is available in both standard and elaborate design, allowing for varied use of the weapon depending on the technique of self-defense you want to employ. 

Then there is also a choice of a Rattan weapon staff that allows for greater elasticity and strength as the abundance of the Rattan bark and its favorable features makes it a choice material for a sleek, martial arts weapon, especially in areas where Rattan is scarce.

The variety of bow staff available in our stores also has different shapes and designs, ranging from straightened or tapered to regular and slim for better grip and handling. We use natural, top-quality wood to carve out myriad design options in our collection; providing various sizes of one-length and collapsible varieties for you to choose from according to your utility. Our wooden staff designs feature plain and raw, polished and leather-strapped to add a customized touch to your weapon of choice.

You will seldom find a martial arts expert who doesn’t favor the diverse utility and safety provided by a sports staple like the wooden Bo staff. You will find that the array of weapons that we have, especially the Bo staff for sale is available at market-compatible prices since our goal is to help as many people access self-defense and professional fighting equipment as possible without having to drain their pockets or compromise on aesthetic.

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